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Handbook of Early Childhood Special Education

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Table of contents

Part I. Historical Context and Foundations

1. A History of Early Childhood Special Education
Mary McLean, Susan R. Sandall, Barbara J. Smith

2. The Role of Theory in Early Childhood Special Education and Early Intervention
Samuel L. Odom

3. Family-Centered Practices in Early Childhood Intervention
Carl J. Dunst, Marilyn Espe-Sherwindt

4. Taking Stock and Moving Forward: Implementing Quality Early Childhood Inclusive Practices
Pamela J. Winton

5. Birth to Three: Early Intervention
Robin A. McWilliam

6. Assessment in Early Childhood Special Education
Scott R. McConnell, Naomi L. Rahn

7. Evidence-Based Practice in the Context of Early Childhood Special Education
Brian Reichow

Part II. EBP Evidence-Based Practice in ECSE Early Childhood Special Education

8. Developing Literacy and Language Competence: Preschool Children Who Are at Risk or Have Disabilities
Karen E. Diamond, Douglas R. Powell

9. Understanding Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM)
Gretchen Butera, Eva M. Horn, Susan B. Palmer, Amber Friesen, Joan Lieber

10. The Application of Response to Intervention to Young Children with Identified Disabilities
Judith J. Carta, Tracy E. McElhattan, Gabriela Guerrero

11. A Consumer Reports-Like Review of the Empirical Literature Specific to Preschool Children’s Peer-Related Social Skills
Jaclyn D. Joseph, Phillip Strain, Arnold Olszewski, Howard Goldstein

12. Promoting Communication Development in Young Children with or at Risk for Disabilities
Justin D. Lane, Jennifer A. Brown

13. Motor Skill Acquisition for Young Children with Disabilities
Paddy C. Favazza, Gary N. Siperstein

14. Supporting the Implementation of Tiered Models of Behavior Support in Early Childhood Settings
Mary Louise Hemmeter, Lise Fox, Jessica K. Hardy

15. Critical Issues and Promising Practices for Teaching Play to Young Children with Disabilities
Erin E. Barton

Part III. Maximizing Current and Future Child Outcomes with Evidence-Based Practice

16. Personnel Development Practices in Early Childhood Intervention
Mary Beth Bruder

17. Implementing Evidence-Based Practices in Early Childhood Classroom Settings
Brian A. Boyd, Suzanne Kucharczyk, Connie Wong

18. Using Modifications and Accommodations to Enhance Learning of Young Children with Disabilities: Little Changes That Yield Big Impacts
Susan R. Sandall, Ilene S. Schwartz, Ariane Gauvreau

19. The Role of Speech-Language Pathologists in Providing Early Childhood Special Education
Elizabeth R. Crais, Juliann Woods

20. Occupational Therapy in Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education
Linn Wakeford

21. Role of Physical Therapy Within the Context of Early Childhood Special Education
Elizabeth T. Kennedy, Susan K. Effgen

22. Early Childhood Special Education in Context of Pediatrics and Medical Home
Betty Geer, Cordelia Robinson Rosenberg

23. Early Childhood Special Education in the Context of School Psychology
Laura Lee McIntyre, S. Andrew Garbacz

24. Culture, Ethnicity, and Linguistic Diversity: Implications for Early Childhood Special Education
Marci Hanson, Linda Espinosa

25. Inclusive Education and Autism Spectrum Disorders: The Working Practice of Supporting Teachers in Argentina
Daniel Valdez, Liliana Gómez, José Luis Cuesta

26. Physical Activity and Preschool Children with and Without Developmental Delays: A National Health Challenge
William H. Brown, Michaela Schenkelberg, Kerry McIver, Jennifer O’Neill, Erin Howie, Karin Pfeiffer, Ruth Saunders, Marsha Dowda, Cheryl Addy, Russell Pate

27. Expanding Frontiers in Research Designs, Methods, and Measurement in Support of Evidence-Based Practice in Early Childhood Special Education
Crystal D. Bishop, Patricia A. Snyder, James Algina, Walter Leite

28. Role of Research Syntheses for Identifying Evidence-Based Early Childhood Intervention Practices
Carl J. Dunst

29. Accounting for the Developing Brain
Jason Wolff

Keywords: Psychology, Child and School Psychology, Childhood Education, Social Work, Speech Pathology, Developmental Psychology, Behavioral Therapy

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