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Computational Analysis

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Table of contents

1. Bivariate Left Fractional Pseudo-Polynomial Monotone Approximation
George A. Anastassiou

2. Bivariate Right Fractional Polynomial Monotone Approximation
George A. Anastassiou

3. Uniform Approximation with Rates by Multivariate Generalized Discrete Singular Operators
George A. Anastassiou, Merve Kester

4. Summation Process by Max-Product Operators
Türkan Yeliz Gökçer, Oktay Duman

5. Fixed Point in a Non-metrizable Space
Abdalla Tallafha, Suad A. Alhihi

6. Second Hankel Determinant for New Subclass Defined by a Linear Operator
Aisha Ahmed Amer

7. Some Asymptotics for Extremal Polynomials
Gökalp Alpan, Alexander Goncharov, Burak Hatinoğlu

8. Some Differential Subordinations Using Ruscheweyh Derivative and a Multiplier Transformation
Alina Alb Lupaş

9. Some Results on the Bivariate Laguerre Polynomials
Mehmet Ali Özarslan, Cemaliye Kürt

10. Inner Product Spaces and Quadratic Functional Equations
Choonkil Park, Won-Gil Park, Themistocles M. Rassias

11. Fuzzy Partial Metric Spaces
Fariha Jumaa Amer

12. Bounded and Unbounded Fundamental Solutions in MAC Models
Igor Neygebauer

13. Schurer Generalization of q-Hybrid Summation Integral Type Operators
İlker Vural, Birol Altın, İsmet Yüksel

14. Approximation by
q-Baskakov–Durrmeyer Type Operators of Two Variables
İsmet Yüksel, Ülkü Dinlemez, Birol Altın

15. Blow Up of Solutions of Second Order Semilinear Parabolic Equations Under Robin Boundary Conditions
Jamila Kalantarova, Mustafa Polat

16. Functional Inequalities in Fuzzy Normed Spaces
Jung Rye Lee, Reza Saadati, Dong Yun Shin

17. Principal Vectors of Matrix-Valued Difference Operators
Yelda Aygar, Murat Olgun

18. Some Extensions of Preinvexity for Stochastic Processes
Nurgül Okur Bekar, Hande Günay Akdemir, İmdat İşcan

19. On One Boundary-Value Problem with Two Nonlocal Conditions for a Parabolic Equation
Olga Danilkina

20. Neighborhoods of Analytic Functions Associated with Fractional Derivative
Osman Altıntaş

21. Spectrums of Solvable Pantograph Type Delay Differential Operators for First Order
Zameddin I. Ismailov, Pembe Ipek

22. Non-commutative Geometry and Applications to Physical Systems
Slimane Zaim

23. The (s, t)-Generalized Jacobsthal Matrix Sequences
Şükran Uygun, Kemal Uslu

24. Domain Decomposition Approximation Approach for an Elliptic Partial Differential Equation
Tahira Nasreen Buttar, Naila Sajid

25. Voronovskaja Type Approximation Theorem for q-Szasz–Schurer Operators
Tuba Vedi, Mehmet Ali Özarslan

26. Approximation to Derivatives of Functions by Linear Operators Acting on Weighted Spaces by Power Series Method
Emre Taş, Tuğba Yurdakadim

27. Generalized Iterated Fractional Representation Formulae and Inequalities
George A. Anastassiou

Keywords: Mathematics, Number Theory, Potential Theory, Approximations and Expansions

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Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics
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15 pages
Natural Sciences
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