Bravo, Felipe

Managing Forest Ecosystems: The Challenge of Climate Change

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Introduction
Felipe Bravo, Robert Jandl, Valerie LeMay, Klaus Gadow

Part II. Overview of Climate Change and Forest Reponses

2. A Mechanistic View of the Capacity of Forests to Cope with Climate Change
Fernando Valladares

3. Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Temperate European Mountain Forests
Robert Jandl, Mirco Rodeghiero, Andreas Schindlbacher, Frank Hagedorn

Part III. Monitoring and Modeling

4. Estimating Carbon Stocks and Stock Changes in Forests: Linking Models and Data Across Scales
V. LeMay, W. A. Kurz

5. Forest Eco-Physiological Models: Water Use and Carbon Sequestration
D. Nadal-Sala, T. F. Keenan, S. Sabaté, C. Gracia

6. Influence of Climatic Variables on Crown Condition in Pine Forests of Northern Spain
A. V. Sanz-Ros, J. A. Pajares, J. J. Díez

7. Changing Trends of Biomass and Carbon Pools in Mediterranean Pine Forests
Cristina Gómez, Joanne C. White, Michael A. Wulder

8. REDD+ and Carbon Markets: The Ethiopian Process
Julian Gonzalo, Solomon Zewdie, Eyob Tenkir, Yitebitu Moges

Part IV. Economic and Management Impacts

9. Influence of Carbon Sequestration in an Optimal Set of Coppice Rotations for Eucalyptus Plantations

Luis Diaz-Balteiro, Luiz C. E. Rodríguez

10. Use of Forests and Wood Products to Mitigate Climate Change
L. Valsta, B. Lippke, J. Perez-Garcia, K. Pingoud, J. Pohjola, B. Solberg

11. Biomass Forest in Sweden and Carbon Emissions Balance
Tord Johansson

12. Innovation in the Value Chain of Wood Products: Data, Equations and Life-Cycle Analysis
I. Lizarralde, F. Rodríguez, F. Bravo

13. Forest Carbon Sequestration: The Impact of Forest Management
Felipe Bravo, Miren Río, Andrés Bravo-Oviedo, Ricardo Ruiz-Peinado, Carlos Peso, Gregorio Montero

14. Effects of Forest Age Structure, Management and Gradual Climate Change on Carbon Sequestration and Timber Production in Finnish Boreal Forests
Jordi Garcia-Gonzalo, Ane Zubizarreta-Gerendiain, Seppo Kellomäki, Heli Peltola

Part V. Case Studies

15. Mediterranean Pine Forests: Management Effects on Carbon Stocks
Miren Río, Ignacio Barbeito, Andrés Bravo-Oviedo, Rafael Calama, Isabel Cañellas, Celia Herrero, Gregorio Montero, Dianel Moreno-Fernández, Ricardo Ruiz-Peinado, Felipe Bravo

16. Carbon Sequestration of Ponderosa Pine Plantations in Northwestern Patagonia
P. Laclau, E. Andenmatten, F. J. Letourneau, G. Loguercio

17. Assessing Pine Wilt Disease Risk Under a Climate Change Scenario in Northwestern Spain
G. Pérez, J. J. Díez, F. Ibeas, J. A. Pajares

18. Soil Organic Carbon Sequestration Under Different Tropical Cover Types in Colombia
Flavio Moreno, Steven F. Oberbauer, Wilson Lara

19. Modelling of Carbon Sequestration in Rubber(Hevea brasiliensis) Plantations
Engku Azlin Rahayu Engku Ariff, Mohd Nazip Suratman, Shamsiah Abdullah

20. Carbon Sequestration in Mediterranean Oak Forests
Isabel Cañellas, Mariola Sánchez-González, Stella M. Bogino, Patricia Adame, Daniel Moreno-Fernández, Celia Herrero, Sonia Roig, Margarida Tomé, Joana A. Paulo, Felipe Bravo

21. Forest Management in the Sahel and Ethiopian Highlands and Impacts on Climate Change
Wubalem Tadesse, Mulugeta Lemenih, Shiferaw Alem

Keywords: Life Sciences, Life Sciences, general

Publication year
2nd ed. 2017
Managing Forest Ecosystems
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11 pages
Natural Sciences
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