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Implementing Climate Change Adaptation in Cities and Communities

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Table of contents

Part I. Climate Change Adaptation in Cities and Communities

1. Changes in Land Cover Categories within Oti-Kéran-Mandouri (OKM) Complex in Togo (West Africa) between 1987 and 2013
Aniko Polo-Akpisso, Kpérkouma Wala, Soulemane Ouattara, Fousseni Foléga, Yao Tano

2. Exposure of Rural Communities to Climate Variability and Change: Case Studies from Argentina, Colombia and Canada
David Sauchyn, Jorge Julian Velez Upegui, Mariano Masiokas, Olga Ocampo, Leandro Cara, Ricardo Villalba

3. Small Scale Rain- and Floodwater Harvesting for Horticulture in Central-Northern Namibia for Livelihood Improvement and as an Adaptation Strategy to Climate Change
Alexander Jokisch, Wilhelm Urban, Thomas Kluge

4. Can Adaptation to Climate Change at All Be Mainstreamed in Complex Multi-level Governance Systems? A Case Study of Forest-Relevant Policies at the EU and Swedish Levels
E. Carina H. Keskitalo, Maria Pettersson

5. A Novel Impact Assessment Methodology for Evaluating Distributional Impacts in Scottish Climate Change Adaptation Policy
Rachel M. Dunk, Poshendra Satyal, Michael Bonaventura

6. Climate Variability and Food Security in Tanzania: Evidence from Western Bagamoyos
Paschal Arsein Mugabe

7. The Urban Heat Island Effect in Dutch City Centres: Identifying Relevant Indicators and First Explorations
Leyre Echevarría Icaza, F. D. Hoeven, Andy Dobbelsteen

8. Planning and Climate Change: A Case Study on the Spatial Plan of the Danube Corridor Through Serbia
Tijana Crncevic, Omiljena Dzelebdzic, Sasa Milijic

9. Programmes of the Republic of Belarus on Climate Change Adaptation: Goals and Results
Siarhei Zenchanka

10. A Global Indicator of Climate Change Adaptation in Catalonia
Ester Agell, Fina Ambatlle, Gabriel Borràs, Gemma Cantos, Salvador Samitier

Part II. Integrating Adaptation Strategies and Educational Approaches

11. Facilitating Climate Change Adaptation on Smallholder Farms Through Farmers’ Collective Led On-Farm Adaptive Research: The SAF-BIN Project
Romana Roschinsky, Sunil Simon, Pranab Ranjan Choudhury, Augustine Baroi, Manindra Malla, Sukleash George Costa, Valentine Denis Pankaj, Chintan Manandhar, Manfred Aichinger, Maria Wurzinger

12. Assessing Student Perceptions and Comprehension of Climate Change in Portuguese Higher Education Institutions
P. T. Santos, P. Bacelar-Nicolau, M. A. Pardal, L. Bacelar-Nicolau, U. M. Azeiteiro

13. A Decade of Capacity Building Through Roving Seminars on Agro-Meteorology/-Climatology in Africa, Asia and Latin America: From Agrometeorological Services via Climate Change to Agroforestry and Other Climate-Smart Agricultural Practices
C. (Kees) J. Stigter

14. West African Farmers’ Climate Change Adaptation: From Technological Change Towards Transforming Institutions
Daniel Callo-Concha

15. Livelihood Options as Adaptation to Climate Variability Among Households in Rural Southwest Nigeria: Emerging Concerns and Reactions
Isaac B. Oluwatayo

16. Climate Change Projections for a Medium-Size Urban Area (Baia Mare Town, Romania): Local Awareness and Adaptation Constraints
Mihaela Sima, Dana Micu, Dan Bălteanu, Carmen Dragotă, Sorin Mihalache

17. Trends and Issues of Climate Change Education in Japan
Keiko Takahashi, Masahisa Sato, Yasuaki Hijioka

18. Changes in Attitude Towards Climate Change and Transformative Learning Theory
Gherardo Girardi

19. Societal Transformation, Buzzy Perspectives Towards Successful Climate Change Adaptation: An Appeal to Caution
Sabine Trõger

20. Analysis of Climate Change Adaptation Measures Used by Rural Dwellers in the Southeast and Southsouth Zone of Nigeria
C. C. Ifeanyi-Obi

21. Science Field Shops: An Innovative Agricultural Extension Approach for Adaptation to Climate Change, Applied with Farmers in Indonesia
C. (Kees) J. Stigter, Yunita T. Winarto, Muki Wicaksono

Keywords: Economics, Environmental Economics, Climate Change Management and Policy, Urban Geography / Urbanism (inc. megacities, cities, towns), Climate Change, Climate Change/Climate Change Impacts, Natural Hazards

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