Barrientos, Bernardino

Emerging Challenges for Experimental Mechanics in Energy and Environmental Applications, Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Experimental Mechanics and 9th Symposium on Optics in Industry (ISEM-SOI), 2015

Barrientos, Bernardino - Emerging Challenges for Experimental Mechanics in Energy and Environmental Applications, Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Experimental Mechanics and 9th Symposium on Optics in Industry (ISEM-SOI), 2015, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Optical Imaging Through Horizontal-Path Turbulence: A New Solution to a Difficult Problem
William T. Rhodes, Nishantha Randunu Pathirannehelage, Diego Pava, Yezid Torres Moreno

2. Aluminum Strain Measurement by Beam Propagation
Alonso Saldaña Heredia, Pedro A. Márquez Aguilar, Arturo Molina Ocampo

3. The Technique of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for Determination of Heavy Metals in the Receiving Body of Water
A. Frías, A. E. Villarreal, F. G. Rendón Sauz, T. Flores, L. Ponce, R. Ortega, M. Domínguez

4. Applications of Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy in the Identification of Bacteria
F. G. Rendón Sauz, T. Flores Reyes, R. Ortega Izaguirre, A. K. Frias, A. E. Villarreal, L. Ponce

5. Residual Stresses Measurement by the Hole-Drilling Technique and DSPI Using the Integral Method with Displacement Coefficients
Armando Albertazzi, Filipe Zanini, Matias Viotti, Celso Veiga

6. On the Separation of Complete Triaxial Strain/Stress Profiles from Diffraction Experiments
H. Wern

7. Quantification of Slow Mechanical Displacements in Metal Samples by Optical Polarization Phase Shift DSPI
Darwin Mayorga Cruz, José Antonio Marbán Salgado, Víctor Manuel Juárez Núñez, Álvaro Zamudio Lara

8. Comparative Analysis of Optoelectronic Properties of Glucose for Non-invasive Monitoring
Jesús García-Guzmán, Naara González-Viveros, Héctor H. Cerecedo-Núñez

9. Phase Shifting Interferometry Using a Coupled Cyclic Path Interferometers
L. García Lechuga, N. I. Toto-Arellano, V. H. Flores Muñoz, Amalia Martínez-García, G. Rodríguez Zurita

10. Identification of Microorganisms Using Digital Holographic Microscopy
S. Muñoz Solís, M. del Socorro Hernández-Montes, F. Mendoza Santoyo

11. Noise Reduction in Off-Axis Digital Holography Reconstruction from Two Reconstruction Distances Based on Talbot Effect
Miguel León-Rodríguez, Raúl R. Cordero, Juan A. Rayas, Amalia Martínez-García, Adrián Martínez-Gonzalez, Fernando Labbe, Victor Flores-Muñoz

12. Study of Temperature Distribution Over a Stirling Engine by Using the Schlieren Technique
C. Alvarez-Herrera, A. R. Moreno-Nieto, J. G. Murillo-Ramírez

13. On Axis Fringe Projection
Analía Sicardi-Segade, J. C. Estrada, Amalia Martínez-García, Guillermo Garnica

14. Instrument for Recording Purkinje Images
I. U. Cosme-Cisneros, G. A. Escamilla-Ruiz, D. Flores-Montoya, G. Hernández-Gómez, A. Gómez-Vieyra

15. Ultrasonic Arc Maps and Its Potential Application in Non-destructive Testing
Fabio Tomás Moreno Ortiz, Antonio Hernández Zavala, Alejandro Gómez Hernández, Noé Amir Rodríguez Olivares

16. Phase-Shifting Generated by Wavelength Modulation by Means of Switching On-Off a Laser Diode
Uriel Rivera-Ortega, Joris Dirckx

17. Index of Refraction Measurements in Liquid Substances of Full Field Using Holographic Interferometry
Carlos Guerrero-Mendez, Tonatiuh Saucedo-Anaya, M. Araiza-Esquivel, Enrique De la Rosa, Carlos Olvera-Olvera

18. Geometrical Thickness Measurement of Thin Films by a Transmitted Gaussian Beam
Moisés Cywiak, Octavio Olvera-R, Joel Cervantes-L

19. Topography and Color Study of an Object Using Fringe Projection and Colorimetry Techniques
Y. Yanet López D., Amalia Martínez-García, Julián Gómez S.

20. Temperature Measurement of a Synthetic Jet Produced by a Helmholtz Cavity
Alan D. Blanco M., Bernardino Barrientos G., Andrew J. Moore, Carlos Mares C.

21. Gates’ Interferometer as Fringe Projection System for Recovering 3D Shapes
J. A. Rayas, M. León-Rodríguez, Amalia Martínez-García, R. R. Cordero

22. Development of an Automated Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy System for Compositional Mapping of Surfaces
E. Ponce Flores, J. R. Domínguez Torres, R. Galindo Valle, A. E. Villarreal

23. Artificial Visual System Used for Dental Fluorosis Discrimination
Miguel Mora-González, Evelia Martínez-Cano, Francisco J. Casillas-Rodríguez, Francisco G. Peña-Lecona, Carlos A. Reyes-García, Jesús Muñoz-Maciel, H. Ulises Rodríguez-Marmolejo

24. Inspection of Laser Ablated Transparent Conductive Oxide Thin Films by a Multifunction Optical Measurement System
Chi-Hung Hwang, Ming-Hsing Shen, Shih-Feng Tseng, Wen-Tse Hsiao, I-Feng Cheng, Wei-Chung Wang

