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The Internationalisation of Legal Education

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Table of contents

Part I. General Report

1. The Internationalisation of Legal Education: General Report for the Vienna Congress of the International Academy of Comparative Law, 20–26 July 2014
Christophe Jamin, William Caenegem

Part II. National Reports

2. Internationalisation, Globalisation and the Effect on Legal Education in Argentina
Mónica Pinto

3. Internationalising Legal Education in Belgium: Why Are We Doing It?
Anne-Lise Sibony

4. The Natural Trend Towards Internationalisation in Cameroon
Pierrette Essama Mekongo, Maurice K. Kamga

5. The Global Challenge in Common and Civil Law Contexts: A Canadian Perspective
Aline Grenon, H. Patrick Glenn, Helge Dedek

6. Keeping Up with the Changing Legal Environment: A Report on the Internationalisation of Legal Education in Finland
Tuomas Tiittala

7. How International Should the German Einheitsjurist Be?
Michael Stürner

8. Legal Education at a Turning Point: A Case Study of Hong Kong
Feng Lin

9. Small Goes Global: The Internationalisation of Legal Education in Ireland
Sandeep Gopalan, Marie-Luce Paris

10. The History and Importance of Comparative Law in Italy
Rodolfo Sacco, Alberto Gianola

11. The Effects of Globalisation on Legal Education in Japan: The Reforms of 2004
Naoki Kanayama

12. Towards a New Model of Legal Education: The Special Case of Luxembourg
Pascal Ancel

13. The Internationalisation of Dutch Legal Education: Seeking a Balance Between Local Requirements, European Exigencies and International Perspectives
Aalt Willem Heringa

14. Global Lawyers for a Global City: Legal Education in Singapore
Gary F. Bell

15. Moving Towards an International Legal Education in Spain
Soledad Atienza

16. Sweden: At the Cusp of Legal Internationalization
Laura Carlson, Henrik Forshamn

17. The Globalization of Legal Education in Switzerland: Possibilities and Challenges
Alexander H. E. Morawa, Julia Ruth-Maria Wetzel

18. On the Evolving and Dynamic Nature of UK Legal Education
Antonios E. Platsas, David Marrani

19. Taking the Middle Road to IOLE in Uruguay
Nicolas Etcheverry

20. IOLE in the United States: The Relationship Between a Country’s Legal System and Its Legal Education
Frank K. Upham

Keywords: Law, Private International Law, International & Foreign Law, Comparative Law, International and Comparative Education

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Ius Comparatum - Global Studies in Comparative Law
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