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Continuous Media with Microstructure 2

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Table of contents

1. Krzysztof Wilmanski (1940–2012)
Ingo Müller

Part I. Continuum Mechanics

2. Virtual Power and Pseudobalance Equations for Generalized Continua
Gianpietro Del Piero

3. Hypocontinua
Gianfranco Capriz, Pasquale Giovine

4. Some Remarks to Higher Order Frames Occurring in Continuum Mechanics
Miroslav Kureš

5. On the Origin of Balance Equations in Simple and Complex Continua: Unified View
Paolo Maria Mariano

6. A Refined Theory of the Layered Medium with the Slip at the Interface
Ilia S. Nikitin, Nikolay G. Burago

7. Affinely Rigid Body and Affine Invariance in Physics
Jan Jerzy Sławianowski, Ewa Eliza Rożko

Part II. Thermodynamics

8. An Alternative to the Allen-Cahn PhaseFieldModel for Interfaces inSolids—Numerical Efficiency
Hans-Dieter Alber

9. Thermoelastic Waves in Microstructured Solids
Arkadi Berezovski, Mihhail Berezovski

10. Unconventional Thermodynamical Model of Processes in Material Structures
Bogdan T. Maruszewski

11. A Monatomic Ideal Gas—Prototype of a Continuous Medium with Microstructure
Ingo Müller

12. From Second Law Violations to Continuum Mechanics
Martin Ostoja-Starzewski

13. Phase Change Materials and Thermochemical Materials for Large-Scale Energy Storage
Camilo Rindt, Shuiquan Lan, Mohammadreza Gaeini, Huaichen Zhang, Silvia Nedea, David M. J. Smeulders

14. Distribution of Temperature in Multicomponent Multilayered Composites
Monika Wągrowska, Olga Szlachetka

Part III. Porous Media

15. Hysteresis in Unsaturated Porous Media—Two Models for Wave Propagation and Engineering Applications
Bettina Albers, Pavel Krejčí

16. Simulation of the Influence of Grain Damage on the Evolution of Shear Strain Localization
Erich Bauer

17. Non-hydrostatic Free Surface Flows: Saint Venant Versus Boussinesq Depth Integrated Dynamic Equations for River and Granular Flows
Kolumban Hutter, Oscar Castro-Orgaz

18. A Mixture Theory of Porous Media and Some Problems of Poroelasticity
I-Shih Liu

19. Plane Waves, Uniqueness Theorems and Existence of Eigenfrequencies in the Theory of Rigid Bodies with a Double Porosity Structure
Merab Svanadze

20. Seismic Response of Poroelastic Graded Geological Region with Underground Structures by BIEM
Frank Wuttke, Ioanna-Kleoniki Fontara, Petia Dineva

Part IV. Engineering Applications

21. Determination of Foundation Coefficients for a 2-Parameter Model on the Basis of Railway Sleeper Deflection
Włodzimierz Andrzej Bednarek

22. Orthotropic Parameters of PU Foam Used in Sandwich Panels
Monika Chuda-Kowalska, Mariusz Urbaniak

23. Numerical Elastic-Plastic Model of RPC in the Plane Stress State
Arkadiusz Denisiewicz, Mieczysław Kuczma

24. Causal Damping Ratio Spectra and Dispersion Functions in Geomaterials from the Exact Solution of Kramers-Kronig Equations of Viscoelasticity
Carlo G. Lai, Ali G. Özcebe

25. A Study of Deformation and Failure of Unidirectional Fiber-Reinforced Polymers Under Transverse Loading by Means of Computational Micromechanics
Marek Romanowicz

26. The Dynamic Modelling of Thin Skeletonal Annular Plates
Artur Wirowski, Bohdan Michalak, Martyna Rabenda

Keywords: Engineering, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Mechanics

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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