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Understanding China Today

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: China the Rest of the World Between Symmetries and ‘Games of Mirrors’
Silvio Beretta

Part I. China in World Politics

2. The EU and China-Myth Versus Reality of a (not so) ‘Strategic Partnership’
Axel Berkofsky

3. The Relations Between China and India from Bandung to the ‘New Silk Road’
Sandro Bordone

4. Russia and China: Partners or Competitors? Views from Russia
Silvana Malle

5. Sino-Japanese Relations in the Xi-Abe Era. Can Two Tigers Live on the Same Mountain?
Matteo Dian

6. The Relations Between the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the United States (US)
Giovanni Salvini

7. Coping with the Rising Dragon: Italy–China Relations Beyond Business
Filippo Fasulo

8. China in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities
Barbara Onnis

9. Enemies, Friends and Comrades-in-Arms. The Awkward Relations Between the GDR and China in the 1980s
Axel Berkofsky

10. China’s Foreign Policy and Ideational Narratives: Key Trends and Major Challenges
Silvia Menegazzi

Part II. China in the International Economy

11. National Egoism or Cooperation in Providing Global Public Goods? China’s Foreign Economic Strategy Under Review
Giuseppe Iannini, Silvio Beretta

12. Chinese Population Policies: Towards a Free Choice
Patrizia Farina

13. The Chinese Banking and Financial System: A Fast-Paced Evolution Journey
Guido Masella

14. Chinese Multinationals in Europe
Vito Amendolagine, Alessia Amighini, Roberta Rabellotti

15. Sustainability and Law-Assessing: The New ‘Green Rules’ for Foreign Companies Doing Business in China
Marina Timoteo

Part III. Chinese Politics and Culture

16. The Issue of Political Reform and the Evolution of the So-Called ‘Deng Xiaoping Model’ in Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping’s China
Marina Miranda

17. From ‘Chinese Characteristics’ (Zhongguo Tese中国特色) to ‘Chinese Dream’ (Zhongguo Meng中国梦)-The Chinese Political Discourse Today
Alessandra C. Lavagnino

18. ‘Disclosure Is the Norm, Non-disclosure Is the Exception’. A Genre-Based Analysis on Institutional Discourse on the Government Information Disclosure in China
Bettina Mottura

19. A Portal or A Mirror? The Reporting of Foreign Countries in ‘China Daily’
Riccardo Puglisi

Part IV. Italian Views on China

20. Confucianism, Communism and Democracy: A ‘Triangular’ Struggle in China-Reflections on Italy’s Historical Experience with Cultural Reform
Lihong Zhang

21. Italy’s Policies Towards and Relations with China from 1937 to 1945
Guido Samarani

22. Human Resource Management in China: An Italian Perspective
Maria Cristina Bombelli, Alessandro Arduino

Fa Versus Guanxi: Legality with Chinese Characteristics and Implications for Italian Business in China
Renzo Cavalieri

Keywords: Economics, Asian Economics, Asian Politics, Asian Culture, Asian Literature, History of China, Economic Policy

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Understanding China
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