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Selected Issues in Experimental Economics

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Table of contents

Part I. Theoretical Aspects of Experimental Economics

1. Preface to the Theory of Experimental Economics
Danuta Miłaszewicz

2. Origins of Experimental Economics
Danuta Miłaszewicz

3. Sorts and Types of Experiment
Barbara Kryk

4. Concept and Inference Based on Experiments in Economics
Jerzy Boehlke, Magdalena Osińska

5. Examples of Experiments in Macroeconomics
Jerzy Boehlke, Magdalena Osińska

Part II. Methods and Tools of Experimental Economics

6. Basics of Statistical Research
Małgorzata Tarczyńska-Łuniewska

7. Selected Statistical Methods in Experimental Studies
Waldemar Tarczyński

8. Implicit Association Test (IAT): Using Computer-Based Methods to Measure Consumer Implicit Attitudes
Dominika Maison

9. Neuroscience Techniques in Economic Experiments
Anna Borawska

10. Reading Facial Expression to Understand Human Emotions: Micro-Expressions Training Videos (METV): The New Tool for Experimental Economics
Kasia Wezowski, Dominika Maison

11. Experimental Research in Economics and Computer Simulation
Małgorzata Łatuszyńska

12. Games Using Virtual Reality as a Tool in Economics Experiments
Mariusz Borawski

13. Multi-criteria Preference Vector Method as Support Tool for Decision-Making in Virtual Worlds
Kesra Nermend

14. Selected Issues of Rank Reversal Problem in ANP Method
Paweł Ziemba, Jarosław Wątróbski

15. Research on the Properties of the AHP in the Environment of Inaccurate Expert Evaluations
Paweł Ziemba, Jarosław Wątróbski, Jarosław Jankowski, Mateusz Piwowarski

16. Neural Networks in Economic Problems
Wojciech Sałabun, Marcin Pietrzykowski

Part III. Practical Issues: Case Studies

17. Is There Enough Psychology in Behavioural Economics? Personality Types and Human Propensities
Mariusz Doszyń, Sebastian Majewski

18. I Will Sell My Private Data: The Results of an Experimental Study on the Valuation of Privacy
Andrzej Poszewiecki

19. The Behaviour of Inexperienced Buyers in Buy-It-Now Online Auctions
Jacek Cypryjański, Aleksandra Grzesiuk, Edyta Rudawska

20. Eye Tracking Based Experimental Evaluation of the Parameters of Online Content Affecting the Web User Behaviour
Jarosław Jankowski, Jarosław Wątróbski, Katarzyna Witkowska, Paweł Ziemba

21. The Study of Advertising Content with Application of EEG
Agata Wawrzyniak, Barbara Wąsikowska

22. Neuroelectrical Indexes for the Study of the Efficacy of TV Advertising Stimuli
Patrizia Cherubino, Arianna Trettel, Giulia Cartocci, Dario Rossi, Enrica Modica, Anton Giulio Maglione, Marco Mancini, Gianluca Flumeri, Fabio Babiloni

23. EEG Frontal Asymmetry Related to Pleasantness of Olfactory Stimuli in Young Subjects
Gianluca Flumeri, Maria Trinidad Herrero, Arianna Trettel, Patrizia Cherubino, Anton Giulio Maglione, Alfredo Colosimo, Elisabetta Moneta, Marina Peparaio, Fabio Babiloni

Keywords: Economics, Economic Theory/Quantitative Economics/Mathematical Methods, Macroeconomics/Monetary Economics//Financial Economics, Operation Research/Decision Theory

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics
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