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Managing Complexity

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Table of contents

1. Mass Customization in the Building and Construction Industry
Kim Noergaard Jensen, Kjeld Nielsen, Thomas Ditlev Brunoe, Søren Munch Lindhard

2. Reconfiguring Variety, Profitability, and Postponement for Product Customization with Global Supply Chains
Martin Bonev, Anna Myrodia, Lars Hvam

3. Mass Customization Challenges of Engineer-to-Order Manufacturing
Maria K. Thomassen, Erlend Alfnes

4. An Open-Source Model of Collaboration and Customization in Architecture
Carlo Carbone, Basem Eid Mohamed

5. Information-Driven Customization: A Profile-Matching Model
Basem Eid Mohamed, Carlo Carbone

6. The Potential of Product Customization Using Technologies of Additive Manufacturing
Roland Lachmayer, Paul Christoph Gembarski, Philipp Gottwald, R. Bastian Lippert

7. Conceptual Model for Developing Platform-Centric Production Architectures
Jacob Bossen, Thomas Ditlev Brunoe, Mads Bejlegaard, Kjeld Nielsen

8. From ETO to Mass Customization: A Two-Horizon ETO Enabling Process
Aldo Duchi, Filippo Tamburini, Daniele Parisi, Omid Maghazei, Paul Schönsleben

9. Utilization of Mass Customization in Construction and Building Industry
Kjeld Nielsen, Thomas Ditlev Brunoe, Kim Noergaard Jensen, Ann-Louise Andersen

10. Challenges in Choice Navigation for SMEs
Kjeld Nielsen, Thomas D. Brunoe, Lars Skjelstad, Maria Thomassen

11. Machine-Part Formation Enabling Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems Configuration Design: Line Balancing Problem for Low Volume and High Variety
Mads Bejlegaard, Thomas Ditlev Brunoe, Kjeld Nielsen, Jacob Bossen

12. Engineering Change Management and Transition Towards Mass Customization
Simon Haahr Storbjerg, Thomas Ditlev Brunoe, Kjeld Nielsen

13. The Evolutionary Process of Product Configurators
Paul Blažek, Monika Kolb, Clarissa Streichsbier, Simone Honetz

14. Co-creation and Design Thinking to Envision More Sustainable Business Models: A Foresight Design Approach for Organizational Sustainability of SME Manufacturers
Alexandre Joyce

15. Mass Customization in SMEs: Literature Review and Research Directions
Stig B. Taps, Thomas Ditlev, Kjeld Nielsen

16. Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems in Small and Medium Enterprises
Thomas Ditlev Brunoe, Ann-Louise Andersen, Kjeld Nielsen

17. KBE-Modeling Techniques in Standard CAD-Systems: Case Study—Autodesk Inventor Professional
Paul Christoph Gembarski, Haibing Li, Roland Lachmayer

18. A Business Typological Framework for the Management of Product Complexity
Paul Christoph Gembarski, Roland Lachmayer

19. Cognitive Computing and Managing Complexity in Open Innovation Model
Robert J. Freund

20. Combining Configurator 2.0 Software with Designcrowdfunding
Matthias Kulcke

21. Current Challenges for Mass Customization on B2B Markets
Leontin K. Grafmüller, Hagen Habicht

22. Does the Size of a Fashion Model on a Retailer’s Website Impact the Customer Perceived Attractiveness of the Model and Purchase Intention? The Role of Gender, Body Satisfaction and Congruence
Anik St-Onge, Aurelie Merles, Florian Pichonneau, Sylvain Sénécal

23. “La Chispa de la Ciudad de México”: Co-creation of Organizational Innovations and Its Implications for Managing Innovation
Hans Lundberg, Ian Sutherland, Birgit Penzenstadler, Paul Blazek, Hagen Habicht

24. Equity Crowdfunding and the Online Investors’ Risk Perception: A Co-created List of Web Design Guidelines for Optimizing the User Experience
Sandrine Prom Tep, Sylvain Sénécal, François Courtemanche, Valerie Gohier

25. Lean Customisation and Co-creation: Supplying Value in Everyday Life
Alexander Tsigkas, Antonia Natsika

26. Modular Standard in Independent Automotive Aftermarket
Thomas Kampschulte

27. Identification of Profitable Areas to Apply Product Configuration Systems in Engineer-To-Order Companies
Katrin Kristjansdottir, Lars Hvam, Sara Shafiee, Martin Bonev

28. Goal-Oriented Data Collection Framework in Configuration Projects
Sara Shafiee, Lars Hvam, Katrin Kristjansdottir

29. Minecraft and the Resource-Scarcity Advantage
F. Xavier Olleros

30. Design and Innovation Beyond Methods
Caroline Gagnon, Valérie Côté

31. Co-creation of Experiences in Retail: Opportunity to Innovate in Retail Business
Ron Journée, Marcel Weber

32. Proximity Marketing as an Enabler of Mass Customization and Personalization in a Customer Service Experience
Nataly Levesque, Harold Boeck

33. Investigating the Impact of Product Volume and Variety on Production Ramp-Up
Ann-Louise Andersen, Mads Bejlegaard, Thomas D. Brunoe, Kjeld Nielsen

34. Implementing ‘Design for Do-It-Yourself’ in Design Education
Jan Willem Hoftijzer

35. Apparel Technology Integration and Development for Purchase Activated Manufacturing
Muditha Senanayake, Peter Kilduff, Bill Grier

36. Co-design Visual Displays in Virtual Stores: An Exploration of Consumer Experience
Juanjuan Wu, Natasha Thoreson, Jayoung Koo, Angella Kim

37. Seven Steps Manufacturers Must Take to Begin Offering Mass Customization to Their Customers
Jocelyn Bellemare, Serge Carrier

Keywords: Business and Management, Innovation/Technology Management, R & D/Technology Policy, Manufacturing, Machines, Tools

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