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Tropical Tree Physiology

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Table of contents

Part I. Physiology and Life History Traits of Unique Tropical Growth Forms

1. Hemiepiphytic Trees: Ficus as a Model System for Understanding Hemiepiphytism
Guang-You Hao, Kun-Fang Cao, Guillermo Goldstein

2. Ecophysiology and Crassulacean Acid Metabolism of Tropical Epiphytes
Katia Silvera, Eloisa Lasso

3. Stem-Succulent Trees from the Old and New World Tropics
Eleinis Ávila-Lovera, Exequiel Ezcurra

4. Palm Physiology and Distribution in Response to Global Environmental Change
Heidi J. Renninger, Nathan G. Phillips

5. Carbon Allocation and Water Relations of Lianas Versus Trees
Paula I. Campanello, Eric Manzané, Mariana Villagra, Yong-Jiang Zhang, Adela M. Panizza, Débora di Francescantonio, Sabrina A. Rodriguez, Ya-Jun Chen, Louis S. Santiago, Guillermo Goldstein

Part II. Adaptive Responses of Woody Plants to Particular Tropical Habitats

6. Flood Tolerant Trees in Seasonally Inundated Lowland Tropical Floodplains
Pia Parolin, Leandro V. Ferreira, Maria Teresa F. Piedade, Cátia Nunes Cunha, Florian Wittmann, Mauricio E. Arias

7. The Physiology of Mangrove Trees with Changing Climate
Catherine E. Lovelock, Ken W. Krauss, Michael J. Osland, Ruth Reef, Marilyn C. Ball

8. Functional Diversity in Tropical High Elevation Giant Rosettes
Fermín Rada

Part III. Plant Hydraulics and Water Relations

9. Physiological Significance of Hydraulic Segmentation, Nocturnal Transpiration and Capacitance in Tropical Trees: Paradigms Revisited
Sandra J. Bucci, Guillermo Goldstein, Fabian G. Scholz, Frederick C. Meinzer

10. Maintenance of Root Function in Tropical Woody Species During Droughts: Hydraulic Redistribution, Refilling of Embolized Vessels, and Facilitation Between Plants
F. G. Scholz, S. J. Bucci, F. C. Meinzer, G. Goldstein

11. Drought Survival Strategies of Tropical Trees
Louis S. Santiago, Damien Bonal, Mark E. Guzman, Eleinis Ávila-Lovera

Part IV. Nutrient Limitation of Ecophysiological Processes in Tropical Trees

12. Nutrient Availability in Tropical Rain Forests: The Paradigm of Phosphorus Limitation
James W. Dalling, Katherine Heineman, Omar R. Lopez, S. Joseph Wright, Benjamin L. Turner

13. Tree Nutrient Status and Nutrient Cycling in Tropical Forest—Lessons from Fertilization Experiments
E. J. Sayer, L. F. Banin

14. Is Photosynthesis Nutrient Limited in Tropical Trees?
Louis S. Santiago, Guillermo Goldstein

Part V. Carbon Economy and Allocation of Tropical Trees and Forests

15. Facing Shortage or Excessive Light: How Tropical and Subtropical Trees Adjust Their Photosynthetic Behavior and Life History Traits to a Dynamic Forest Environment
Guillermo Goldstein, Louis S. Santiago, Paula I. Campanello, Gerardo Avalos, Yong-Jiang Zhang, Mariana Villagra

16. Carbon Economy of Subtropical Forests
Yong-Jiang Zhang, Piedad M. Cristiano, Yong-Fei Zhang, Paula I. Campanello, Zheng-Hong Tan, Yi-Ping Zhang, Kun-Fang Cao, Guillermo Goldstein

17. The Ecophysiology of Leaf Lifespan in Tropical Forests: Adaptive and Plastic Responses to Environmental Heterogeneity
Sabrina E. Russo, Kaoru Kitajima

18. The Effects of Rising Temperature on the Ecophysiology of Tropical Forest Trees
Martijn Slot, Klaus Winter

19. Tree Biomechanics with Special Reference to Tropical Trees
Karl J. Niklas

Part VI. Ecophysiological Processes at Different Temporal Scales

20. Tree Rings in the Tropics: Insights into the Ecology and Climate Sensitivity of Tropical Trees
Roel J. W. Brienen, Jochen Schöngart, Pieter A. Zuidema

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Physiology, Tree Biology, Climate Change

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Tree Physiology
Natural Sciences
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