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Women and Children as Victims and Offenders: Background, Prevention, Reintegration

Kury, Helmut - Women and Children as Victims and Offenders: Background, Prevention, Reintegration, ebook


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Table of contents

Part IV. The Role of Crime Prevention: Punishment–Imprisonment–Alternative Sanctions

1. General Prevention: Does It Work?
Dieter Hermann, Dieter Dölling

2. Actors, Factors and Processes on the Road to the Abolition of the Death Penalty
Luis Arroyo Zapatero

3. Women in Criminal Justice Systems and the Added Value of the UN Bangkok Rules
Andrea Huber

4. Incarcerated Women: Their Situation, Their Needs and Measures for Sustainable Reintegration
Dawn Beichner, Otmar Hagemann

5. Probation Supervision for Women and Young Offenders
Loraine Gelsthorpe, Ioan Durnescu

6. Release Management for Female and Juvenile Prisoners. How Important Is Release Management in Prison for Crime Prevention?
Ineke Pruin

7. The Impact of Sanctions on Child and Female Offenders
Charles Robert Allen

8. Children of Prisoners: Their Situation and Role in Long-Term Crime Prevention
Oliver Robertson, Kris Christmann, Kathryn Sharratt, Anne H. Berman, Martin Manby, Elizabeth Ayre, Liliana Foca, Romeo Asiminei, Kate Philbrick, Cristina Gavriluta

9. Gender and Victims’ Expectations Regarding Their Role in the Criminal Justice System: Towards Victim-Centred Prosecutorial Policies
Jo-Anne Wemmers, Katie Cyr

10. Mediation, Restorative Justice and Social Reintegration of Offenders: The Effects of Alternative Sanctions on Punishment
Helmut Kury

11. Alternative Approaches to Preventing Recidivism: Restorative Justice and the Social Reintegration of Offenders
Yvon Dandurand

12. Preventing and Addressing Youth Offending: Restorative Justice and Family Focused Programming
Carolyn Hamilton, Elizabeth Yarrow

13. Peacemaking Circles, Their Restorative and Crime Prevention Capacities for Women and Children: Insights from a European Pilot Study
Beate Ehret, Dora Szego, Davy Dhondt

Part V. Crime Prevention: Proactive Strategies

14. Justice, Faith, and Interfaith: The Relevance of Faith and Interfaith Relations to Crime Prevention
Thomas G. Walsh

15. Crime Reduction, Reduction of Imprisonment and Community Crime Prevention Programs: Risk Factors and Programs Implemented to Reduce Them
Raymond R. Corrado, Adrienne M. F. Peters, Tarah Kathleine Hodgkinson, Jeff Mathesius

16. Evaluating Children and Adolescents in Contact with the Justice System
Zina Lee

17. The Problem of Risk Assessment: Can Better Crime Prognoses Reduce Recidivism?
Michael Alex, Thomas Feltes

18. Anti-Corruption Education as a form of Early Prevention of Conflict with the Law for Women and Children: Making the United Nations Law Work 2016–2030
Sławomir Redo

19. Proactive Strategies to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and the Use of Child Abuse Images: Experiences from the German Dunkelfeld Project
Klaus M. Beier

20. Women and Children as Victims of Sex Offenses: Crime Prevention by Treating the Offenders?
Gunda Wößner

21. Women and Children at the Centre of Preventing Organised Crime
Bojan Dobovšek, Boštjan Slak

22. Systemic Vulnerabilities on the Internet and the Exploitation of Women and Girls: Challenges and Prospects for Global Regulation
Simon Howell

23. Protecting Children and Women Against Online Dangers
Gerald Quirchmayr, Barbara Buchegger, Sandra Gerö

Part VI. Final Discussion

24. The United Nations, Equal and Inclusive Society and Crime Prevention: Chinese Philosophical Contributions to the Idea of Sustainable Development for Women and Children, and the Current Practice in China
Zhang Ying Jun

25. The Right to a Safe City for Women and Girls
Michael Platzer

26. Women as Actors in Community Safety: Taking Action Worldwide
Margaret Shaw

27. Juvenile Justice and Human Rights: European Perspectives
Frieder Dünkel

28. Intergenerational Practice: An Approach to Implementing Sustainable Development and Environmental Justice
Tamara Mitrofanenko

29. Biopolitics, Ethics and the Culture of Lawfulness. Implications for the Next Generation?
Anetta Breczko, Sławomir Oliwniak

30. Comparing and Delivering Juvenile Justice Across the World
Philip Reichel, Jay Albanese

Keywords: Law, International Criminal Law, Criminology & Criminal Justice, Child and School Psychology, Human Rights, Gender Studies, Child Well-being

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