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New Results in Numerical and Experimental Fluid Mechanics X

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Table of contents

Part I. Airplane Aerodynamics/Propulsion Integration

1. Numerical Stall Behavior Investigation of an Aircraft Equipped with Coanda Flap and Droop Nose
Marco Burnazzi, Jakob Thiemeier, Rolf Radespiel

2. Aerodynamic Design of a Folded Krüger Device for a HLFC Wing
Dirk M. Franke, Jochen Wild

3. Validation of CFD Airdrop Simulations in the Vortical Wake of an Aircraft with Open Ramp
Sven Geisbauer, Hauke Schmidt

4. Numerical Investigation of Unsteady Tangential Blowing at the Rudder of a Vertical Tailplane Airfoil
Anna Kröhnert

5. Propeller and Active High Lift Wing Interaction in Experiment and Simulation
Carsten Lenfers, Nils Beck, Marc Bauer

6. Sensitivity of a Low Pressure Ratio Jet Engine Fan to Inlet Distortion
Marius Theune, Dirk Schönweitz, Rainer Schnell

Part II. Optimization

7. A Consistent and Robust Discrete Adjoint Solver for the SU ^2


Framework—Validation and Application
Tim Albring, Max Sagebaum, Nicolas R. Gauger

8. Comparison of Breguet and ODE Evaluation of the Cruise Mission Segment in the Context of High-Fidelity Aircraft MDO
?aslav Ili?, Tanja Führer, Nagaraj Banavara, Mohammad Abu-Zurayk, Gunnar Einarsson, Martin Kruse, Jan Himisch, Doreen Seider, Richard-Gregor Becker

Part III. Turbulence Research and Turbulence Modeling

9. Control of the Secondary Crossflow Instability Using Plasma Actuators
Philipp C. Dörr, Markus J. Kloker

10. On Phase Asymmetries in Oscillatory Pipe Flow
Daniel Feldmann, Claus Wagner

11. Generalized Energy Budget Equations for Large-Eddy Simulations of Scalar Turbulence
Michael Gauding, Achim Wick, Jens Henrik Goebbert, Markus Hempel, Norbert Peters, Christian Hasse

12. Statistical Description of Streamline Segments in a Turbulent Channel Flow with a Wavy Wall
Fabian Hennig, Jonas Boschung, Norbert Peters

13. Application of Numerical Wall Functions for Boundary Layer Flows with Separation and Reattachment
Tobias Knopp, Fabian Spallek, Octavian Frederich, Gerd Rapin

14. Simulation of a Helicopter Engine Jet Including a Realistic Nozzle Geometry
Mehmet Onur Cetin, Matthias Meinke, Wolfgang Schröder

15. Large-Eddy Simulation of the Flow Field in a Rotating Axial Fan
Alexej Pogorelov, Matthias Meinke, Wolfgang Schröder

16. Investigation of the Law-of-the-Wall for a Turbulent Boundary Layer Flow Subject to an Adverse Pressure Gradient Using Particle Imaging
Tobias Knopp, Nicolas A. Buchmann, Daniel Schanz, Christian Cierpka, Rainer Hain, Andreas Schröder, Christian J. Kähler

Part IV. Laminar Flow Control and Transition

17. Numerical Investigation of the Bending of Slender Wall-Mounted Cylinders in Low Reynolds Number Flow
Gabriel Axtmann, Ulrich Rist, Franziska Hegner, Christoph Bruecker

18. Effect of Forward-Facing Steps on Boundary Layer Transition at a Subsonic Mach Number
Marco Costantini, Steffen Risius, Christian Klein, Winfried Kühn

19. Combined Active Separation Control on the Leading Edge and on the Trailing Edge Flap of a Slatless High-Lift Configuration
Frank Haucke, Matthias Bauer, Wolfgang Nitsche

20. Receptivity of a Swept-Wing Boundary Layer to Steady Vortical Free-Stream Disturbances
Holger B. E. Kurz, Markus J. Kloker

21. Discrete Adjoint Based Optimal Active Control of Separation on a Realistic High-Lift Configuration
Anil Nemili, Emre Özkaya, Nicolas R. Gauger, Felix Kramer, Frank Thiele

22. Nonlinear Disturbance Evolution Downstream of a Medium Height RoughnessElement
Benjamin Plogmann, Werner Würz, Ewald Krämer

23. Leading-Edge Receptivity to Free-Stream Vorticity of Streamwise Corner-Flow
Oliver T. Schmidt, Jennifer Staudenmeyer, Ulrich Rist, Claus-Dieter Munz

24. IR Measurements for Quantification of Laminar Boundary Layer Stabilization with DBD Plasma Actuators
Bernhard Simon, Paul Schnabel, Sven Grundmann

