Gaebel, Wolfgang

The Stigma of Mental Illness - End of the Story?

Gaebel, Wolfgang - The Stigma of Mental Illness - End of the Story?, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Stigma and Discrimination: Different Perspectives

1. On Revisiting Some Origins of the Stigma Concept as It Applies to Mental Illnesses
Bruce G. Link, Heather Stuart

2. Stigma and Stigmatization Within and Beyond Psychiatry
Asmus Finzen

3. Structures and Types of Stigma
Lindsay Sheehan, Katherine Nieweglowski, Patrick W. Corrigan

4. Stigma in Different Cultures
Mirja Koschorke, Sara Evans-Lacko, Norman Sartorius, Graham Thornicroft

5. Disorder-specific Differences
Claire Henderson

6. Who Is Contributing?
Alexandre Andrade Loch, Wulf Rössler

7. Discrimination and Stigma
Dzmitry Krupchanka, Graham Thornicroft

8. The Influence of Stigma on the Course of Illness
Harald Zäske

9. Changes of Stigma over Time
Georg Schomerus, Matthias C. Angermeyer

10. The Viewpoint of GAMIAN*-Europe
Pedro Manuel Ortiz Montellano

11. The Role of Family Caregivers: A EUFAMI Viewpoint
Bert Johnson

12. Stigma, Human Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
Peter Bartlett

Part II. “Fighting” Stigma and Discrimination: Programs in Different Parts of the World

13. Opening Doors: The Global Programme to Fight Stigma and Discrimination Because of Schizophrenia
Heather Stuart, Norman Sartorius

14. Fighting Stigma in Canada: Opening Minds Anti-Stigma Initiative
Shu-Ping Chen, Keith Dobson, Bonnie Kirsh, Stephanie Knaak, Michelle Koller, Terry Krupa, Bianca Lauria-Horner, Dorothy Luong, Geeta Modgill, Scott Patten, Michael Pietrus, Heather Stuart, Rob Whitley, Andrew Szeto

15. Like Minds, Like Mine: Seventeen Years of Countering Stigma and Discrimination Against People with Experience of Mental Distress in New Zealand
Ruth Cunningham, Debbie Peterson, Sunny Collings

16. Australian Country Perspective: The Work of beyondblue and SANE Australia
Georgie Harman, Jack Heath

17. ONE OF US: The National Campaign for Anti-Stigma in Denmark
Johanne Bratbo, Anja Kare Vedelsby

18. The Time to Change Programme to Reduce Stigma and Discrimination in England and Its Wider Context
Claire Henderson, Sara Evans Lacko, Graham Thornicroft

19. See Change: The National Mental Health Stigma Reduction Partnership in Ireland
Kahlil Coyle, Sorcha Lowry, John Saunders

20. See Me: Scotland Case Study
Judith Robertson

21. The German Mental Health Alliance
Astrid Ramge, Heike Becker

22. Stigma in Midsize European Countries
Alina Beldie, Cecilia Brain, Maria Luisa Figueira, Igor Filipcic, Miro Jakovljevic, Marek Jarema, Oguz Karamustafalioglu, Daniel König, Blanka Kores Plesničar, Josef Marksteiner, Filipa Palha, Jan Pecenák, Dan Prelipceanu, Petter Andreas Ringen, Magdalena Tyszkowska, Johannes Wancata

Part III. “Fighting” Stigma and Discrimination: Strategic Considerations

23. Fields of Intervention
Richard Warner

24. Strategies to Reduce Mental Illness Stigma
Nicolas Rüsch, Ziyan Xu

25. “Irre menschlich Hamburg” – An Example of a Bottom-Up Project
Thomas Bock, Angela Urban, Gwen Schulz, Gyöngyver Sielaff, Amina Kuby, Candelaria Mahlke

26. Illness Models and Stigma
Andreas Heinz

Part IV. “Fighting” Stigma and Discrimination: Commentaries

27. What Has Proven Effective in Anti-Stigma Programming
Heather Stuart

28. What Has Not Been Effective in Reducing Stigma
Julio Arboleda-Flórez

29. Closing Mental Health Gaps Through Tackling Stigma and Discrimination
Sue Bailey

Part V. Overcoming Stigma and Discrimination: Recent Programmatic and Contextual Approaches

30. Improving Treatment, Prevention, and Rehabilitation
Wolfgang Gaebel, Mathias Riesbeck, Andrea Siegert, Harald Zäske, Jürgen Zielasek

31. Stigma and Recovery
Elizabeth Flanagan, Anthony Pavlo, Larry Davidson

32. Stigma and the Renaming of Schizophrenia
Toshimasa Maruta, Chihiro Matsumoto

33. Trialogue: An Exercise in Communication Between Users, Carers, and Professional Mental Health Workers Beyond Role Stereotypes
M. Amering

34. Empowerment and Inclusion: The Introduction of Peer Workers into the Workforce
Geoff Shepherd, Julie Repper

35. Targeting the Stigma of Psychiatry and Psychiatrists
Ahmed Hankir, Antonio Ventriglio, Dinesh Bhugra

36. Exemplary Contribution of Professional Scientific Organizations: The European Psychiatric Association
Marianne Kastrup, Andreas Heinz, Danuta Wasserman

37. Addressing Stigma: The WHO Comprehensive Mental Health Action Plan 2013–2020
Shekhar Saxena

38. Conclusion and Recommendations for Future Action
Wolfgang Gaebel, Wulf Rössler, Norman Sartorius

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Psychiatry, Personality and Social Psychology

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