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Orthopaedic Trauma in the Austere Environment

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Table of contents

Part I. Setting the Scene: The Austere Environment

1. How to Prepare for a Mission in a Conflict or Disaster Zone
Anthony Damien Redmond

2. What Can I Do Here? Understanding Your Working Environment
David Nott

3. Epidemiology of Fatalities and Orthopaedic Trauma in Armed Conflicts and Natural Disasters
S. E. Roberts, K. Thorne, A. Akbari

4. Is Evidence-Based Orthopedic Traumatology Possible in the Low-Resource Environment?
Saam Morshed, David Shearer

5. Cultural, Legal, and Ethical Considerations
Mike Krosin

Part II. Causes of Trauma in the Austere Environment

6. Motor Vehicle Accidents: The Scourge of the Developing World
Iain Elliott, Richard A. Gosselin

7. Injuries After Natural Disasters
Richard A. Gosselin

8. Orthopedic Ballistic Trauma
Paul Ley

9. Orthopedic Blast and Shrapnel Trauma
Scott C. Wagner, Jean Claude G. D’Alleyrand, Romney C. Andersen

10. Injury from Traditional Bonesetter Fracture Management
Juan de Dios Robinson

Part III. Management Challenges in the Austere Environment

11. Malnutrition and Orthopedic Injuries
Sandro Contini

12. HIV/AIDS and Orthopaedic Trauma
W. J. Harrison

13. Malunion, Non-union and Delayed Presentation: The Norm, Not the Exception
Deepa Bose

14. Osteomyelitis
Andrew J. Stevenson

15. Where Is My BMP? Managing Bone Defects in the Austere Environment
Deepa Bose

Part IV. Perioperative Management in the Austere Environment

16. What? No Lab? Preparing the Patient for Operation
Sandro Contini

17. Anaesthesia in Austere Environments
Christine Maine

18. Intensive Care in the Austere Environment
Christine Maine

19. Management of Blood Loss in the Austere Environment
Zachary J. Kastenberg, Sherry M. Wren

20. Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis
Zachary J. Kastenberg, Sherry M. Wren

21. Microbiology in the Low-Resource Environment
Sandro Contini

22. Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy and Prosthetics
Bérangère Gohy

23. Imaging in the Austere Environment
Andy Creeden

Part V. Principles of Orthopaedic Traumatology in the Austere Environment

24. Damage Control Orthopaedics in the Low Resource Environment
Ian Pallister

25. The Closed Treatment of Fractures
A. Doorgakant, Steve Mannion

26. Minimal Requirements for Open Reduction Internal Fixation in Austere Environments
James Benjamin Penny, Steve Mannion

27. Management of Open Fractures in Austere Environments
Deepa Bose

28. Management of Compartment Syndrome and Crush Syndrome
Ian Pallister

29. Amputations
Richard A. Gosselin

30. Pediatric Trauma Care in Austere Environments
Ashok K. Banskota

31. Experience Using the IM Interlocking Screw System in Austere Environment
David Shearer, Lewis Zirkle

Part VI. Practical Guides to Orthopaedic Trauma Management in the Austere Environment

32. Management of Spine Injuries in the Austere Environment
Kyle R. Stephens

33. Shoulder Girdle Injuries
Peter A. Cole, Ryan Horazdovsky

34. Fractures of the Proximal Humerus
Paul S. Whiting

35. Diaphyseal and Distal Humerus Fractures
Paul S. Whiting

36. Elbow Injuries in the Austere Environment
Steve Hodgson

37. Forearm Injuries
David Solfelt

38. Hand and Wrist Orthopaedic Injuries
Rishee Parmar

39. Pelvis and Acetabular Fractures
Richard A. Gosselin

40. Hip Injuries in the Austere Environment
Raman Mundi, Bonnie Chien, Mohit Bhandari

41. Femoral Injuries
Sven Young

42. Distal Femoral Fractures and Knee Injuries in the Austere Environment
James Shelton, Steve Mannion

43. The Management of Closed Tibia Shaft Fractures in the Austere Environment
Samir Ayobi, Juan de Dios Robinson

44. The Management of Ankle Injuries in the Austere Environment
Jesse Alan Slade Shantz, Juan de Dios Robinson, Ralph Richard Coughlin

45. Foot Injuries in the Austere Environment
Jesse Alan Slade Shantz, Juan de Dios Robinson, Ralph Richard Coughlin

46. Soft Tissue Management and Reconstructive Options in the Austere Environment
Tom Potokar

47. Vascular Injuries
Martial Ledecq

48. Tendon Injuries
Thamer A. Hamdan, Juan de Dios Robinson

Part VII. Continuity of Care, Legacy, and Resilience

49. So What Happened Then? Follow-Up and the Challenge of Measuring Results
Johan Schreeb

50. Legacy: What Are You Leaving Behind?
Andrew Furey, James Rourke, Barth A. Green

51. Telemedicine and Smartphones: Is There a Role for Technology in the Austere Environment?
Brian P. Cunningham, Breanna Bolley

52. Military Orthopedic Trauma Experience: Civilian Applications in an Austere Environment
Tad L. Gerlinger

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Surgical Orthopedics, Traumatic Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Pediatrics

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