Blöbaum, Bernd

Trust and Communication in a Digitized World

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Table of contents

Part I. Trust, Communication, Digitalization as Field of Research

1. Key Factors in the Process of Trust. On the Analysis of Trust under Digital Conditions
Bernd Blöbaum

2. Relational Trust and Distrust: Ingredients of Face-to-Face and Media-based Communication
Anil Kunnel, Thorsten Quandt

Part II. Concepts and Models of Trust Research in Media, Sport, Science, Economy, and Social Relations

3. Trust in Online Journalism
Katherine M. Grosser, Valerie Hase, Bernd Blöbaum

4. Examining Journalist’s Trust in Sources: An Analytical Model Capturing a Key Problem in Journalism
Florian Wintterlin, Bernd Blöbaum

5. Trust in Organizations: The Significance and Measurement of Trust in Corporate Actors
Christian Wiencierz, Ulrike Röttger

6. Trust as an Action: About the Overrated Significance of Trust in Information Sources in a Digitized World
Sarah Westphal, Bernd Blöbaum

7. Trust Processes in Sport in the Context of Doping
Dennis Dreiskämper, Katharina Pöppel, Daniel Westmattelmann, Gerhard Schewe, Bernd Strauss

8. Trust in Science and the Science of Trust
Friederike Hendriks, Dorothe Kienhues, Rainer Bromme

9. New Ways of Working: Chances and Challenges for Trust-Enhancing Leadership
Philipp Romeike, Christina Wohlers, Guido Hertel, Gerhard Schewe

10. Trust Fostering Competencies in Asynchronous Digital Communication
Jens Kanthak, Guido Hertel

11. Trust in Electronically Mediated Negotiations
Jens Mazei, Guido Hertel

12. Trust in the Information Systems Discipline
Ayten Öksüz, Nicolai Walter, Bettina Distel, Michael Räckers, Jörg Becker

13. Trust the Words: Insights into the Role of Language in Trust Building in a Digitalized World
Regina Jucks, Gesa A. Linnemann, Franziska M. Thon, Maria Zimmermann

14. Expecting Collective Privacy: A New Perspective on Trust in Online Communication
Ricarda Moll, Stephanie Pieschl

Keywords: Business and Management, Business Information Systems, Information Systems Applications (incl. Internet), Political Communication, Industrial, Organisational and Economic Psychology, Sport Science, Educational Psychology

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
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