25. Local Stability Analysis of Laminar-Turbulent Boundary Layer Transition on Blunt Generic Re-Entry Capsules
Alexander Theiss, Martin Lichtmes, Stefan Hein

Part V. Rotorcraft Aerodynamics

26. Transition Determination on a Periodic Pitching Airfoil Using Phase Averaging of Pressure Data
A. D. Gardner, K. Richter

27. Validation of a Flow Simulation for a Helicopter Fuselage Including a Rotating Rotor Head
Moritz Grawunder, Roman Reß, Victor Stein, Christian Breitsamter, Nikolaus A. Adams

28. Comparison Between Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Dynamic Stall
K. Kaufmann, A. D. Gardner, M. Costes

29. CFD/CSD Trim Coupled Simulation of the HART II Rotor with Higher Harmonic Control
Annika Länger

30. Experimental Investigation of Dynamic Stall on a Pitching Rotor Blade Tip
Christoph B. Merz, C. Christian Wolf, Kai Richter, Kurt Kaufmann, Markus Raffel

31. Influence of Periodically Varying Incident Velocity on the Application of Semi-Empirical Dynamic Stall Models
Dominik Schicker, Manfred Hajek

32. Coupled Fluid-Structure Simulations of a Trimmed Helicopter Rotor in Forward Flight
S. Surrey, J.-H. Wendisch, F. Wienke

Part VI. Technical Flows

33. Transient Temperature Fields of Turbulent Mixed Convection in an Aircraft Cabin Caused by a Local Heat Source
T. Dehne, J. Bosbach

34. Numerical Simulation of the Thermal Comfort in a Model of a Passenger Car Cabin
Mikhail Konstantinov, Claus Wagner

Part VII. Vehicle Aerodynamics

35. Rear-End Shape Influence on the Aerodynamic Properties of a Realistic Car Model: A RANS and Hybrid LES/RANS Study
S. Jakirlic, L. Kutej, D. Hanssmann, B. Basara, T. Schütz, C. Tropea

36. Adjoint-Based, CAD-Free Aerodynamic Shape Optimization of High-Speed Trains
Daria Jakubek, Claus Wagner

37. Large Eddy Simulations of Side Flow Past a Generic Model of a High-Speed Train
Natalia Kin, Ralf Deiterding, Claus Wagner

38. Flow Field Analysis of a Detailed Road Vehicle Model Based on Numerical Data
Robin Placzek, Peter Scholz

Part VIII. Aeroelasticity and Structural Dynamics

39. Flutter Prediction of a Laminar Airfoil Using a Doublet Lattice Method Corrected by Experimental Data
Anne Hebler, Reik Thormann

40. Numerical Modeling of Wind Tunnel Walls for the Investigation of Oscillating Airfoils
Christoph Kaiser, Jens Nitzsche

41. Efficient Modeling of Generalized Aerodynamic Forces Across Mach Regimes Using Neuro-Fuzzy Approaches
Maximilian Winter, Christian Breitsamter

Part IX. Numerical Simulation/Aerodynamics

42. Numerical Simulation of Vortex Roll-Up Processes Using the SSG/LRR- omega


Sebastian Braun, Anna Uhl, Bernhard Eisfeld, Eike Stumpf

43. Numerical Aero-Structural Dynamic Simulations of the ASDMAD Wing
Manuel Brüderlin, Bernd Stickan, Bernd Schulze, Marek Behr

44. Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Thermal Convection Using Different Subgrid-Scale Models
Tomasz Czarnota, Tim Wetzel, Claus Wagner

45. Highly Resolved Simulations of Turbulent Mixed Convection in a Vertical Plane Channel
Christian Kath, Claus Wagner

46. Computer Aided Analysis of Preconditioned Multistage Runge-Kutta Methods Applied to Solve the Compressible Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes Equations
Stefan Langer

47. Adjoint-Based Error Estimation and Mesh Refinement in an Adjoint-Based Airfoil Shape Optimization of a Transonic Benchmark Problem
Ding Li, Ralf Hartmann

48. Ramifications of Implicit Runge-Kutta Time Integration Scheme
Cord-Christian Rossow

49. Hybrid LES–URANS Methodology for Wall–Bounded Flows with Synthetic Turbulent Inflow Conditions
Stephan Schmidt, Michael Breuer

50. A Mesh-Free Parallel Moving Least-Squares-based Interpolation Method for the Application in Aeroelastic Simulations With the Flow Simulator
Andreas Schuster, Lars Reimer, Jens Neumann

