Constantino-Toto, Roberto M.

Water, Food and Welfare

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Table of contents

Part I. Linking Water Management, Food Policy and Welfare

1. Contemporary Model for Water Management and Alternative Approaches
Roberto M. Constantino-Toto

2. Socioeconomic Framework
Hilda R. Dávila-Ibáñez, Rosario H. Pérez-Espejo, Thalia Hernández-Amezcua

3. Water Policy and Institutions
Rosario H. Pérez-Espejo, Thalia Hernández-Amezcua, Hilda R. Dávila-Ibáñez

4. Water Use for Food Purposes
Rosario H. Pérez-Espejo, Thalia Hernández-Amezcua, Hilda R. Dávila-Ibáñez

5. Water Resources Inventory and Implications of Irrigation Modernization
Eugenio Gómez-Reyes, Jaime Garatuza-Payán, Roberto M. Constantino-Toto

6. Manifestations of Welfare Loss
Úrsula Oswald Spring

7. Prices and Water: A Strategy with Limited Effectiveness
Roberto M. Constantino-Toto

Part II. Pressures on Water Availability, Its Use and Welfare Effects

8. Water Use Pattern
Eugenio Gómez-Reyes

9. Change in the Dietary Pattern and Water Security
Andrea Santos-Baca

10. Hydrological Stress and Pressures on Water Availability
Patricia Phumpiu-Chang

11. Problems Associated with Groundwater Management
Eugenio Gómez-Reyes

12. Vulnerability and Climate Change
Hilda R. Dávila-Ibáñez, Roberto M. Constantino-Toto

Part III. Methodology for Analyzing Water Footprint and Virtual Water

13. Water Demand of Major Crops: A Methodology
Ignacio Sánchez-Cohen, Ernesto Catalán-Valencia, Jaime Garatuza-Payán

14. Gray Water Footprint and Water Pollution
Anne M. Hansen

15. Gray Footprint and Mining: Impact of Metal Extraction on Water
Germán Santacruz-de León, Francisco J. Peña-de Paz

16. Considerations on Virtual Water and Agri-food Trade
Thalia Hernández-Amezcua, Andrea Santos-Baca

Part IV. Applying the WF Approach for Impact Analysis on Sectors and Regions

17. Water Footprint of Four Cereals in Irrigation District 011
Rosario H. Pérez-Espejo, Thalia Hernández-Amezcua

18. Forage Water Footprint in the Comarca Lagunera
Ignacio Sánchez-Cohen, Gerardo Delgado-Ramírez, Gerardo Esquivel-Arriaga, Pamela Bueno-Hurtado, Abel Román-López

19. Water Footprint in Livestock
Rosario H. Pérez-Espejo, Thalia Hernández-Amezcua

20. Water Footprint of Bottled Drinks and Food Security
Roberto M. Constantino-Toto, Delia Montero

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Earth System Sciences, Water Policy/Water Governance/Water Management, Climate Change Management and Policy

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
SpringerBriefs in Environment, Security, Development and Peace
Natural Sciences
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