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Digital Soil Morphometrics

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Table of contents

1. What Is Digital Soil Morphometrics and Where Might It Be Going?
Edward J. Jones, Alex B. McBratney

Part I. Soil Profile Properties

2. Quantifying Soil Structure and Porosity Using Three-Dimensional Laser Scanning
Daniel R. Hirmas, Daniel Giménez, Edison A. Mome Filho, Matthew Patterson, Kim Drager, Brian F. Platt, Dennis V. Eck

3. Portable X-Ray Fluorescence (pXRF) for Determining Cr and Ni Contents of Serpentine Soils in the Field
Zeng-Yei Hseu, Zueng-Sang Chen, Chen-Chi Tsai, Shih-Hao Jien

4. In Situ Analysis of Soil Mineral Composition Through Conjoint Use of Visible, Near-Infrared and X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Edward J. Jones, Alex B. McBratney

5. The Effect of Soil Moisture and Texture on Fe Concentration Using Portable X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometers
Uta Stockmann, Ho Jun Jang, Budiman Minasny, Alex B. McBratney

6. Estimating Soil Texture from a Limited Region of the Visible/Near-Infrared Spectrum
Elisângela Benedet Silva, Alexandre ten Caten, Ricardo Simão Diniz Dalmolin, André Carnieletto Dotto, Walquiria Chaves Silva, Elvio Giasson

7. Estimating Soil Properties with a Mobile Phone
Matt Aitkenhead, David Donnelly, Malcolm Coull, Richard Gwatkin

Part II. Soil Profile Imaging

8. Advances Towards Quantitative Assessments of Soil Profile Properties
Pierre Roudier, Andrew Manderson, Carolyn Hedley

9. Computer Graphics Procedural Modeling of Soil Structure
Hansoo Kim, Minerva J. Dorantes, Darrell G. Schulze, Bedrich Benes

10. Soil Profile Imaging for Estimating the Depth Distributions of Clay, Iron, and Hydrological Conditions of Soils Under Rice in Northern Taiwan
Shih-Hao Jien, Zeng-Yei Hseu, Chen-Chi Tsai, Zueng-Sang Chen

11. Variation of Soil Properties in a Mollisol Profile Wall
Jenna R. Grauer-Gray, Alfred E. Hartemink

12. Mapping a Profile Wall of a Typic Udipsamments from the Central Sands in Wisconsin, USA
Kabindra Adhikari, Alfred E. Hartemink, Budiman Minasny

13. Comparative Analysis of Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity (K
sat) Derived from Image Analysis of Soil Thin Sections, Pedotransfer Functions, and Field-Measured Methods
Zamir Libohova, Philip Schoeneberger, Phillip R. Owens, Skye Wills, Doug Wysocki, Candiss Williams, Cathy Seybold

Part III. Soil Depth Functions

14. Measuring and Modelling Soil Depth Functions
Budiman Minasny, Uta Stockmann, Alfred E. Hartemink, Alex B. McBratney

15. Electrical Conductivity Depth Functions for Delineating Paleosols
Glenn Borchardt

16. Numerical Clustering of Soil Series Using Profile Morphological Attributes for Potato
Michaël A. Leblanc, Gilles Gagné, Léon E. Parent

17. Digital Summaries of Pedon Descriptions
Stephen Roecker, Jay Skovlin, Dylan Beaudette, Skye Wills

18. Probabilistic Representation of Genetic Soil Horizons
D. E. Beaudette, P. Roudier, J. Skovlin

19. Using Soil Depth Functions to Distinguish Dystric from Xanthic Ferralsols in the Landscape
Helena Saraiva Koenow Pinheiro, Waldir Carvalho Jr., Cesar Chagas, Lucia Helena Cunha Anjos, Phillip Ray Owens

20. Comparing Soil C Stocks from Soil Profile Data Using Four Different Methods
Benito R. Bonfatti, Alfred E. Hartemink, Elvio Giasson

21. Evaluation of Pedotransfer Equations to Predict Deep Soil Carbon Stock in Tropical Podzols Compared to Other Soils of the Brazilian Amazon Forest
O. J. R. Pereira, C. R. Montes, Y. Lucas, A. J. Melfi

Part IV. Digital Soil Morphometrics—Use and Applications

22. The Next Generation of Soil Survey Digital Products
Jon Hempel, David Hoover, Robert Long, Erika Micheli, Vincent Lang, Alex McBratney

23. Digital Soil Morphometrics Brings Revolution to Soil Classification
Judit Nagy, Adam Csorba, Vince Lang, Marta Fuchs, Erika Micheli

24. From Profile Morphometrics to Digital Soil Mapping
José A. M. Demattê

25. Cone Penetrometers as a Tool for Distinguishing Soil Profiles and Mapping Soil Erosion
Francisco J. Arriaga, Birl Lowery, Dalvan J. Reinert, Kevin McSweeney

26. Use of Ground-Penetrating Radar to Determine Depth to Compacted Layer in Soils Under Pasture
Edwin Muñiz, Richard K. Shaw, Daniel Gimenez, Carey A. Williams, Laura Kenny

Part V. Summary and Conclusions

27. Developments in Digital Soil Morphometrics
Alfred E. Hartemink, Budiman Minasny

Keywords: Environment, Soil Science & Conservation, Physical Geography, Earth System Sciences

Publication year
Progress in Soil Science
Natural Sciences
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