Köllen, Thomas

Sexual Orientation and Transgender Issues in Organizations

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Table of contents

1. Intersexuality and Trans-Identities within the Diversity Management Discourse
Thomas Köllen

2. Queering the Gender Binary: Understanding Transgender Workplace Experiences
Katina Sawyer, Christian Thoroughgood, Jennica Webster

3. I Am the Man for the Job: The Challenges of Coming Out as a Female-to-Male Transgender in the Indian Organizational Space
Animesh Bahadur, Kunal Kamal Kumar

4. A Systematic Literature Review on Trans* Careers and Workplace Experiences
Ciarán McFadden, Marian Crowley-Henry

5. Transgenderism, Sex Reassignment Surgery and Employees’ Job-Satisfaction
Nick Drydakis

6. Female-to-Male (FtM) Transgender Employees in Australia
Tiffany Jones

7. On the Necessity of Including Gender in Spain’s List of Prohibited Bases of Discrimination
Salvador Peran

8. Transgender Rights in Canada: Legal, Medical and Labour Union Activities
Gerald Hunt, Michael Pelz

9. Visibility and the Workplace Experiences of Trans Persons in the United States
Todd Brower

10. Transgender Individuals in Asian Islamic Countries: An Overview of Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Issues in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Malaysia
Abdullah Al Mamun, Mariano L. M. Heyden, Qaiser Rafique Yasser

11. Religious Workplaces: The Joys, Trials and Tribulations of LGBT Clergy
Eric M. Rodriguez, Chana Etengoff

12. Discrimination and Marginalization of LGBT Workers in Thailand
Busakorn Suriyasarn

13. Silence Speaks in the Workplace: Uncovering the Experiences of LGBT Employees in Turkey
Emir Ozeren, Zeki Ucar, Ethem Duygulu

14. LGBT Employees in the Hungarian Labor Market
Judit Takács

15. Gay Men and Male-to-Female Transgender Persons in Chile: An Exploratory Quantitative Study on Stigma, Discrimination, Victimization, Happiness and Social Well-Being
Jaime Barrientos, Manuel Cárdenas, Fabiola Gómez, Mónica Guzmán

16. Experiences of LGBT Microaggressions in the Workplace: Implications for Policy
M. Paz Galupo, Courtney A. Resnick

17. Experiences of Non-Heterosexual and Trans Youth on Career Choice and in the Workplace
Jukka Lehtonen

18. Passing in Corporate India: Problematizing Disclosure of Homosexuality at the Workplace
Rahul Mitra, Vikram Doctor

19. Daily Work Out?!: The Relationship Between Self-Representation, Degree of Openness About One’s Gay or Lesbian Identity, and Psychological Stress in the Workplace
Florian Meinhold, Dominic Frohn

20. The Limits of Inclusion: Stories from the Margins of the Swedish Police
Jens Rennstam, Katie Sullivan

21. The Career Development of Bisexual Sex Workers
James D. Griffith, August Capiola, Lucy Gu

22. Discrimination at Work on the Basis of Sexual Orientation: Subjective Experience, Experimental Evidence, and Interventions
Melanie C. Steffens, Claudia Niedlich, Franziska Ehrke

23. On the Violence of Heteronormativity within Business Schools
Nick Rumens

24. The Role of Apparent Sexual Orientation in Explaining the Heterogeneity of Wage Penalties Among Gay Employees
Thierry Laurent, Ferhat Mihoubi

25. The Influence of Sexual Orientation and Gender on Perceptions of Successful Leadership Characteristics
Nicholas P. Salter, Benjamin Liberman

26. Tolerance in the Polish Workplace Towards Gay Men and Lesbians
Ewa A. Golebiowska

27. Understanding the Identity Work of LGB Workers Using the Practice Theory Lens
Emir Ozeren, Alper Aslan

28. When Supervisors and Managers Tolerate Heterosexism: Challenges, Opportunities, and Implications for Workplace Advocacy
Trevor G. Gates

29. Sexual Orientation Diversity Management in Brazil
João Góis, Francisco Duarte, João Pinheiro, Kamila Teixeira

30. Incorporating Inclusivity: How Organizations Can Improve the Workplace Experiences of Trans* People Across the Trans* Spectrum: A US Perspective
Annelise Mennicke, Andrew Cutler-Seeber

31. LGBT Company Network Groups in the UK: Tackling Opportunities and Complexities in the Workplace
Fiona Colgan

32. Transgressing Gender Binarism in the Workplace? Including Transgender and Intersexuality Perspectives in Organizational Restroom Policies
Monika Huesmann

33. Implementing LGBT-Diversity Management in a Global Company: The Case of SAP
Jorge Martins, Niarchos Pombo, Mariana Tomiyoshi, Marcelo Trein, Moya Watson, Miguel Castro, Claudia Schmidt, Adriana Kersting, Paula Miyuki, Debora Souza, Mariana Zatti, Denise Blume, Leonardo Nunes, Jeffrey Mastrangelo, Hartmut Bohn

Keywords: Business and Management, Human Resource Management, Gender Studies, Organization, Organizational Studies, Economic Sociology

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