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Proceedings of 4th International Conference in Software Engineering for Defence Applications

Ciancarini, Paolo - Proceedings of 4th International Conference in Software Engineering for Defence Applications, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Managing Increasing User Needs Complexity Within the ITA Army Agile Framework
Franco Raffaele Cotugno

2. How Agile Development Can Transform Defense IT Acquisition
Su J. Chang, Angelo Messina, Peter Modigliani

3. AMINSEP-Agile Methodology Implementation for a New Software Engineering Paradigm Definition. A Research Project Proposal
Vincenzo Mauro, Angelo Messina

4. Ita Army Agile Software Implementation of the LC2EVO Army Infrastructure Strategic Management Tool
Davide Dettori, Stefano Salomoni, Vittorio Sanzari, Dino Trenta, Cristina Ventrelli

5. Consumer Electronics Augmented Reality in Defense Applications
Cristian Coman, Pascal Paridon, Franco Fiore

6. Agile: The Human Factors as the Weakest Link in the Chain
Ercole Colonese

7. Rapid Prototyping
Nazario Tancredi, Stefano Alunni, Piergiuseppe Bruno

8. Pair Programming and Other Agile Techniques: An Overview and a Hands-on Experience
Marco Stella, Francesco Biscione, Marco Garzuoli

9. Expressing, Managing, and Validating User Stories: Experiences from the Market
Carlo Pecchia, Marco Trincardi, Pietro Bello

10. Supplementing Agile Practices with Decision Support Methods for Military Software Development
Luigi Benedicenti

11. Benefits of Open Source Software in Defense Environments
Daniel Russo

12. Agile Software Development: A Modeling and Simulation Showcase in Military Logistics
Francesco Longo, Stefano Iazzolino

13. Software Characteristics for Program Forza NEC Main Systems
Angelo Gervasio

14. Agile Plus New Army Diffused and Shared Leadership
Stella Gazzerro, Antonio Francesco Muschitiello, Carlo Pasqui

15. Role of the Design Authority in Large Scrum of Scrum Multi-team-based Programs
Giovanni Arseni

16. Make Your Enterprise Agile Transformation Initiative an Awesome Success
Enrico Mancin

17. DevOps Movement of Enterprise Agile Breakdown Silos, Create Collaboration, Increase Quality, and Application Speed
Francesco Colavita

18. MBDA Extendible C2 Weapon System in Collaboration Environment
C. Biagio, P. Piccirilli, F. Batino, S. Capoleoni, F. Giammarino, M. Ronchi, D. Vitelli, A. E. Guida

19. Shu-ha-ri: How to Break the Rules and Still Be Agile
Dott Antonio Capobianco

20. A New Device for High-Accuracy Measurements of the Hardness Depth Profile in Steels
Roberto Li Voti, Grigore Leahu, Concita Sibilia

21. AGILE Methodology in Progesi MDA Model (Meta–Dynamic–Agile)
Marco Angelis, Roberto Bizzoni

22. Data Breaches, Data Leaks, Web Defacements: Why Secure Coding Is Important
Raoul Chiesa, Marco De Luca Saggese

23. Self-validating Bundles for Flexible Data Access Control
P. Gallo, A. Andò, G. Garbo

24. Improving Bug Predictions in Multicore Cyber-Physical Systems
Paolo Ciancarini, Francesco Poggi, Davide Rossi, Alberto Sillitti

25. Predicting the Fate of Requirements in Embedded Domains
Witold Pedrycz, Joana Iljazi, Alberto Sillitti, Giancarlo Succi

26. Capturing User Needs for Agile Software Development
Stella Gazzerro, Roberto Marsura, Angelo Messina, Stefano Rizzo

27. A Course on Software Architecture for Defense Applications
Paolo Ciancarini, Stefano Russo, Vincenzo Sabbatino

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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