51. Development of a Fully Automatic Chimera Hole Cutting Procedure in the DLR TAU Code
Frank Spiering

52. Towards the Simulation of Trimmed Flight Conditions with Active Engines
Arthur Stück, Ralf Heinrich

53. Wall Modeled Large Eddy Simulation of a Delta Wing with Round Leading Edge
Christian Zwerger, Stefan Hickel, Christian Breitsamter, Nikolaus Adams

Part X. Experimental Aerodynamics/Experimental Simulation and Test Techniques

54. Rotating Camera System for In-Flight Propeller Blade Deformation Measurements
Fritz Boden, Boles?aw Stasicki

55. Fan Blade Deformation Measurements on the DLR Airbus A320-ATRA by Means of IPCT as Part of the Ground Test Campaign in the Frame of the DLR-project SAMURAI
Tania Kirmse, Sandra Maring, Paul-Benjamin Ebel, Andreas Schröder

56. Experimental Investigation of Periodically Generated Vortex Rings in Crossflow Impinging on a Flat Plate
Henning Kroll, Armin Weiss, Wolfgang Nitsche

57. Experimental Determination of Dynamic Derivatives in a Wind Tunnel Using Parameter Identification
Thomas Loeser, Detlef Rohlf

58. Development of a Rotor Test Facility for the Investigation of Dynamic Stall
Till Schwermer, Kai Richter, Markus Raffel

59. Influence of the Shear Layer Thickness on the Flow Around Unsteady Airfoils
Alexander Widmann, Cameron Tropea

Part XI. Aeroacoustics

60. Towards an Impact-Based Noise Reduction Method for Conceptual Aircraft Design
Jason Blinstrub, Lothar Bertsch

61. Overset DNS with Application to Homogeneous Decaying Turbulence
R. A. D. Akkermans, N. Buchmann, J. Dierke, R. Ewert

62. Direct Numerical Simulation of Tonal Noise in Sub- and Transonic Airfoil Flow
Manuel A. Gageik, Igor Klioutchnikov, Herbert Olivier

63. Numerical Simulation of Turbulence Induced Flow Noise in Automotive Exhaust Systems Using Scale-Resolving Turbulence Models
Jan Hillenbrand, Stefan Becker, Thomas Sailer, Martin Wetzel, Oliver Hausner

64. Flap Side-Edge Noise Prediction Within Conceptual Aircraft Design
M. R. Ramdjanbeg, L. Bertsch, K.-S. Rossignol, D. G. Simons

65. A Hybrid Discontinuous Galerkin-Finite Volume Method for Computational Aeroacoustics
Michael Schlottke-Lakemper, Matthias Meinke, Wolfgang Schröder

66. Identification of Sound Sources in Ducted Flows with an LES-SI-DMD Approach: Influence of Mesh Refinement and Subgrid Scale Models
Carlo Sovardi, Wolfgang Polifke

67. Flow-Induced Noise of a Forward-Backward Facing Step
Matthias Springer, Christoph Scheit, Stefan Becker

68. Experimental Investigations of Tonal Noise on a Vehicle Side Mirror
Maike Werner, Werner Würz, Ewald Krämer

69. Towards Adjoint-Based Trailing-Edge Noise Minimization Using Porous Material
Beckett Y. Zhou, Nicolas R. Gauger, Seong R. Koh, Matthias Meinke, Wolfgang Schröder

Part XII. Hypersonic Aerodynamics

70. Numerical Simulation of the Flow and Combustion Inside the Reaction Chamber of the AHRES Hybrid Rocket Engine
Stefan May, Ognjan Boži?

71. Interaction of Acoustic and Entropy Waves with Shocks
Thomas Schilden, Matthias Meinke, Wolfgang Schröder

Part XIII. High-Agility Configuration

72. Dynamic Actuation for Delta Wing Post Stall Flow Control
Anja Kölzsch, Sophie Blanchard, Christian Breitsamter

73. CFD Study on a Pitching Missile with Respect to Reduce the Phantom Yaw Effect
Christian Schnepf, Erich Schülein

Part XIV. Wind Energy

74. An Adaptive Lattice Boltzmann Method for Predicting Wake Fields Behind Wind Turbines
Ralf Deiterding, Stephen L. Wood

75. Aerodynamic Design and Optimization of a High-Lift Device for a Wind Turbine Airfoil
Ana Manso Jaume, Jochen Wild

76. Investigations on the Wake Development of the MEXICO Rotor Considering Different Inflow Conditions
Christoph Schulz, Konrad Meister, Thorsten Lutz, Ewald Krämer

77. Stroke-Wing Engine with Dual Wings for Extracting Power from an Airstream
Wolfgang Send

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Fluid- and Aerodynamics, Aerospace Technology and Astronautics, Transportation Technology and Traffic Engineering

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