Maheshwari, Basant

Balanced Urban Development: Options and Strategies for Liveable Cities

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Balanced Urban Development: Is It a Myth or Reality?
Basant Maheshwari, Vijay P. Singh, Bhadranie Thoradeniya

Part II. Peri-Urbansation

2. Re-Ruralising the Urban Edge: Lessons from Europe, USA & the Global South
Helen Armstrong, Abby Mellick Lopes

3. Nimbyism and Nature: Whose Backyard Is It Anyway?
Jennifer Scott, Marnie Kikken, Michelle Rose, Penny Colyer

4. Connecting Urban and Rural Futures Through Rural Design
Dewey Thorbeck, John Troughton

5. Archaeology and Contemporary Dynamics for More Sustainable, Resilient Cities in the Peri-Urban Interface
David Simon, Andrew Adam-Bradford

6. Decontamination of Urban Run-Off: Importance and Methods
Leo Crasti

Part III. Peri-Urban Culture and Socio-economy

7. Socio-Economy of Peri-Urban Areas: The Case of Lisbon Metropolitan Area
Maria Fátima Ferreiro, Sebastião Santos, Pedro Costa, Teresa Costa Pinto, Conceição Colaço

8. Changing Economic Scenario of the Peri-Urban Area of Udaipur City, India
P. S. Rao, Hari Singh, R. C. Purohit

9. Community Stakeholder Viewpoints on Issues of Urbanisation Along the River Ma Oya, Sri Lanka
Bhadranie Thoradeniya, Malik Ranasinghe

Part IV. Peri-Urban Landuse Planning

10. The Role of Peri-Urban Land Use Planning in Resilient Urban Agriculture: A Case Study of Melbourne, Australia
Michael Buxton, Rachel Carey, Kath Phelan

11. Engaging Peri-Urban Landholders in Natural Resources Management
Stephanie Spry, Shayne Annett, Simon McGuinness, Stephen Thuan

12. Implementing the Urban Farming Master Plan in Horsley Park, Western Sydney: From Planning to Reality
Yolanda Gil, David Kirkland, Rocco Sergi

Part V. Urban Water Security

13. Study of Urban Water Bodies in View of Potential for Micro-climatic Cooling and Natural Purification of Waste Water
Abu Taib Mohammed Shahjahan, Khandaker Shabbir Ahmed

14. Groundwater Crisis of a Mega City: A Case Study of New Delhi, India
Vijendra K. Boken

15. Safe Water Supply Determinants in Peri-urban Communities of South-East Nigeria
E. E. Ezenwaji, H. O. Ahiadu, V. I. Otti

16. Risks of Coal Seam and Shale Gas Extraction on Groundwater and Aquifers in Eastern Australia
Donald P. Dingsdag

Part VI. Wastewater and Irrigation

17. Use of Recycled Water for Irrigation of Open Spaces: Benefits and Risks
Muhammad Muhitur Rahman, Dharma Hagare, Basant Maheshwari

18. Global Experiences on Wastewater Irrigation: Challenges and Prospects
Mohammad Valipour, Vijay P. Singh

19. Impacts of Wastewater Reuse on Peri-Urban Agriculture: Case Study in Udaipur City, India
K. K. Yadav, P. K. Singh, R. C. Purohit

Part VII. Urban Agriculture and Food Security

20. Urban Agriculture in Cuba: Alternative Legal Structures, Crisis and Change
Liesel Spencer

21. High Quality Agricultural Land in Western Australia: A New Decision Tool for Planning
Dennis Gool, Angela Stuart-Street, Peter Tille

22. Food Efficient Planning and Design for Peri-Urban Neighbourhoods
Sumita Ghosh

23. Role of Peri-Urban Areas in the Food System of Kampala, Uganda
Elly N. Sabiiti, Constantine B. Katongole

Part VIII. Climate Change Impacts and Adaptations

24. Climate Change Adaptation Planning with Peri-Urban Local Government in Victoria, Australia
Carl Larsen, Shelley McGuinness

25. Awareness of Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation at Local Level in Punjab, Pakistan
Zareen Shahid, Awais Piracha

26. Urbanisation, Nutrition and Food Security: A Climatological Perspective
Tom Beer, Brenda B. Lin, Albert E. J. McGill

27. Coastal Urban and Peri-Urban Indigenous People’s Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change
Darryl Low Choy, Philip Clarke, Silvia Serrao-Neumann, Robert Hales, Olivia Koschade, David Jones

Part IX. Legal, Policy and Institutional Challenges

28. Effect of Social and Institutional Fragmentation on Collective Action in Peri-Urban Settings
Paul Martin, Elodie Gal, Darryl Low Choy

29. Gentrification Versus Territorialisation: The Peri-Urban Agriculture Area in Beirut
Maria Gabriella Trovato, Nadim Farajalla, Orazio Truglio

30. Reimagining the “Peri-Urban” in the Mega-Urban Regions of Southeast Asia
T. G. Mc Gee, I. Shaharudin

Part X. Integrated Urban Development

31. Sustainability of Water Resources in Peri-Urban Landscapes: Learning from the Journey of Engagement
Kevin Rozzoli, Basant Maheshwari

32. Development of Future Management Options for the Hawkesbury River
Bruce Simmons, Uthpala Pinto, Jennifer Scott, Basant Maheshwari

33. Planning Development to Reduce Mosquito Hazard in Coastal Peri-Urban Areas: Case Studies in NSW, Australia
P. G. Dwyer, J. M. Knight, P. E. R. Dale

34. An Integrated Simulation and Visualisation Platform for the Design of Sustainable Urban Developments in a Peri-Urban Context
Meenakshi Arora, Tuan Ngo, Lu Aye, Hector Malano, Oliver Lade

35. Options and Strategies for Balanced Development for Liveable Cities: An Epilogue
Vijay P. Singh, Basant Maheshwari, Bhadranie Thoradeniya

Keywords: Geography, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning, Hydrology/Water Resources, Sustainable Development, Water Policy/Water Governance/Water Management, Landscape Ecology

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