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Digital Transformation in Journalism and News Media

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Digital Transformation in a Global World
Yahya R. Kamalipour, Mike Friedrichsen

Part I. Change Drivers

2. Idea and Politics of Communication in the Global Age
Hans Köchler

3. Making Media Management Research Matter
Paul Clemens Murschetz, Mike Friedrichsen

Part II. Media Innovation and Convergence

4. Is There a Need for a Convention to Supervising Digital Information?
Ali Akbar Abdolrashidi

5. Enlarging Participatory Communicative Spaces on Adolescents Sexual and Reproductive Health in Nigeria: A Look at New Media Technologies
Nicholas S. Iwokwagh

6. Evaluation of a Distribution-Based Web Page Classification
Gunther Heinrich

7. Overcoming Convergence in East Africa’s Media Houses: The Case of the Standard Media Group
Jennifer Wangeci Kanyeki

8. Media Manager’s Perceptions of the Characteristics of the Information and the Related Assistance They Need to Provide Employees with to Achieve Their Engagement and Contributions
Stavros Georgiades

9. Attention, Crowd: We Need Your Money! Start-Ups’ Communicative Appearances on Crowdfunding Platforms
Sabine Baumann, Hendrikje Brüning

10. Does Online Video Save Printed Newspapers? Online Video as Convergence Strategy in Regional Printed News Publishing: The Case of Germany
Paul Clemens Murschetz, Mike Friedrichsen

Part III. Digital Transformation in Media

11. Journalists’ Frequent Movement from One Media House to Another Expose Emerging Challenges of Media Management in Africa in the Digital Age
Agnes Lucy Lando

12. Excessive Regulation Through Bureaucratic Bullying: Evaluating Broadcast Regulation in South Asia
Azmat Rasul

13. A Glimmer of Hope in a Suffocated Media Landscape? Citizen Journalism Practices in Turkey
Banu Akdenizli

14. Government as a Platform: Services, Participation and Policies
Ayad Al-Ani

15. Democracy: Exclusion or Inclusion?
John F. Humphrey

16. Transformation or Just More Information: Social Media Use and Perceived Opportunities for Mobilizing Change in Post-Uprising Egypt
Nermeen Kassem

17. The Effect of the Transformation in Digital Media on the Digital Divide
Amit Schejter, Orit Ben-Harush, Noam Tirosh

Part IV. Digital Media and Social Networks

18. Europe in American Presidential Advertising in the Years 1952–2012
Tomasz Płudowski

19. WhatsApp: The New Age Illusion of Friendships Among Kenyan Young Adults
Stella Mwangi

20. New Media Enhancement in Opening New Avenues in Kenya
Christine Masivo

21. Cyber-political Behavior of Iranian People in Virtual Social Networks
Mohsen Goudarzi

22. Memes in Information Warefare Context in the South-East Ukraine
Nadejda L. Greidina

23. Implementation of Social Media as a Knowledge Catalyst
Sabine Baumann, Fabian Runge

24. Facebook Interruptions in the Workplace from a Media Uses Perspective: A Longitudinal Analysis
Hui-Jung Chang

Part V. New Journalism and Challenges for Media Freedom

25. Innovation Inventory as a Source of Creativity for Interactive Television
Datis Khajeheian, Mike Friedrichsen

26. Journalism Practice and New Media: An Exploratory Analysis of Journalism Culture and Practice in Nigeria
Adeyemi Obalanlege

27. 19 Days in 2015: An Analysis of the Framing of the Digital Migration Debate by Cartoonists in Selected Kenyan Newspapers
Jesse Masai

28. Understanding Quality in Digital Storytelling: A Theoretically Based Analysis of the Interactive Documentary
John V. Pavlik, Jackie O. Pavlik

29. Challenges to Media Openness in Contemporary Mexico
José Antonio Brambila

30. Considerations for Providing Emotional Support to Local Journalists During and in the Aftermath of Psychologically Traumatizing Events
Paul Beighley

31. Violence Against Journalists: Suppressing Media Freedom
Mona Badran

32. Glocalizing Charlie Hebdo: An Analysis of Coverage of the Paris Attacks in Kenya’s The Friday Bulletin (January 7th–February 28th, 2015)
Jesse Masai

Part VI. Education and Learning

33. Role of New Media in Education and Corporate Communication: Trends and Prospects in a Middle Eastern Context
Mahboub E. Hashem, Joseph Hashem, Paul Hashem

34. Is Medium the Message? Perceptions of and Reactions to Emergency Alert Communications on College Campuses
Pavica Sheldon

35. Distance Learning for Global Understanding
Regina Williams Davis

36. The Digital Transformation in Internal Corporate Communication, Collaboration and Media
Thorsten Riemke-Gurzki

37. Are We Teaching International Media at Small Liberal Arts Colleges?
Sheryl Tremblay

38. Effect of Technology on Education in Middle East: Traditional Education Versus Digital Education
Tahereh Ebrahimi

39. Effective Educational Practices for Beginning Students: An Analysis of Academic Discourses and Practical Necessities
Susanne Günther

40. Problems of Forming Tolerance in the Educational Environment of Tajikistan
Diloro M. Iskandarova

Keywords: Business and Management, Media Management, Innovation/Technology Management, Journalism, Printing and Publishing, R & D/Technology Policy

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