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Advances in Mechanical Engineering

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Table of contents

1. Frameworks not Restorable from Self Stresses
Mikhail D. Kovalev

2. Structural Modifications Synthesis of Bennett Mechanism
Munir G. Yarullin, Marat R. Mingazov

3. Kinematic Research of Bricard Linkage Modifications
Munir G. Yarullin, Ilnar A. Galiullin

4. Drive Selection of Multidirectional Mechanism with Excess Inputs
Alexander N. Evgrafov, Gennady N. Petrov

5. Engineering Calculations of Bolt Connections
Alexander A. Sukhanov

6. Modern Methods of Contact Forces Between Wheelset and Rails Determining
Kirill V. Eliseev

7. A Novel Design of an Electrical Transmission Line Inspection Machine
Mohammad Reza Bahrami

8. One Stable Scheme of Centrifugal Forces Dynamic Balance
Vladimir I. Karazin, Denis P. Kozlikin, Alexander A. Sukhanov, Igor O. Khlebosolov

9. New Effective Data Structure for Multidimensional Optimization Orthogonal Packing Problems
Vladislav A. Chekanin, Alexander V. Chekanin

10. One-Dimensional Models in Turbine Blades Dynamics
Vladimir V. Eliseev, Artem A. Moskalets, Evgenii A. Oborin

11. Stationary Oscillation in Two-Mass Machine Aggregate with Universal-Joint Drive
Vassil Zlatanov

12. The Vibrations of Reservoirs and Cylindrical Supports of Hydro Technical Constructions Partially Submerged into the Liquid
George V. Filippenko

13. Mathematical Modelling of Interaction of the Biped Dinamic Walking Robot with the Ground
Anastasia Borina, Valerii Tereshin

14. Programmable Movement Synthesis for the Mobile Robot with the Orthogonal Walking Drivers
Victor Zhoga, Vladimir Skakunov, Ilya Shamanov, Andrey Gavrilov

15. Processing of Data from the Camera of Structured Light for Algorithms of Image Analysis in Control Systems of Mobile Robots
Vladimir Skakunov, Viсtor Belikov, Viсtor Zhoga, Ivan Nesmiynov

16. Structural and Phase Transformation in Material of Steam Turbines Blades After High-Speed Mechanical Effect
Margarita A. Skotnikova, Nikolay A. Krylov, Evgeniy K. Ivanov, Galina V. Tsvetkova

17. Stress Corrosion Cracking and Electrochemical Potential of Titanium Alloys
Vladimir A. Zhukov

18. Metal Flow Control at Processes of Cold Axial Rotary Forging
Leonid B. Aksenov, Sergey N. Kunkin

19. Use of the Capabilities of Acoustic-Emission Technique for Diagnostics of Separate Heat Exchanger Elements
Evgeny J. Nefedyev, Victor P. Gomera, Anatoly D. Smirnov

Keywords: Engineering, Machinery and Machine Elements, Structural Mechanics, Computational Science and Engineering

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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