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Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2016

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Table of contents

Part I. Website Communication

1. Bringing Online Visibility to Hotels with Schema.org and Multi-channel Communication
Anna Fensel, Zaenal Akbar, Ioan Toma, Dieter Fensel

2. Automatic Persistent Personalization of Ads in Tourism Websites
Alberto Rezola, Aitor Gutierrez, Maria Teresa Linaza

3. Connectivity and the Consequences of Being (Dis)connected
Adrian Tanti, Dimitrios Buhalis

4. Generation of Gamified Mobile Experiences by DMOs
Ander Garcia, María Teresa Linaza, Aitor Gutierrez, Endika Garcia, Ivan Ornes

5. Automated Hyperlink Text Analysis of City Websites: Projected Image Representation on the Web
Christian Weismayer, Ilona Pezenka, Wilhelm Loibl

6. E-Government Relationships Framework in the Tourism Domain. A First Map
Nadzeya Kalbaska, Tomasz Janowski, Elsa Estevez, Lorenzo Cantoni

7. The Role of Information Quality, Visual Appeal and Information Facilitation in Restaurant Selection Intention
Salmalina Salleh, Noor Hazarina Hashim, Jamie Murphy

8. Why Are There More Hotels in Tyrol than in Austria? Analyzing Schema.org Usage in the Hotel Domain
Elias Kärle, Anna Fensel, Ioan Toma, Dieter Fensel

9. The Role of Destination in Hotels’ Online Communications: A Bottom-Up Approach
Elena Marchiori, Fabia Casnati, Lorenzo Cantoni

10. The Co-creation Process of the Online Image of an Italian World Heritage Site: The Sassi of Matera
Elena Marchiori, Canio Nardo, Marcello M. Mariani, Lorenzo Cantoni

Part II. Social Media and User Generated Contents

11. Factors Affecting the Performance of Tourism Crowdfunding Projects: An Empirical Study
Huiying Li, Zhisheng Wang, Bin Fang, Yu-Shan Liu

12. Enriching Travel Guidebooks with Travel Blog Entries and Archives of Answered Questions
Kazuki Fujii, Hidetsugu Nanba, Toshiyuki Takezawa, Aya Ishino

13. The ‘Selfie Gaze’ and ‘Social Media Pilgrimage’: Two Frames for Conceptualising the Experience of Social Media Using Tourists
Michelangelo Magasic

14. Exploring Park Visitors’ Activities in Hong Kong using Geotagged Photos
Huy Quan Vu, Rosanna Leung, Jia Rong, Yuan Miao

15. Tourists Visit and Photo Sharing Behavior Analysis: A Case Study of Hong Kong Temples
Rosanna Leung, Huy Quan Vu, Jia Rong, Yuan Miao

16. Optimizing the Publication Flow of Touristic Service Providers on Multiple Social Media Channels
Zaenal Akbar, Ioan Toma, Dieter Fensel

17. Discovery and Classification of the Underlying Emotions in the User Generated Content (UGC)
Ainhoa Serna, Jon Kepa Gerrikagoitia, Unai Bernabé

18. Differential Destination Content Communication Strategies Through Multiple Social Media
Assumpcio Huertas, Estela Marine-Roig

19. Destination Image Gaps Between Official Tourism Websites and User-Generated Content
Estela Marine-Roig, Salvador Anton Clavé

20. Do Social Media Investments Pay Off?: Preliminary Evidence from Swiss Destination Marketing Organizations
Thomas Wozniak, Brigitte Stangl, Roland Schegg, Andreas Liebrich

21. Alpine Tourists’ Willingness to Engage in Virtual Co-Creation of Experiences
Thomas Wozniak, Andreas Liebrich, Yves Senn, Myrta Zemp

22. Localization of Three European National Tourism Offices’ Websites. An Exploratory Analysis
Emanuele Mele, Silvia Ascaniis, Lorenzo Cantoni

23. Social CRM Capabilities and Readiness: Findings from Greek Tourism Firms
Marianna Sigala

Part III. Online Travel Reviews

24. Hotel Website Quality Versus Star Level: The Case of Macau Hotel Websites
Shanshan Qi

25. An Empirical Examination of Online Restaurant Reviews (Yelp.com): Moderating Roles of Restaurant Type and Self-image Disclosure
Sunyoung Hlee, Jimin Lee, Sung-Byung Yang, Chulmo Koo

26. How Far, How Near Psychological Distance Matters in Online Travel Reviews: A Test of Construal-Level Theory
Seunghun Shin, Namho Chung, Doyong Kang, Chulmo Koo

27. Online Hotel Reviews: Rating Symbols or Text… Text or Rating Symbols? That Is the Question!
Johanna Aicher, Flavia Asiimwe, Bujinlkham Batchuluun, Miriam Hauschild, Martina Zöhrer, Roman Egger

