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Leadership in Diverse Learning Contexts

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Table of contents

Part I. Distributed Leadership: Theory and Practice

1. Distributed Leadership: Theory and Practice Dimensions in Systems, Schools, and Communities
Greer Johnson, Neil Dempster, Elizabeth Wheeley

Part II. Leadership and Systems

2. Turnaround School Leadership: From Paradigms to Promises
Ira Bogotch, Daniel Reyes-Guerra, Jennifer Freeland

3. Examining Policy Intersections: Democracy, Technologies, and the Implications for School Leadership
Kathryn Moyle

4. Leadership Learning: Blended Power
Neil Dempster

5. Multilevel Leadership for Assessment for Learning, and the Potential of Critical Friendship
Sue Swaffield

6. Utilising a Leadership Blueprint to Build the Capacity of Schools to Achieve Outcomes for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Amanda Webster

7. Leadership, Learning, and Change in Post-Conflict Schools: Much Ado About a Lot
Simon Clarke, Tom O’Donoghue

8. School Leadership for Learning and Change: Progress of an Asian Agenda
Allan Walker, Philip Hallinger

Part III. Leadership in Schools

9. Leading with Moral Purpose: Teacher Leadership in Action
Joan Conway, Dorothy Andrews

10. To Lead or Not to Lead? That Is the Question
Susan Lovett

11. School Leadership in Assessment in an Environment of External Accountability: Developing an Assessment for Learning Culture
J. Joy Cumming, Graham S. Maxwell, Claire M. Wyatt-Smith

12. Shifting Practices and Frames: Literacy, Learning and Computer Games
Catherine Beavis, Joanne O’Mara

13. Distributed Leadership Policies and Practices: Striving for Educational Equity in High Poverty Contexts
Parlo Singh, Kathryn Glasswell

14. Curriculum Leadership: Reforming and Reshaping Successful Practice in Remote and Regional Indigenous Education
Robyn Jorgensen

15. The Impact of Interaction and Language on Leading Learning in Indigenous Classrooms
Rod Gardner, Ilana Mushin

16. Cogenerative Dialogue for Collective Curriculum Leadership
Wolff-Michael Roth, Michele Salles el Kadri

Part IV. Leadership in Communities

17. Developing Student Leadership Through Peer Teaching in Schools
Bruce Burton

18. Conceptions of Learning Leadership in Remote Indigenous Communities: A Distributed Approach
Bev Flückiger, Helen Klieve

19. Capacity Building for Parental Engagement in Reading: A Distributed Leadership Approach Between Schools and Indigenous Communities
Greer Johnson, Lynanne McKenzie

20. The Difficult Return: Supporting Returning Veterans Through an Arts-Based Social Leadership Program
Michael Balfour

Part V. A Synthesis of Ideas

21. Leading Schools in the Twenty-First Century: Careful Driving in the Fast Lane
Tony Townsend

Keywords: Education, Administration, Organization and Leadership, Educational Policy and Politics, Teaching and Teacher Education, Sociology of Education

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Studies in Educational Leadership
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