Sander, Jürgen

From Arithmetic to Zeta-Functions

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Table of contents

1. Forbidden Integer Ratios of Consecutive Power Sums
Ioulia N. Baoulina, Pieter Moree

2. A Note on the Negative Pell Equation
Valentin Blomer

3. Localisation Conditionnelle de Diviseurs
Régis Bretèche, Gérald Tenenbaum

4. A Ternary Problem in Additive Prime Number Theory
Jörg Brüdern

5. An Improvement of Liouville’s Inequality
Yann Bugeaud

6. Guided by Schwarz’ Functions: A Walk Through the Garden of Mahler’s Transcendence Method
Peter Bundschuh, Keijo Väänänen

7. Sums of Two Squares and a Power
Rainer Dietmann, Christian Elsholtz

8. Multiplicative Functions and the Sign of Maass Form Fourier Coefficients
Peter D. T. A Elliott

9. On Error Sum Functions for Approximations with Arithmetic Conditions
Carsten Elsner

10. Sum of the Lerch Zeta-Function over Nontrivial Zeros of the Dirichlet


Ram?nas Garunkštis, Justas Kalpokas

11. Schur–Weyl Dualities Old and New
Anne Henke

12. Arithmetic Functions: A Pivotal Topic in the Scientific Work of Wolfgang Schwarz
Karl-Heinz Indlekofer

13. On Some Selected Works of Wolfgang Schwarz
Aleksandar Ivi?

14. Sums of Two Squares of Sums of Two Squares
Rebecca Ulrike Jakob

15. The Joint Discrete Universality of Periodic Zeta-Functions
Antanas Laurin?ikas

16. Remembering Wolfgang Schwarz, His Life and Work
Lutz G. Lucht

17. Dynamical Systems and Uniform Distribution of Sequences
Manfred G. Madritsch, Robert F. Tichy

18. Asymptotics and Equidistribution of Cotangent Sums Associated with the Estermann and Riemann Zeta Functions
Helmut Maier, Michael Th. Rassias

19. A Turán-Kubilius Inequality on Mappings of a Finite Set
Eugenijus Manstavi?ius

20. Aspects of Zeta-Function Theory in the Mathematical Works of Adolf Hurwitz
Nicola Oswald, Jörn Steuding

21. Selberg Sums: A New Perspective
Samuel J. Patterson

22. Polignac Numbers, Conjectures of Erd?s on Gaps Between Primes, Arithmetic Progressions in Primes, and the Bounded Gap Conjecture
János Pintz

23. Idempotents and Congruence

boldsymbol{ax}boldsymbol{ equiv bpmod n}

Štefan Porubský

24. Recent Developments on the Edge Between Number Theory and Graph Theory
Jürgen Sander, Torsten Sander

25. The Leading Coefficients of Stern Polynomials
Andrzej Schinzel

26. The Non-existence of Universal Carmichael Numbers
Jan-Christoph Schlage-Puchta

27. Arithmetic Properties of Blocks of Consecutive Integers
Tarlok N. Shorey, Rob Tijdeman

28. The GCD of the Shifted Fibonacci Sequence
Jürgen Spilker

29. On Liouville Numbers: Yet Another Application of Functional Analysis to Number Theory
Jörn Steuding

30. Natural Boundaries of Power Series with Multiplicative Coefficients in Algebraic Number Fields
Friedemann Tuttas

31. A Minimal Proof of a Result of Hardy
Eduard Wirsing

32. Regular Dessins with Abelian Automorphism Groups
Jürgen Wolfart, Benjamin Mühlbauer

Keywords: Mathematics, Number Theory, Sequences, Series, Summability, History of Mathematical Sciences

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