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Stigma and Prejudice

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Table of contents

Part I. Specific Patient Populations

1. Stigma and Persons with Disabilities
Lisa I. Iezzoni

2. Stigma In Persons with Obesity
Mark J. Gorman, W. Scott Butsch, Noreen A. Reilly-Harrington, Janey Pratt, Stephanie Sogg

3. Religious Minorities and Medicine: The Collision of Health Care and Faith
Shirin N. Ali

4. The Poor and Economically Vulnerable in Public and Safety Net Healthcare Institutions: Outcomes and Attitudes
Lior Givon

5. Stigma and Prejudice Against Individuals Experiencing Homelessness
Denise Las Nueces

6. VIP Patients: An Unexpectedly Vulnerable Population
Jonathan Avery, Daniel Knoepflmacher, Neel Mehta, Julie Penzner

7. Stigma and Persons with Substance Use Disorders
Christina Brezing, David Marcovitz

8. Borderline Personality Disorder: From Stigma to Compassionate Care
Blaise Aguirre

9. Diagnosed with Breast Cancer: Stigmatized or Member of an Empowered Sisterhood?
Daleela G. Dodge, Andrew M. Jarowenko

10. Stigma and Prejudice in Patients with HIV/AIDS
Hermioni N. Lokko, Valerie E. Stone

11. Commercially Sexually Exploited and Trafficked Minors: Our Hidden and Forgotten Children
Wendy Macias-Konstantopoulos, Miri Bar-Halpern

12. Stigma and Health Services Use Among Veterans and Military Personnel
Lauren K. Richards, Elizabeth M. Goetter, Magdalena Wojtowicz, Naomi M. Simon

13. I Pity the Poor Immigrant: Stigma and Immigration
Schuyler W. Henderson

Part II. Innovative Ways to Bridge Differences

14. Limited English-Proficient (LEP) Patients: The Importance of Working with Trained Medical Interpreters to Promote Equitable Healthcare
Katia M. Canenguez, Anabela M. Nunes

15. Improving Workforce Diversity in Minority and Majority Institutions
Ed W. Childs, Joel Okoli, Clarence E. Clark

16. Leveraging Technology for Health Equity
Aida L. Jiménez, Eunice Malavé de León, Ginette Sims, Celsie M. Hiraldo-Lebrón, Phillip J. Small, Maged N. Kamel Boulos

17. Advances and Challenges in Conducting Research with Diverse and Vulnerable Populations in a Healthcare Setting: Reducing Stigma and Increasing Cultural Sensitivity
Louise Dixon, Manisha Salinas, Luana Marques

18. Building Diversity Initiatives in Academic Medicine
Derrick J. Beech, Omar K. Danner

19. Looking Outward and Inward: The Role of Introspection in Expanding and Consolidating Our Understanding of Diversity
Sophia L. Maurasse

20. Pharmacology: Cultural and Genetic Considerations
Anne Emmerich, Anthony Fatalo, Bijay Acharya

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Psychiatry, Psychology, general, Primary Care Medicine, Public Health

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Current Clinical Psychiatry
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