28. What Does Hotel Location Mean for the Online Consumer? Text Analytics Using Online Reviews
Zheng Xiang, Matthew Krawczyk

29. Hotel Responses to Guests’ Online Reviews: An Exploratory Study on Communication Styles
Angelo Bonfanti, Vania Vigolo, Francesca Negri

30. Topic Detection: Identifying Relevant Topics in Tourism Reviews
Thomas Menner, Wolfram Höpken, Matthias Fuchs, Maria Lexhagen

Part IV. Mobile Systems and Pervasive Communication

31. Investigating American iPhone Users’ Intentions to Use NFC Mobile Payments in Hotels
Cristian Morosan, Agnes DeFranco

32. Generating Paths Through Discovered Places-of-Interests for City Trip Planning
Wolfgang Wörndl, Alexander Hefele

33. Customer Experiences with Hotel Smartphone: A Case Study of Hong Kong Hotels
Tony Lok Tung Hui, Norman Au, Rob Law

34. Assessment of Perceived Risk in Mobile Travel Booking
Sangwon Park, Iis P. Tussyadiah, Yuting Zhang

35. Tracking Tourist Spatial-Temporal Behavior in Urban Places, A Methodological Overview and GPS Case Study
Lenka Kellner, Roman Egger

36. Users’ Creativity in Mobile Computing Travel Platforms
Lidija Lalicic, Astrid Dickinger

37. Pilgrims’ Acceptance of a Mobile App for the Camino de Santiago
Angela Antunes, Suzanne Amaro

38. Innovation-Related Organizational Decision-Making: The Case of Responsive Web Design
Chris Gibbs, Ulrike Gretzel, Zahra Noorani

39. Mapping Mobile Touchpoints in Sport Events
Alessandro Inversini, Jason Sit, Harry T. Pyle

40. Who Uses Mobile Apps Frequently on Vacation? Evidence from Tourism in Switzerland
Michael Beier, Annika Aebli

Part V. Semantic Technology and Recommender Systems

41. Correlating Languages and Sentiment Analysis on the Basis of Text-based Reviews
Aitor García-Pablos, Angelica Lo Duca, Montse Cuadros, María Teresa Linaza, Andrea Marchetti

42. Contextual Information Elicitation in Travel Recommender Systems
Matthias Braunhofer, Francesco Ricci

43. Can We Predict Your Sentiments by Listening to Your Peers?
Julia Neidhardt, Nataliia Rümmele, Hannes Werthner

Part VI. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

44. Augmented Reality at Cultural Heritage sites
Frances Tscheu, Dimitrios Buhalis

45. Effects of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality on Visitor Experiences in Museum
Timothy Jung, M. Claudia Dieck, Hyunae Lee, Namho Chung

46. Understanding the Acceptance of Augmented Reality at an Organisational Level: The Case of Geevor Tin Mine Museum
Eleanor Cranmer, Timothy Jung, M. Claudia tom Dieck, Amanda Miller

Part VII. eLearning and MOOCs

47. MOOC Camp: A Flipped Classroom and Blended Learning Model
Jamie Murphy, J. Bruce Tracey, Laurel Horton-Tognazzini

48. A Framework for Evaluating MOOCs in Applied Hospitality and Tourism Settings
J. Bruce Tracey, Jamie Murphy, Laurel Horton-Tognazzini

Part VIII. Digital Economy

49. The Impact of Sharing Economy on the Diversification of Tourism Products: Implications for Tourist Experience
Dan Wang, Mimi Li, Pengcheng Guo, Wenqing Xu

50. Strategic Self-presentation in the Sharing Economy: Implications for Host Branding
Iis P. Tussyadiah

51. Forecasting the Final Penetration Rate of Online Travel Agencies in Different Hotel Segments
Miriam Scaglione, Roland Schegg

52. The Secret of Fundraising on Kickstarter: Colour Congruence
Bell Lee, Andy Lee

53. Concept of Digital Capability in Businesses: Demonstration by a Case Study on Finnish Online Tools
Kirsi Meriläinen, Joni Kukkamäki

54. DataTourism: Designing an Architecture to Process Tourism Data
Fayrouz Soualah-Alila, Mickaël Coustaty, Nicolas Rempulski, Antoine Doucet

55. The Role of Culture on Online Search Behaviour: A Comparative Study Between British and Chinese Travellers
Elina (Eleni) Michopoulou, Delia Moisa

56. Value Co-creation and Co-destruction in Connected Tourist Experiences
Barbara Neuhofer

Keywords: Business and Management, Tourism Management, IT in Business, Information Systems and Communication Service, Online Marketing/Social Media, e-Commerce/e-business, Services

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1st ed. 2016
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