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Designing Around People

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Table of contents

Part I. Reconciling Usability, Accessibility and Inclusive Design

1. Exploring the Impact of Inaccessible Redesign and Updates
B. Wentz, J. Lazar

2. An Intersectional Perspective on Web Accessibility
R. Skjerve, G. A. Giannoumis, S. Naseem

3. Representing Children Living with Visual Impairments in the Design Process: A Case Study with Personae
E. Brulé, C. Jouffrais

4. Inclusive Design and Mental Health: Policy and Legislation Challenges from the Perspective of Social Inclusion
E. Chrysikou

Part II. Designing Inclusive Assistive and Rehabilitation Systems

5. Designing an Innovative Walking Aid Kit; A Case Study of Design in Inclusive Healthcare Products
F. Nickpour, C. O’Sullivan

6. Rhythmic Haptic Cueing for Entrainment: Assisting Post-stroke Gait Rehabilitation
T. Georgiou, S. Holland, J. Linden

7. Introducing Assistive Tactile Colour Symbols for Children with Visual Impairment: A Preliminary Research
S. Ramsamy-Iranah, S. Rosunee, N. Kistamah

8. Virtual Reality Technology for Pain Management
Z. J. Liu, H. Dong

9. InTacT: Insights into Telehealth and Care Technologies
P. M. Chamberlain, C. L. Craig, M. Dexter

Part III. Measuring Product Demand and Peoples’ Capabilities

10. Designing the ‘Perfect Day’ Service Around People Living with Dementia
P. A. Rodgers

11. Packaging Openability: A Study Involving Chinese Elders
X. Ma, H. Dong

12. Walking Backwards to Quantify Visual Exclusion
S. D. Waller, J. A. Goodman-Deane, M. D. Bradley, K. L. Cornish, P. J. Clarkson

13. How and Why Do People Adopt ICT Products? A Preliminary Model Based on Literature Review
J. Pan, H. Dong

14. A Clock That Does Not Tell the Time: How the Day Clock Meets the Needs of People Living with Dementia
H. Boyd, N. Evans, N. Harris

15. Collecting Data for Inclusive Design: Emerging Tools and Methods
W. Ning, H. Dong

Part IV. Designing Cognitive Interaction with Emerging Technologies

16. Beyond Anthropometrics: Prehensile Control Analysis for Capability Assessment
R. J. Holt, R. O. Coats, G. P. Bingham, M. Mon-Williams

17. It’s All in the Eyes: Designing Facial Expressions for an Interactive Robot Therapy Coach for Children
P. Cloutier, H. W. Park, J. MacCalla, A. Howard

18. It’s a Curse … and a Gift: Developing the Own Input Alternative for Computer Interaction
T. Felzer, S. Rinderknecht

19. Designing Human Somatosensory System Interactions: Not Just for Haptics Any More!
M. Karam, P. M. Langdon

Part V. Designing Inclusive Architecture: Buildings and Spaces

20. Ageing Engagement: Improving the Elderly Experience in Kitchen
Y. Afacan

21. How Do Older Residents Experience a Recently Built Innovative Housing and Care Facility?
K. Coomans, P.-W. Vermeersch, A. Heylighen

22. Adjusting an Older Residential Care Facility to Contemporary Dementia Care Visions
I. Steenwinkel, E. Verstraeten, A. Heylighen

23. Designing Inclusive Architecture: Facilitators and Barriers of the Healthcare Environment for Rehabilitation at Stroke Units
A. Anåker, L. Koch, M. Elf

24. An Evaluation of Public Space Accessibility Using Universal Design Principles at Naresuan University Hospital
C. Phaholthep, A. Sawadsri, H. Skates

25. Better Supporting Blind Pedestrians and Blind Navigation Technologies Through Accessible Architecture
M. A. Williams, B. Dubin, C. Amaefule, L. Nguyen, A. Abdolrahmani, C. Galbraith, A. Hurst, S. K. Kane

Part VI. User Profiling and Visualising Inclusion

26. Assets, Actions, Attitudes: Hearing and Vision Impaired Mobile Technology Personas
J. T. Morris, J. L. Mueller

27. Preliminary Findings from an Information Foraging Behavioural Study Using Eye Tracking
J. Chakraborty, M. P. McGuire, G. Pandey

28. Reducing Exclusion in Future Cars Using Personas with Visual Narratives and Design Anthropology
M. Kunur, P. M. Langdon, M. D. Bradley, J.-A. Bichard, E. Glazer, F. Doran, P. J. Clarkson, J. J. Loeillet

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Design, Interaction Design, Computer-Aided Engineering (CAD, CAE) and Design

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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