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Integrated Waste Management in India

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Table of contents

Part I. Applied Waste Management

1. Impact of Water Pollution on Coconut Cultivation in Vellore District, Tamil Nadu
K. Sivakumar, M. P. Parvez Ahmed

2. Solid Waste Management in Vellore District, Tamil Nadu
A. Royal Edward Williams, S. Kumar

3. Site Suitability Analysis for Solid Waste Management Using Multi Criteria Analysis
Sanhita Ghosh, Sachikanta Nanda

Part II. Alternate Clean Energy Fuel Technologies

4. Nitrate Reduction by Denitrifying Bacillus Cohnii Isolated from Sewage Treatment Plant
T. K. Poornima Priyadharsani, D. Suriyaprakasham, P. Prakash, K. Thamaraiselvi

5. A Mini Review on Cyanophycin: Production, Analysis and Its Applications
J. Aravind, T. Saranya, G. Sudha, P. Kanmani

6. Utilization of Cheese Industry Whey for Biofuel–Ethanol Production
G. Rajarajan, A. Irshad, B. V. Raghunath, G. Mahesh kumar, A. Punnagaiarasi

7. Anaerobic Digestion of Wastewater and Municipal Sludge to Isolate Potent Methanogen Using BMP Assay
Ayesha Sulthana, K. C. Latha, S. Balasubramanian

Part III. Waste Management Strategies

8. A Statistical Based Experimental Approach for Biodegradation and Optimization of Heavy Metals
S. Umadevi, S. Aalfin Emmanuel, P. M. Ayyasamy, S. Rajakumar

9. Wastewater Treatment Studies on Free Water Surface Constructed Wetland System
G. Midhun, L. Divya, Jessen George, P. Jayakumar, S. Suriyanarayanan

10. Recycling of Distillery Spent Wash and Their Effect on Growth of Sesame (Sesamum) Crop
V. Karthika, G. Rajannan, P. Thangavel

11. ISO 14001: Environmental Management System
R. Mayamurugan

Part IV. Bioremediation and Environmental Sustainability

12. Utilization of Medicinal Oil Effluent for Lipase Production by Penicillium citrinum MKF3
N. Vinod Kumar, Mary Esther Rani, R. Gunaseeli, N. D. Kannan

13. Waste Water Sludge Treatment Using Rice Bran
P. Geetha, M. Kokila

14. A Novel Lipopeptide Bacterial Biosurfactant for Bioremediation
C. Elizabeth Rani Juneius, Jayasundari

15. Bioremediation of Ethylbenzene by Soil Column Study and Bioreactor Study for Polluted Soil and Water Samples Using Optimized Bacterial Consortium
S. Ashok, V. Akila, P. M. Ayyasamy, S. Rajakumar

16. Bio-degradation of Reactive Dyes by Indigenous Bacteria Obtained from Textile Effluent Contaminated Site
P. Muthukumaran, M. Priya, P. Vignesh, J. Aravind

17. Hydrolytic Enzyme Profiling of Bacillus Subtilis COM6B and Its Application in the Bioremediation of Groundnut Oil Mill Effluent
P Kanmani, J. Aravind, K. Kumaresan

18. Management of Grey Water with Bio-beds Using Phytotechnology
N. D. Shrinithivihahshini, R. Chithra Devi, R. Viji, D. Mahamuni, M. Sheela Mary

19. Optimization of Bacillus sp. (KTSMBNL-16) for Decolourization of Dye AV90 Using Batch Studies
P. Prakash, M. Dexilin, B. Gowri Manogri, K. Thamaraiselvi

Part V. Implications of Waste on Human Health and Community Participation in Waste Management

20. Role of NGO’s in Protecting Environment and Health
M. Loganathan, Jothi Narendiran

21. A Study on Self-sacrificing Role Played by Garbage Pickers in Cleaning up the Environment
J. Jacob Stanley Inbaraj, M. Elangovan

22. Impact of Dairy Effluent on Environment—A Review
B. V. Raghunath, A. Punnagaiarasi, G. Rajarajan, A. Irshad, A. Elango, G. Mahesh kumar

23. Treatment of Waste Water from Meat Industry
A. Irshad, S. Sureshkumar, B. V. Raghunath, G. Rajarajan, G. Mahesh Kumar

24. Waste Management in Food Packaging Industry
G. Mahesh Kumar, A. Irshad, B. V. Raghunath, G. Rajarajan

Keywords: Environment, Waste Management/Waste Technology, Renewable and Green Energy, Public Health, Sustainable Development

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Environmental Science and Engineering
Page amount
9 pages
Natural Sciences
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