Lim, Henry W.

Principles and Practice of Photoprotection

Lim, Henry W. - Principles and Practice of Photoprotection, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Clinical and Biological Relevance of Visible and Infrared Radiation
Kelsey Lawrence, Mohammed Al-Jamal, Indermeet Kohli, Iltefat Hamzavi

2. Photoprotection and Skin Cancer Prevention
Brian P. Hibler, Stephen W. Dusza, Steven Q. Wang

3. Photoprotection for Photodermatoses
Daniel Gutierrez, Elma D. Baron

4. Photoprotection and Photoaging
Ben J. Friedman, Henry W. Lim, Steven Q. Wang

5. Photoprotection, Photoimmunology and Autoimmune Diseases
Gillian M. Murphy, Nicola Ralph

6. Photoprotection and Vitamin D
James L. Griffith, Mohammed Al-Jamal, Henry W. Lim

7. Photoprotection and Skin of Color
Kesha J. Buster, Johnathan J. Ledet

8. The Controversy of Sunscreen Product Exposure: Too Little, Too Much, or Just Right
J. Frank Nash, Paul R. Tanner

9. The Chemistry of Ultraviolet Filters
Nadim A. Shaath

10. Chemistry of Sunscreens
Susan Daly, Hao Ouyang, Prithwiraj Maitra

11. Global UV Filters: Current Technologies and Future Innovations
Uli Osterwalder, Lars Hareng

12. Organotypic Models for Evaluating Sunscreens
Claire Marionnet, Françoise Bernerd

13. UV Booster and Photoprotection
M. Sohn

14. Sunscreen Photostability
Craig A. Bonda, Dennis Lott

15. Sunscreen Formulation: Optimizing Efficacy of UVB and UVA Protection
Curtis Cole

16. Sunscreen Formulation: Optimising Aesthetic Elements for Twenty-First-Century Consumers
Julian P. Hewitt

17. Sunscreen Regulatory Update
Farah K. Ahmed

18. Measuring Sunscreen Protection According to the FDA Final Rule
Joseph W. Stanfield, J. William Stanfield, Eduardo Ruvolo

19. Photoprotection in the Era of Nanotechnology
Adnan Nasir

20. The Role of Topical Antioxidants in Photoprotection
Mary S. Matsui

21. The Role of DNA Repair in Photoprotection
Nevena Karaman-Jurukovska, Daniel B. Yarosh

22. Oral and Systemic Photoprotection
Salvador González, Yolanda Gilaberte, Angeles Juarranz

23. Photoprotection from Sunless Tanning Products and Colored Cosmetics
Zoe Diana Draelos

24. Photoprotection by Clothing and Fabric
Thilo Gambichler, Isabelle Rooms, Lisa Scholl

25. Photoprotection by Glass
Manaf Shaban, Fahad Almutawa

26. Augmenting Skin Photoprotection Beyond Sunscreens
Thomas Meyer, Donathan Beasley, Kerry Hanson

27. Education, Motivation, and Compliance
Brian P. Hibler, Steven Q. Wang

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Dermatology

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