Ataria, Yochai

Interdisciplinary Handbook of Trauma and Culture

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Table of contents

Part I. Representations of Trauma

1. Literature as Trauma: The Postmodern Option-Franz Kafka and Cormac Mccarthy
David Gurevitz

2. Cultural Trauma and the Media
Allen Meek

3. Television: A Traumatic Culture
Dan Arav

4. Popular Trauma Culture: The Pain of Others Between Holocaust Tropes and Kitsch-Sentimental Melodrama
Anne Rothe

5. The Trauma of Modernism: Between Existential Indeterminacy and Allegoresis

Dennis Sobolev

6. Before Recognition: On the Aesthetics of Aftermath
Lisa Saltzman

7. From Hiroshima to Fukushima: Comics and Animation as Subversive Agents of Memory in Japan
Ory Bartal

8. Performative Recollection: Koizumi Meiro Representations of Kamikaze Pilots and the Trauma of the Asia-Pacific War in Japan
Ayelet Zohar

9. Architecture and Trauma
Teresa Stoppani

10. Art as the Transport-Station of Trauma
Bracha Lichtenberg Ettinger

Part II. Theory of Trauma

11. The Trauma of Philosophy
Frank Seeburger

12. Irresponsible Nonsense: An Epistemological and Ethical Critique of Postmodern Trauma Theory
Anne Rothe

13. The Death of the Witness in the Era of Testimony: Primo Levi and Georges Perec
Yochai Ataria

14. Walking, Walking Out, and Walking Through: Transitional Space and Traumatic Time
Haviva Pedaya

15. Trauma and Monotheism: Sigmund Freud’s Moses and Monotheism and the Possibility of Writing a Traumatic History of Religion
Koji Yamashiro

16. The Crisis of Manhood
Yochai Ataria

17. Laius Complex and Shocks of Maternality: With Franz Kafka and Sylvia Plath
Bracha Lichtenberg Ettinger

18. Fear, Trauma, and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Clinical, Neurobiological, and Cultural Perspectives
Mikael Rubin, Maya Neria, Yuval Neria

Part III. Case Studies of Collective Trauma

19. Some Reflections on Transmitting the Memory of the Holocaust and its Implications, Particularly in Israel
Saul Friedländer

20. Placing Collective Trauma Within Its Social Context: The Case of 9/11 Attacks
Emily Joyner, Katharine Reiner Hoorn, Ari Platt, Mikael Rubin, Erel Shvil, Yuval Neria

21. Masculinity, Spirituality, and Male Wartime Sexual Trauma
R. Ruard Ganzevoort, Srdjan Sremac

22. Killing the Killer: Rampage and Gun Rights as a Syndrome
Kirby Farrell

23. Loss, Traumatic Bereavement, and Mourning Culture: The Israel Example
Eliezer Witztum, Ruth Malkinson, Simon Shimshon Rubin

24. Fear and Silence in Burma and Indonesia: Comparing Two National Tragedies and Two Individual Outcomes of Trauma
Robert Lemelson, Seinenu M. Thein-Lemelson

Keywords: Psychology, Cross Cultural Psychology, Clinical Psychology, History of Psychology

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