Avelar, Juarez M.

New Concepts on Abdominoplasty and Further Applications

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Table of contents

Part I. Surgical Fundaments of New Concepts on Abdominoplasty

1. New Concepts in Abdominoplasty: Origin and Evolution
Juarez M. Avelar

2. Anatomy of the Abdominal Panniculus
Juarez M. Avelar

3. Surgical Principles and Classification of Abdominolipoplasty or Lipoabdominoplasty
Juarez M. Avelar

4. Lower Lipoabdominoplasty
Juarez M. Avelar

5. Upper Lipoabdominoplasty
Juarez M. Avelar

6. Lower and Upper Abdominolipoplasty
Juarez M. Avelar

7. Full Lipoabdominoplasty
Juarez M. Avelar

8. Creation of the New Umbilicus: My Technique on Abdominolipoplasty and Further Applications
Juarez M. Avelar

9. Abdominolipoplasty
Paulo Roberto Sousa Jatene, Maria Cristina Vargas Jatene

Part II. Further Applications of New Concepts on Abdominoplasty

10. Importance of Concepts in Abdominoplasty and Liposuction in Breast Reconstructions
Márcio Paulino Costa, Alex Boso Fioravanti, Guilherme Cardinal Barreiro

11. Robotic Procedure for Plication of the Muscle Aponeurotic Abdominal Wall
Marco Aurelio Faria Correa

12. Lipoabdominoplasty Combining a Wide Undermining of the Upper Abdomen with Complete Body Liposuction
Márcio Paulino Costa, Nuberto Hopfgartner Teixeira, Alex Boso Fioravanti, Guilherme Cardinal Barreiro

13. Rhytidolipoplasty: Improvement by Tunnelization Through New Concepts of Abdominolipoplasty
Juarez M. Avelar

14. Ear Reconstruction: Preservation of Perforator Vessels on the Pedicle to Improve Results
Juarez M. Avelar

15. Reverse Lower Blepharoplasty: An Eclectic Procedure Without Cutaneous Undermining
Juarez M. Avelar

16. Medial Thigh Lipoplasty: New Concepts (A Technique Without Skin and Panniculus Undermining)
Juarez M. Avelar

17. Flanklipoplasty and Torsolipoplasty
Juarez M. Avelar

18. Gluteus Lipoplasty: Improvement Results on Buttocks Through New Concepts on Abdominoplasty
Juarez M. Avelar

19. Plication of the Abdominal Wall in Lipoabdominoplasty
João Erfon, Claudio Maurício

20. Dorsolipoabdominoplasty
Célio Ferreira Leão, Geisa Moura Leão

21. Buttock Lipografting and Augmentation Combined with Avelar’s Abdominoplasty
Marcelo Paulo Vaccari-Mazzetti, Ryane Schmidt Brock

22. Vertical Abdominoplasty: Indications and Refinements
Everardo Abramo Oliveira, Fabio Neves

23. Abdominoplasty After Massive Weight Loss
Flavio Mendes, Fausto Viterbo

24. Silicon Breast Implant Inclusions Through Abdominal Approach
Helio Paoliello, Ricardo Paoliello

25. Post-Bariatric Abdominoplasty
Paulo Kharmandayan, Marco Antonio Camargo Bueno, Jorge M. Psillakis

Part III. Surgical Principles on Abdominoplasty

26. Historical Evolution of Abdominoplasty
Ramil Sinder

27. Abdominoplasties: Classification (Bozola and Psillakis) and Concepts of Treatment Strategies
Antonio Roberto Bozola

28. Abdominoplasty Planning
Rolf Gemperli, Cristina Pires Camargo, Alexandre M. Munhoz

29. Abdominoplasty in Male Patients
Sérgio Carreirão

30. Challenges in Abdominoplasty
Alberto M. Lott Caldeira, Martin B. M. Robles

31. Abdominoplasty: The Role of the External Oblique Muscle
Jorge M. Psillakis

32. Correction of Minor Abdominal Diastasis and Acquired and Congenital Deformities of the Umbilicus
José Carlos Miranda, Lincoln Graça Neto

33. Abdominoplasty on Patients with Previous Surgical Scars
João Medeiros Tavares Filho, Diogo Franco, Talita Franco

34. The “Lying” H-Shaped with Double Contour Plication of the Anterior Aponeurosis Wall in Abdominoplasty
Antonio Carlos Abramo

35. Reverse Abdominoplasty
Talita Franco, Diogo Franco, João Medeiros Tavares Filho

36. Extended Reverse Abdominoplasty: A Technical Alternative for Breast Reconstruction
Cecin Daoud Yacoub

37. Abdominoplasty: Pearls and Pitfalls
Ithamar Nogueira Stocchero, Gustavo Flosi Stocchero, Guilherme Flosi Stocchero, Alexandre Siqueira Franco Fonseca

38. Complications During and After Abdominoplasties
Paulo Roberto Sousa Jatene, Maria Cristina Vargas Jatene

39. Erratum to: New Concepts on Abdominoplasty and Further Applications
Juarez M. Avelar

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