Bilgin, Mehmet Huseyin

Entrepreneurship, Business and Economics - Vol. 2

Bilgin, Mehmet Huseyin - Entrepreneurship, Business and Economics - Vol. 2, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Accounting and Corporate Governance

1. The Value Relevance of Audit Report Under IFRS in the Case of Romanian Listed Companies
Alina Mihaela Robu, Ioan-Bogdan Robu

2. Performance Indicators Development in Function of Higher Education Quality Monitoring
Verica Budimir, Ivana Dražić Lutilsky, Robert Idlbek

3. Environmental Accounting as Information Support for Ecological Controlling
Farida Yerdavletova

4. Inspection Results on the Quality of Auditing
Lajoš Žager, Sanja Sever Mališ, Mateja Brozović

5. Development of Cost Accounting in Higher Education Institutions in the Republic of Croatia
Martina Dragija, Ivana Dražić Lutilsky

6. Comparing the Value Relevance of Cash Flow Ratios and DU Pont Ratios under IFRS: A Case Study
Gokce Sinem Erbuga

7. Assurance of a Credible Financial Information: A Product of Convergence Between Prudence and Continuity by Statutory Audit and a Good Corporation Governance
Bogdan Ionescu, Flavia Stoian, Tudose Geanina Gabrela, Grazia-Oana Petroianu

8. The Risk Analysis Process and Its Coverage: A Requirement for Management and Governance for Achieving the Objectives
Ana Morariu, Bogdan Ionescu, Mihaela Dăucianu (Avram), Maria Constantin

9. Comply or Explain Approach and Firm Value on the Bucharest Stock Exchange
Ştefan Cristian Gherghina, Georgeta Vintilă

10. Application of Governance Principles in IT Projects
Ioana Beleiu, Razvan Nistor

11. Proactive Cost Management in a Modern Company
Lina Martirosianiene

12. The Impact of Adopting Corporate Governance Principles in Romania: Economic Performance or Just Good Practices?
Seria Crina

13. The Importance of Marketing and Its Influence on a Company’s Financial Performance
Jurijs Kuznecovs, Tatjana Tambovceva

Part II. Energy Studies and Growth and Development

14. Macroeconomic Impacts of Electricity Generation on Croatian Real GDP: Causality Analysis
Pavle Jakovac, Nela Vlahinic Lenz, Sasa Zikovic

15. In Search of the New EU Energy Reforms: Assessing the Financial Performance of the EU Energy Companies
Djula Borozan, Dubravka Pekanov Starcevic

16. Specific Risk Dimensions in the Wind Energy Field: Case Study—Romania
Maria Alexandra Nichifor

17. Is There a Necessity for an Alternative Energy Source Instead of Natural Gas in the Industrial Sector of Turkey?
Mehmet Samet Erdem, Mustafa Kemal Beser, Hakan Acaroglu

18. Non-Keynesian Effects of Fiscal Consolidations in Central Europe in the Years 2000–2013
Adam P. Balcerzak, Elżbieta Rogalska

19. Tax Burden and Economic Development: The Case of the European Union Countries
Lina Sinevičienė

20. Current Account Dynamics and Determinants in the European Union
Maria-Isadora Lazar, Ramona-Mihaela Paun

21. Prediction Models for High Versus Less Performant Economies in the European Union
Madalina Ecaterina Popescu, Ramona-Mihaela Paun

22. Correlating Local Recreation Specialization to Prosperity: Study on European Union Countries
Sava Ana-Maria

Part III. Economics

23. Supply–Demand Equilibrium for the Goods and Services Market: A Dynamic Model on Romania’s National Economy
Bianca Ioana Popescu, Emil Scarlat

24. The Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment Under Climate Change
Piyaphan Changwatchai

25. The Evolution of School Textbook Supply Systems: Cost, Supply Procedures and State Policies
Christos Manolopoulos, Celia Roniotes, Rozina Eustathiadou, Dimitrios Sofotassios

26. Empirical Verification of the Scale Measuring Patient Service Quality in Integrated Health Care in Poland
Iga Rudawska

27. Project Orientation in Institutions of the Public Sector: Key Methodological Assumptions
Jacek Strojny

28. Development of Municipal Solid Waste Generation and Expenditures: Case of Czech Municipalities
Michal Struk

29. Determinants of Success and Failure in the Internationalization of the Cork Business: A Tale of Two Iberian Family Firms
João Carlos Lopes, Amélia Branco, Francisco Parejo, José Francisco Rangel

30. Portugal and Poland: Two Different Tales on Export Performance to the European Union in the 2000s
Christopher Marques, Inês Paulino, Maria Paula Fontoura, Pedro Serôdio, Sofia Rodrigues

31. EU Customs Logistics and Global Supply Chain
Danutė Adomavičiūtė

32. Does the Impact of Trade Openness on Income and Income Inequality Differ in Developed and Developing Countries?
Asli Yenipazarli, Hatice Kucukkaya

33. Application Methods AHP and Benchmarking in the Strategic Management of Local Development: The Key Procedural Aspects Through the Example of Polish Districts
Jacek Strojny

34. The Impact of the Concepts of Human Nature on the Methodology of Humanistic Economics and Religious Motivated Streams of Economics (Buddhist, Islam and Christian)
Anna Horodecka

Part IV. Banking and Finance

35. Culture, Geographies or Accounting Regimes: Which Are Drivers for Risk-Taking in European and Asian Banks?
Ana Isabel Lopes

36. Effects of Macroeconomic Factors on Bank Loans Quality: Evidence from Central and Eastern European Countries
Bilan Irina, Roman Angela

37. Stock Market Reactions to Credit Ratings Across the Subprime Crisis
Eleonora Isaia, Marina Damilano, Cristina Rovera

38. Does the Market Trust Credit Rating Agencies After the Subprime Crisis? A Comparison Between Major and Minor Agencies
Paola Vincentiis, Patrizia Pia

39. Towards Valuation Multidimensional Business Failure Risk for the Companies Listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange
Ştefan Cristian Gherghina, Georgeta Vintilă

40. Using Past Prices and Earnings to Derive Abnormal Returns over a Stock Index
Andrei Anghel, Dallina Dumitrescu, Cristiana Tudor

41. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Stakeholders Management
Liliana Simionescu, Dalina Dumitrescu

42. EU’s Political Actions for the Enhancement of Macroeconomic Stability in Confrontation with Great Economic Recession
Rasa Daugėlienė

43. Determinants of Stock Price in Singapore’s Manufacturing Sector
Parvinder Arora, Muslim Bhimani

44. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Company Financial Performance: Empirical Evidence from Listed Companies in Romania
Dalina Dumitrescu, Liliana Simionescu

45. IMF and Recent Crisis Prevention: Evidence from Romania
Gurgen Ohanyan

46. When Stock Market Investors Breathe Polluted Air
Ender Demir, Oguz Ersan

Keywords: Business and Management, Accounting/Auditing, Energy Policy, Economics and Management, Capital Markets, Risk Management

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Eurasian Studies in Business and Economics
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