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Recent Advances in Fluid Dynamics with Environmental Applications

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Table of contents

Part I. Vortex and Circulation Phenomena

1. Numerical Study of the Cross Flow in a Non-isothermal Open Cavity
G. E. Ovando-Chacon, S. L. Ovando-Chacon, J. C. Prince-Avelino, A. Rodriguez-León, A. Servin-Martínez

2. Oscillations of a Flexible Plate Immersed in a Vortex Street
E. Sandoval Hernández, A. Cros

3. Experimental Study of a Vortex Generated at the Edge of a Channel with a Step
E. J. López-Sánchez, C. D. García-Molina, G. Ruiz-Chavarría, A. Medina

4. Fluid Forces on a Flexible Circular Cylinder in Vortex-Induced Vibrations
C. Monreal-Jiménez, F. Oviedo-Tolentino, G. L. Gutiérrez-Urueta, R. Romero-Méndez, G. Mejía-Rodríguez

5. Vortical Structures Generated Behind Flapping Foils with Different Aspect Ratios
B. Franco Llamas, E. Sandoval Hernández, A. Cros

6. Circulation Control: A Comparative Study of Experimental and Numerical Investigation
H. Carmona, A. Cházaro, A. Traslosheros, A. Iturbe, J. Hernández

7. CFD RANS Simulation of 2D Circulation Control Airfoil
H. Carmona, A. Cházaro, A. Traslosheros, A. Iturbe, J. Hernández

8. Calibration of a Background Oriented Schlieren (BOS)
A. Aguayo Ortiz, H. Cardoso Sakamoto, C. Echeverría Arjonilla, D. Porta Zepeda, C. Stern Forgach, G. Monsivais Galindo

9. Measurement of the Density Inside a Supersonic Jet Using the Background Oriented Schlieren (BOS) Technique
D. Porta, C. Echeverría, A. Aguayo, J. E. Hiroki Cardoso, C. Stern

Part II. Environmental Applications

10. Experimental Evaluation of Specific Components Working in an Environmentally Friendly Cooling System
G. Gutierrez Urueta, F. Oviedo, R. Peña, P. Rodríguez-Aumente, C. Monreal, J. Arellano

11. Rainfall Series Fractality in the Baja California State
A. López-Lambraño, C. Fuentes, A. López-Ramos, M. Pliego-Díaz, M. López-L

12. Hydrodynamic Modeling for the Sustainable Management of the Guájaro Hydrosystem, Colombia
F. Torres-Bejarano, J. Padilla Coba, H. Ramírez-León, C. Rodríguez-Cuevas, R. Cantero-Rodelo

13. Numerical Modeling of Hydrodynamics in the Agua Brava Lagoon, Located in Nayarit, Mexico
H. Barrios-Piña, H. Ramírez-León, A. Cuevas-Otero, F. Torres-Bejarano, J. T. Ponce-Palafox

14. Hydraulic, Hydrodynamic and Environmental Design of an Offshore Outfall for the Campeche Sound Marine Region
A. Cuevas-Otero, H. Ramírez-León, H. Barrios-Piña

15. Numerical Air Quality Forecast Modeling System: Mexico Case Study
A. R. Garcia, B. E. Mar-Morales, L. G. Ruiz-Suárez

16. Internal Wave Observations in the Petacalco Canyon, México
A. Ruiz-Angulo, J. Zavala-Hidalgo

Part III. Fluid–Structure Interaction

17. Stochastic Simulation for Couette Flow of Dilute Polymer Solutions Using Hookean Dumbbells
A. Gómez López, I. Pérez Reyes, A. López Villa, R. O. Vargas Aguilar

18. Two-Dimensional Motion of a Viscoelastic Membrane in an Incompressible Fluid: Applications to the Cochlear Mechanics
Y. N. Domínguez-del Ángel, M. Núñez-López, J. G. González-Santos, A. López-Villa

19. Electromagnetically Driven Flow Between Concentric Spheres: Experiments and Simulations
A. Figueroa, J. A. Rojas, J. Rosales, F. Vázquez

20. Vibration of a Water Drop in a Hydrophobic Medium
G. Rangel Paredes, D. Porta Zepeda, C. Echeverría Arjonilla, C. Stern Forgach

21. Analysis of an Annular MHD Stirrer for Microfluidic Applications
J. Pérez-Barrera, A. Ortiz, S. Cuevas

22. Trajectories of Water and Sand Jets
D. A. Serrano, F. Sánchez-Silva, J. Klapp, P. Tamayo, A. Medina, G. Domínguez

23. Coupling of P-B Equation with Stokes System: Formation of Rayleigh Jets
L. B. Gamboa, M. A. Fontelos

24. Flow Measurement at the Inlet and Outlet Zones of an Automotive Brake Disc with Ventilation Post Pillars, Using Particle Image Velocimetry Technique
C. A. Jiménez García, G. J. Gutiérrez Paredes, J. E. Rivera López, A. López Villa, J. M. Casillas Navarrete

Part IV. General Fluid Dynamics and Applications

25. Bouncing Droplets, Pilot-Waves, and Quantum Mechanics
Tomas Bohr, Anders Andersen, Benny Lautrup

26. Phenomena of a Miscible Drop Through a Stratified Fluid
A. Zarazúa Cruz, C. Echeverría Arjonilla, D. Porta Zepeda, C. Stern Forgach

27. Astrophysical Fluids of Novae: High Resolution Pre-decay X-Ray Spectrum of V4743 Sagittarii
J. M. Ramírez-Velasquez

28. X-Ray Outflows of Active Galactic Nuclei Warm Absorbers: A 900 ks Chandra Simulated Spectrum
J. M. Ramírez-Velasquez, J. García

29. Comparative Analysis of the Air Flow in Different Cultures Inside a Greenhouse Using CFD
J. Flores-Velázquez, W. Ojeda B, A. Rojano

30. Numerical Modeling of the Knee Synovial Joint Under Deformation Using the Finite Volume Method
N. Martínez-Gutiérrez, L. A. Ibarra-Bracamontes, S. R. Galván-González, A. Aguilar-Corona, G. Viramontes-Gamboa

31. Causal Propagation of Heat and Thermohaline Instability in Quasi-static Phenomena
A. Aguirre-Guzman, N. Falcón

32. Dynamics of Noncohesive Confined GranularMedia
N. Mujica, R. Soto

33. Equations to Determine Energy Losses in Sudden and Gradual Change of Direction
J. J. Villegas-León, A. A. López-Lambraño, J. G. Morales-Nava, M. Pliego-Díaz, C. Fuentes, A. López-Ramos

34. Parallel CPU/GPU Computing for Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Models
J. M. Domínguez, A. Barreiro, A. J. C. Crespo, O. García-Feal, M. Gómez-Gesteira

35. Aquathemolysis Reaction of Heavy Oil by a MoWNiC Nanocrystalline Catalyst Produced by Mechanical Alloying
G. J. Gutiérrez Paredes, J. N. Rivera Olvera, A. López Villa, L. Díaz Barriga Arceo

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Environmental Science and Engineering, Fluid- and Aerodynamics, Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Engineering Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Soft and Granular Matter, Complex Fluids and Microfluidics

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Environmental Science and Engineering
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