Adamatzky, Andrew

Designing Beauty: The Art of Cellular Automata

Adamatzky, Andrew - Designing Beauty: The Art of Cellular Automata, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Self-Organizing Two-Dimensional Cellular Automata: 10 Still Frames
David Griffeath

2. Is it Art or Science?
Andrew Wuensche

3. Larger Than Life
Kellie Michele Evans

4. Three Favorite Cellular Automata
Clifford Reiter

5. Cellular Automata: Dying to Live Again, Architecture, Art, Design
Robert J. Krawczyk

6. In Search of Movement and Life on a Static Grid
Tim J. Hutton

7. Some Beautiful and Difficult Questions About Cellular Automata
Nathaniel Johnston

8. Hyperbolic Gallery
Maurice Margenstern

9. Evolved Gliders and Waves on a Geodesic Grid
Jeffrey Ventrella

10. Constructing Counters Through Evolution
Moshe Sipper

11. Biological Lattice-Gas Cellular Automata
Andreas Deutsch

12. The Enlightened Game of Life
Claudio Conti

13. Small Synchronizers and Prime Generators
Hiroshi Umeo

14. Ecological Patterns of Self-Replicators
Hiroki Sayama

15. The Art of Penrose Life
Susan Stepney

16. Asynchronous Cellular Automata Simulating Complex Phenomena
Olga Bandman

17. A Multiparticle Lattice-Gas Cellular Automaton Simulating a Piston Motion
Yuri Medvedev

18. Two Layer Asynchronous Cellular Automata
Anastasiya Kireeva

19. Cellular Automata Simulation of Bacterial Cell Growth and Division
Anton Vitvitsky

20. Seismic Cellular Automata
Ioakeim G. Georgoudas, Georgios Ch. Sirakoulis, Emmanuel M. Scordilis, Ioannis Andreadis

21. DNA Cellular Automata
Charilaos Mizas, Georgios Ch. Sirakoulis, Vasilios Mardiris, Ioannis Karafyllidis, Nicholas Glykos, Raphael Sandaltzopoulos

22. Reversibility, Simulation and Dynamical Behaviour
Juan Carlos Seck Tuoh Mora, Norberto Hernandez Romero, Joselito Medina Marin

23. Aesthetics and Randomness in Cellular Automata
Nazim Fatès

24. Cellular Automata with Memory
Ramon Alonso-Sanz

25. Turing Machine in Conway Game of Life
Paul Rendell

26. Aperiodicity and Reversibilty
Katsunobu Imai

27. Painting with Cellular Automata
Danuta Makowiec

28. Patterns in Cellular Automata
Harold V. McIntosh

29. Gliders in One-Dimensional Cellular Automata
Genaro J. Martínez

30. Excitable Automata
Andrew Adamatzky

Keywords: Engineering, Complexity, Popular Science, general, Arts, Nonlinear Dynamics, Mathematical and Computational Biology, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Emergence, Complexity and Computation
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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