Ibrahimbegovic, Adnan

Computational Methods for Solids and Fluids

Ibrahimbegovic, Adnan - Computational Methods for Solids and Fluids, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Multiscale Analysis as a Central Component of Urban Physics Modeling
Benoit Beckers

2. A Path-Following Method Based on Plastic Dissipation Control
Boštjan Brank, Andjelka Stanić, Adnan Ibrahimbegovic

3. Improved Implicit Immersed Boundary Method via Operator Splitting
Shang-Gui Cai, Abdellatif Ouahsine, Julien Favier, Yannick Hoarau

4. Modelling Wave Energy Conversion of a Semi-submerged Heaving Cylinder
Shang-Gui Cai, Abdellatif Ouahsine, Philippe Sergent

5. Multiscale Modeling of Imperfect Interfaces and Applications
S. Dumont, F. Lebon, M. L. Raffa, R. Rizzoni, H. Welemane

6. A Stochastic Multi-scale Approach for Numerical Modeling of Complex Materials—Application to Uniaxial Cyclic Response of Concrete
Pierre Jehel

7. Relating Structure and Model
Ivica Kožar

8. Fat Latin Hypercube Sampling and Efficient Sparse Polynomial Chaos Expansion for Uncertainty Propagation on Finite Precision Models: Application to 2D Deep Drawing Process
Jérémy Lebon, Guénhaël Le Quilliec, Piotr Breitkopf, Rajan Filomeno Coelho, Pierre Villon

9. Multiscale Atomistic-to-Continuum Reduced Models for Micromechanical Systems
Eduard Marenić, Adnan Ibrahimbegovic

10. Inverse Problems in a Bayesian Setting
Hermann G. Matthies, Elmar Zander, Bojana V. Rosić, Alexander Litvinenko, Oliver Pajonk

11. Heterogeneous Materials Models, Coupled Mechanics-Probability Problems and Energetically Optimal Model Reduction
Rainer Niekamp, Martin Krosche, Adnan Ibrahimbegović

12. Modelling of Internal Fluid Flow in Cracks with Embedded Strong Discontinuities
Mijo Nikolic, Adnan Ibrahimbegovic, Predrag Miscevic

13. Reliability Calculus on Crack Propagation Problem with a Markov Renewal Process
Chrysanthi A. Papamichail, Salim Bouzebda, Nikolaos Limnios

14. Multi-scale Simulation of Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Multi-phase Flows
Juan Luis Prieto

15. Numerical Modeling of Flow-Driven Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Devices
S. Ravi, A. Zilian

16. Comparison of Numerical Approaches to Bayesian Updating
Bojana Rosić, Jan Sýkora, Oliver Pajonk, Anna Kučerová, Hermann G. Matthies

17. Two Models for Hydraulic Cylinders in Flexible Multibody Simulations
Antti Ylinen, Jari Mäkinen, Reijo Kouhia

Keywords: Engineering, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Computational Science and Engineering, Theoretical, Mathematical and Computational Physics

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Computational Methods in Applied Sciences
Page amount
12 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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