Adiprasito, Karim

Convexity and Discrete Geometry Including Graph Theory

Adiprasito, Karim - Convexity and Discrete Geometry Including Graph Theory, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Research Articles

1. Tudor Zamfirescu: From Convex to Magic
Solomon Marcus

2. Transformations of Digraphs Viewed as Intersection Digraphs
Christina M. D. Zamfirescu

3. Acute Triangulations of Rectangles, with Angles Bounded Below
Liping Yuan

4. Multi-compositions in Exponential Counting of Hypohamiltonian Snarks
Zdzis?aw Skupie?

5. Hamiltonicity in k-tree-Halin Graphs
Ayesha Shabbir, Tudor Zamfirescu

6. Reflections of Planar Convex Bodies
Rolf Schneider

7. Steinhaus Conditions for Convex Polyhedra
Joël Rouyer

8. About the Hausdorff Dimension of the Set of Endpoints of Convex Surfaces
Alain Rivière

9. About a Surprising Computer Program of Matthias Müller
Mihai Prunescu

10. On the Connected Spanning Cubic Subgraph Problem
Damien Massé, Reinhardt Euler, Laurent Lemarchand

11. Extremal Results on Intersection Graphs of Boxes in {mathbb R}^d



Alvaro Martínez-Pérez, Luis Montejano, Deborah Oliveros

12. On the Helly Dimension of Hanner Polytopes
János Kincses

T(4) Families of {varphi }


-Disjoint Ovals
Aladár Heppes, Jesús Jerónimo-Castro

14. Fair Partitioning by Straight Lines
Augustin Fruchard, Alexander Magazinov

15. Fixed Point Theorems for Multivalued Zamfirescu Operators in Convex Kasahara Spaces
Alexandru-Darius Filip, Adrian Petru?el

16. Complex Conference Matrices, Complex Hadamard Matrices and Complex Equiangular Tight Frames
Boumediene Et-Taoui

17. Envelopes of alpha


Nicolas Chevallier, Augustin Fruchard, Costin Vîlcu

18. Selected Open and Solved Problems in Computational Synthetic Geometry
Jürgen Bokowski, Jurij Kovi?, Tomaž Pisanski, Arjana Žitnik

19. Reductions of 3-Connected Quadrangulations of the Sphere
Sheng Bau

20. Paths on the Sphere Without Small Angles
Imre Bárány, Attila Pór

Part II. Open Problem Notes

21. Seven Problems on Hypohamiltonian andAlmost Hypohamiltonian Graphs
Carol T. Zamfirescu

22. Six Problems on the Length of the Cut Locus
Costin Vîlcu, Tudor Zamfirescu

23. An Existence Problem for Matroidal Families
José Manuel dos Santos Simões-Pereira

24. Two Problems on Cages for Discs
Luis Montejano, Tudor Zamfirescu

25. Problem Session: Cubical Pachner Moves
Louis Funar

26. Problems in Discrete Geometry
Jürgen Eckhoff

27. What Is the Minimal Cardinal of a Family Which Shatters All d-Subsets of a Finite Set?
Nicolas Chevallier, Augustin Fruchard

28. Some Open Problems of Ramsey MinimalGraphs
Edy Tri Baskoro

Keywords: Mathematics, Convex and Discrete Geometry, Graph Theory, Combinatorics, Global Analysis and Analysis on Manifolds

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