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Progress in Turbulence VI

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Table of contents

Part I. Theory

1. Uncertainties in Turbulence
Arkady Tsinober

2. Complete Description of Turbulence in Terms of Hopf Functional and LMN Hierarchy: New Symmetries and Invariant Solutions
Marta Wacławczyk

3. Application of an Integral Fluctuation Theorem to Turbulent Flows
N. Reinke, D. Nickelsen, A. Engel, J. Peinke

4. A Marker for Studying the Turbulent Energy Cascade in Real Space
J. I. Cardesa, J. Jiménez

5. Scale Energy of Turbulence Based on Two-Point Velocity Correlation
Fujihiro Hamba

6. A Numerical Study of the Shear-Less Turbulent/Non-turbulent Interface
G. Cocconi, A. Cimarelli, B. Frohnapfel, E. Angelis

7. The Imbalance Between Enstrophy Production and Destruction in Homogeneous Isotropic Unsteady Turbulence
P. C. Valente, R. Onishi, C. B. Silva

8. From Time to Space and Back: Convection and Wave Velocities in Turbulent Shear Flows
B. Ganapathisubramani, R. Kat

9. Concurrent Scale Interactions in the Far-Field of a Turbulent Mixing Layer
O. R. H. Buxton, B. Ganapathisubramani

10. Euler Angle and Axis—“Fingerprints” of a Subgrid-Scale Stress Model
Zixuan Yang, Bing-Chen Wang

11. Low-Cost Energy-Preserving RK Schemes for Turbulent Simulations
Francesco Capuano, Gennaro Coppola, Luigi Luca

12. Assessment of Subfilter Scalar Dissipation Rate and Mixture Fraction Variance Models
J. Ventosa-Molina, O. Lehmkuhl, C. D. Pérez-Segarra, A. Oliva

13. Backward Energy Transfer and Subgrid Modeling Approaches in Wall-Turbulence
A. Cimarelli, E. Angelis

14. Building Proper Invariants for Eddy-Viscosity Models
F. X. Trias, A. Gorobets, A. Oliva

15. Analysis of a Hybrid RANS/LES Model Using RANS Reconstruction
M. Nini, A. Abbà, M. Germano, M. Restelli

16. On the Coupling of Direct Numerical Simulation and Resolvent Analysis
F. Gómez, H. M. Blackburn, M. Rudman, A. S. Sharma, B. J. McKeon

17. Modeling Helicity Dissipation-Rate Equation
Nobumitsu Yokoi

18. Analysis of the Bivariate EMD Behavior for Separating Coherent Structures from Interference Fluctuations in Isotropic Homogeneous Turbulence
Mehdi Sadeghi, Fabrice Foucher, Karim Abed-Meraim, Christine Mounaïm-Rousselle

19. Turbulent Shear Flows Described by the Algebraic Difference-Quotient Turbulence Model
Peter W. Egolf, Kolumban Hutter

20. Lyapunov Stability Criteria for Reacting Ionic Fluid Flows
Martina Costa Reis, Adalberto Bono Maurizio Sacchi Bassi

21. DNS and LES of Viscoplastic-Type Non-Newtonian Fluid Flows
A. Carmona, O. Lehmkuhl, C. D. Pérez-Segarra, A. Oliva

Part II. Wall Bounded Flows

22. Flow Features in Three-Dimensional Turbulent Duct Flows with Different Aspect Ratios
Ricardo Vinuesa, Philipp Schlatter, Hassan M. Nagib

23. DNS of the Turbulent Flow Evolving in a Plane Channel from the Entry to the Fully Developed State
M. Capuano, A. Cadiou, M. Buffat, L. Le Penven

24. Downstream Evolution of Perturbations in a Zero Pressure Gradient Turbulent Boundary Layer
E. Rodriguez-Lopez, P. J. K. Bruce, O. R. H. Buxton

25. Scale Dependent Stochastic Self-energy Model of the Energy Transfers in Turbulent Channel Flows
V. Kitsios, J. A. Sillero, J. S. Frederiksen, J. Soria

26. Effect of Irregular Surface in a Turbulent Channel
David Sassun, Paolo Orlandi

27. On the Effects of Surface Morphology on the Structure of Wall-Turbulence
Marco Placidi, Bharathram Ganapathisubramani