25. LIBS Technique for Identification of Crude Oils
F. G. Rendón, A. K. Frías, A. E. Villarreal, T. Flores, L. Ponce, G. Vázquez-Bautista

26. 3D Displacement Distribution Measurement Using Sampling Moire Method with Multiple Cameras
Daiki Tomita, Yorinobu Murata, Motoharu Fujigaki

27. Automatic Generation of Codes for Routine of CNC Machining Based on Three-Dimensional Information Obtained by Fringe Projection
S. Bustos, C. Aguilera, Amalia Martínez-García

28. Automatic Generation of Movement Sequences to Robotic Arm Based on Three-Dimensional Data Obtained Through Fringe Projection Technique
S. Bustos, C. Aguilera, Amalia Martínez-García

29. Application of Optomecatronics Load Cell for Measuring Work Force and Efforts in Industrial Machinery
A. A. Camacho, F. J. Martínez-Serrano

30. ASE Noise Attenuation for Signal at 1548.4 nm Through a Sagnac Interferometer Using High-Birefringence Fiber Which Is Subjected to Temperature Changes
Manuel May-Alarcón, Héctor H. Cerecedo-Núñez, Aarón Flores-Gil, Miguel A. García-González, Francisco Méndez-Martínez, Marco A. Rodríguez-Blanco, Víctor Golikov

31. Single-Shot Phase Shifting Interferometry for Microscopic Measurements of Non-Birefringent Transmissive Phase Samples
V. H. Flores Muñoz, B. López Ortiz, N. I. Toto-Arellano, Amalia Martínez-García, G. Rodríguez-Zurita

32. Design of a Customized Myoelectric Hand Prosthesis
A. A. Silva-Moreno, E. Lucas Torres

33. Finite Element Static Analysis Simulation for a Grain Dispenser Mechanism
J. E. Valtierra, A. A. Silva, B. L. Vargas, E. A. Ruelas

34. Controlling Bounce of Vacuum Circuit Breakers’ Contacts
Masao Narita, Naoki Yaegashi, Minoru Kobayashi, Shigeru Inaba

35. Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Effects of Fiber Orientation of Wood Stiffness
Tzu-Yu Kuo, Wei-Chung Wang

36. Auto-Calibration and Micro-Flow Injection Procedure Based on Automated Hydrodynamic System for Spectrophotometric Determination of Cobalt
R. M. Camarillo E., J. A. Padilla M., J. A. García M., C. A. Ocón D., Ch. Reyes C., J. M. Camarillo E., R. Rodríguez R.

37. Mathematical Model to Predict the Stress Concentration Factor on a Notched Flat Bar in Axial Tension
F. J. Ortega-Herrera, A. Lozano-Luna, J. P. Razón-González, J. M. García-Guzmán, F. Figueroa-Godoy

38. Mechanical Implementation of Kinematic Synergy for Multi-Point Grasping
M. A. Trejo Letechipia, J. A. Cortes Ramírez, H. Aguayo Téllez

39. Cascaded Ultra-Low Reflective Fiber Points for Distributed Sensing
Rodolfo Martinez Manuel, H. E. Sutherland

40. Object Surface Representation Via NURBS and Genetic Algorithms with SBX
J. Apolinar Muñoz Rodríguez, Francisco Calos Mejia Alanís

41. Photo-Oxidation of Polystyrene Film Irradiated with UV-B
C. G. Hernández, R. González, J. J. Soto, I. Rosales

42. Dynamic Analysis of Trawl Doors Applied in Bottom Trawls to Catch Shrimp
S. Sarmiento-Nafaté, J. Enríquez-Zárate, J. Villalobos-Toledo, C. Pineda-García

43. Simulator of an Adaptive Optics System Using Matlab
Marco A. Betanzos-Torres, Juan Castillo-Mixcóatl, Severino Muñoz-Aguirre, Georgina Beltrán-Pérez

44. Design, Development and Validation of an Artificial Muscle Biomechanical Rig (AMBR) for Finite Element Model Validation
A. Kriechbaumer, M. P. Trejo Ramírez, U. Mittag, M. Itskov, J. M. López Ramírez, J. Rittweger

45. Application of Laser Light on the Development of Equipment for the Study of Proteins
Nydia Tejeda Muñoz, Martha Robles-Flores

46. Organic Solar Photovoltaic Cells
A. Nava-Vega, Mario Cerda Lemus, Denisse Makoske Ibarra, Moisés Viloria Sánchez

47. Fiber Bragg Gires-Tournois Interferometer Etalons as Fiber Sensor
A. González-García, C. I. Castañeda-Jiménez, N. Rico-Jordan, I. Urbina-Salas, G. González-García, M. C. Wilson-Herrán

48. Cleaning of Tantalum Capacitor Electrode Surface by Laser in Multipulse Regime
A. E. Villarreal, A. K. Frías, F. G. Rendón, T. Flores, L. Ponce, G. Vázquez-Bautista

49. High Quality Polishing Procedure of Glass Substrates: Application in Integrated Optics
H. E. Lazcano, J. L. Flores, A. Blanco, A. Hernández, R. Nieto, J. L. Martínez, R. A. Torres, G. V. Vázquez, J. L. Hurtado

Keywords: Engineering, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Energy Systems

Publication year
Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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