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Intelligent Systems for Computer Modelling

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Table of contents

1. Finite Element Modelling of T-Plate for Treatment of Distal Radius
K. Frydrýšek, G. Theisz, L. Bialy, L. Pliska, L. Pleva

2. The Enlarged d-q Model of Induction Motor with the Iron Loss and Saturation Effect of Magnetizing and Leakage Inductance
Jan Otýpka, Petr Orság, Vítězslav Stýskala, Dmitrii Kolosov, Stanislav Kocman, Feodor Vainstein

3. Fuzzy Model Based Intelligent Prediction of Objective Events
Sergey Kovalev, Andrey Sukhanov, Vitêzslav Stýskala

4. Using Multiple Scanning Devices for 3-D Modeling
Feodor Vainstein, Donald Peterson, Dmitrii Kolosov

5. More Effective Control of Linear Switched-Reluctance Motor Based on the Research of Electromagnetic Processes of Field Theory Methods Linear Electrical Machines
Pavel G. Kolpakhchyan, Alexey R. Shaikhiev, Alexander E. Kochin

6. Numerical Simulation of the Structural Elements of a Mobile Micro-Hydroelectric Power Plant of Derivative Type
Denis V. Kasharin, Tatiana P. Kasharina, Michail A. Godin

7. Complex System Modeling with General Differential Equations Solved by Means of Polynomial Networks
Ladislav Zjavka, Václav Snášel

8. Monte Carlo Probabilistic Approach Applied for Solving Problems in Mining Engineering
K. Frydrýšek

9. Investment Funds Management Strategy Based on Polynomial Regression in Machine Learning
Antoni Wiliński, Anton Smoliński, Wojciech Nowicki

10. Detecting Hidden Patterns in European Song Contest—Eurovision 2014
Dionysios Kakouris, Georgios Theocharis, Prodromos Vlastos, Nasrullah Memon

11. Numerical Solution of Volterra Linear Integral Equation of the Third Kind
Taalaybek Karakeev, Dinara Rustamova, Zhumgalbubu Bugubayeva

12. Cluster Analysis of Data with Reduced Dimensionality: An Empirical Study
Pavel Krömer, Jan Platoš

13. Comparison of Energy Near-Optimal Control Laws for the Drives with Constant and Linear Frictions
Ján Vittek, Branislav Ftorek, Peter Butko, Tomáš Fedor, Ľuboš Struharňanský

14. Systems of Temporal Logic for a Use of Engineering. Toward a More Practical Approach
Krystian Jobczyk, Antoni Ligeza

15. Software Determining Optimum Order for Maintenance
Vladimir Kral, Stanislav Rusek, Radomir Gono

16. Statistical Evaluation of Dimmable Interior Lighting System Consumption Using Daylight
Tomáš Novák, Petr Bos, Jan Šumpich, Karel Sokanský

17. User Identification by Biometric Methods
Pavlina Nudzikova, Zdenek Slanina

18. Energy Modelling of the Building
Jaroslav Kultan

19. Reconstruction of 4D CTA Brain Perfusion Images Using Transformation Methods
Iveta Bryjova, Jan Kubicek, Michal Dembowski, Michal Kodaj, Marek Penhaker

20. Segmentation of Macular Lesions Using Active Shape Contour Method
Jan Kubicek, Iveta Bryjova, Marek Penhaker, Jana Javurkova, Lukas Kolarcik

21. Mathematical and Experimental Analyses of a Compression Ignition (CI) Engine Run on a Bioethanol Diesel Emulsion
Murugan Sivalingam, Dulari Hasdah, Bohumil Horák

22. Modelling of Antiphase Noise Reduction of a Transformer
Stanislav Misak, Viktor Pokorny, Petr Kacor

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Simulation and Modeling

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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