28. Contradictions in the Large-Wavelength Approximation of Turbulent Flow Past a Wavy Bottom
Paolo Luchini

29. Wall Oscillation Induced Drag Reduction of Turbulent Boundary Layers
Martin Skote, Maneesh Mishra, Prabal Singh Negi, Yanhua Wu, Hsiao Mun Lee, Philipp Schlatter

30. Wall-Turbulence Structure with Pressure Gradient Around 2D Hump
Aiko Yakeno, Soshi Kawai, Taku Nonomura, Kozo Fujii

31. Turbulent Asymptotic Suction Boundary Layers: Effect of Domain Size and Development Time
Alexandra Bobke, Ramis Örlü, Philipp Schlatter

32. Heat Transfer in a Shallow Cavity
Fatima Madi Arous

33. Temperature Effects in Hot-Wire Measurements on Higher-Order Moments in Wall Turbulence
Alessandro Talamelli, Fabio Malizia, Ramis Örlü, Andrea Cimarelli, Philipp Schlatter

34. Quantification of Global Intermittency in Stably Stratified Ekman Flow
Cedrick Ansorge, Juan Pedro Mellado

35. A Comparison Between DBD and Corona Actuators with Non-Straight Electrodes
Federico Messanelli, Marco Belan

Part III. Pipe Flows

36. The Final Design of the Long Pipe in CICLOPE
G. Bellani, A. Talamelli

37. A New High-Order Method for Simulating Turbulent Pipe Flow
Peter Lenaers, Philipp Schlatter, Geert Brethouwer, Arne V. Johansson

38. Structure Investigation in Pipe Flow at High Reynolds Numbers
Emir Öngüner, El-Sayed Zanoun, Franziska König, Christoph Egbers

39. Heat Transfer in Turbulent Boundary Layers of Pipe Flow: A Wavelet Transforms Approach
Makrand A. Khanwale, C. S. Sona, Channamillkarjun S. Mathpati

Part IV. Free Flows

40. Influence of an Extended Non-equilibrium Region on the Far-Field of Grid Turbulence
R. J. Hearst, P. Lavoie

41. Anisotropy of Multiscale Grid Turbulence
Paolo D’Addio, Paolo Orlandi

42. Flow Field Topology of Impinging Jets with Fractal Inserts
Gioacchino Cafiero, Stefano Discetti, Tommaso Astarita

43. Experimental Study on Hot-Wire Spatial Resolution in Turbulent Round Jet
Tommaso Fiorini, Gabriele Bellani, Andrea Cimarelli, Alessandro Talamelli

44. Three-Dimensional Instabilities in the Wake of a Wall-Mounted Low-Aspect-Ratio Pyramid
Zahra Hosseini, Robert J. Martinuzzi

45. The Fine Structure of a Slender Scalar Plume in Sheared Turbulence
Christina Vanderwel, Stavros Tavoularis

46. Wake Dynamics Behind a Normal Thin Flat Plate at Moderate Reynolds Numbers
Arman Hemmati, David H. Wood, Robert J. Martinuzzi

Part V. Complex Flows

47. Storm in a Soap Bubble
P. Fischer, C.-H. Bruneau, Y.-L. Xiong

48. Turbulent Boundary Layer Upstream, Over and Downstream a Cylindrical 2D Bump
Julie A. Vernet, Ramis Örlü, P. Henrik Alfredsson

49. Effects of a Wall on the Dynamics of Turbulence Teardrops and Fingerprints

Patrick Bechlars, Richard D. Sandberg

50. Numerical Study of the Intermittency Region in Two-Fluid Turbulent Flow
S. V. Kraheberger, T. Wacławczyk, M. Wacławczyk

51. Multi-scale Analysis of Turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard Convection
Riccardo Togni, Andrea Cimarelli, Elisabetta De Angelis

52. Numerical Analysis of Frazil Ice Formation in Turbulent Convection
A. Abbà, P. Olla, L. Valdettaro

53. Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Flows: Benchmarking on a Rectangular Prism
L. Patruno, M. Ricci, A. Cimarelli, S. Miranda, A. Talamelli, F. Ubertini

54. Turbulent Flow of a Suspension of Rigid Spherical Particles in Plane Channels
Luca Brandt, Francesco Picano, Wim-Paul Breugem

Keywords: Engineering, Complexity, Nonlinear Dynamics, Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Fluid- and Aerodynamics, Partial Differential Equations

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Springer Proceedings in Physics
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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