Berger, Elisabeth S.C.

Complexity in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology Research

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Table of contents

1. The Challenge of Dealing with Complexity in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology Research: An Introduction
Elisabeth S. C. Berger, Andreas Kuckertz

Part I. Methodological and Conceptual Discussion

2. Using Mixed-Methods Designs to Capture the Essence of Complexity in the Entrepreneurship Research: An Introductory Essay and a Research Agenda
Arash Najmaei

3. Applying Mixed Methods in Entrepreneurship to Address the Complex Interplay of Structure and Agency in Networks: A Focus on the Contribution of Qualitative Approaches
Judith Mühlenhoff

4. Complexity, Cultural Evolution, and the Discovery and Creation of (Social) Entrepreneurial Opportunities: Exploring a Memetic Approach
Michael P. Schlaile, Marcus Ehrenberger

5. Complexity and Entrepreneurship: Modeling the Process of Entrepreneurship Education with the Theory of Synergetics
Andreas Liening, Jan-Martin Geiger, Ronald Kriedel, Waldemar Wagner

6. Computer Simulation Studies of the Entrepreneurial Market Process
Mohammad Keyhani

7. Analyzing Complex Organizational Arguments with Logical Model Building
Gábor Péli

Part II. Qualitative Methods

8. Exploring Complex Phenomena with Qualitative Research Methods: An Examination of Strategic Innovation Trajectories in Haute Cuisine
Matthias Wenzel, Ninja Natalie Senf, Jochen Koch

9. Effectuation and the Think-Aloud Method for Investigating Entrepreneurial Decision Making
M. Laura Frigotto

10. Applying Factorial Surveys for Analyzing Complex, Morally Challenging and Sensitive Topics in Entrepreneurship Research: The Case of Entrepreneurial Ethics
Petra Dickel, Peter Graeff

11. Illustrating Complexity in the Brand Management of Family Firms
Birgit Felden, Philipp Fischer, Michael Graffius, Laura Marwede

12. A Systematic Approach to Business Modeling Based on the Value Delivery Modeling Language
Joachim Metzger, Nicolai Kraemer, Orestis Terzidis

13. Action Research as a Viable Methodology in Entrepreneurship Research
Christian Schultz, Dana Mietzner, Frank Hartmann

Part III. Configurational Methods

14. Is Qualitative Comparative Analysis an Emerging Method?—Structured Literature Review and Bibliometric Analysis of QCA Applications in Business and Management Research
Elisabeth S. C. Berger

15. The Complex Determinants of Financial Results in a Lean Transformation Process: The Case of Italian SMEs
Arnaldo Camuffo, Fabrizio Gerli

16. Young Innovative Companies and Access to Subsidies
Norat Roig-Tierno, Alicia Mas-Tur, Belén Ribeiro-Navarrete

17. Applying QCA and Cross-impact Analysis to the Study on ICT Adoption and Use by Croatian SMEs
Arnela Ceric, Branka Krivokapic-Skoko

18. Configurational Analysis in the Evaluation of Complex Public Programs: Application in the Area of Knowledge Transfer
Dariusz Szklarczyk, Seweryn Krupnik, Jan Strycharz, Patrycja Antosz, Zuzanna Drożdżak, Karolina Łukasiewicz, Anna Szczucka

19. Entrepreneurial Orientation and the Handling of Complexity in Small and Medium Enterprise Research
Markus Braun, Thomas Steger

Part IV. Semantic Methods

20. Capturing the Complexity and Ambiguity of Academic Fields: Determining Consensual Definitions for Small Business Research, Entrepreneurship and Their Shared Interface
Andreas Kuckertz, Christoph Mandl

21. What Do Organizations Think Are Their Risks and Uncertainties? Risk Self-Assessments Within Securities Reports as a New Source for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology Research
Terje Grønning

22. Complexity of Textual Data in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research
Beth-Anne Schuelke-Leech, Betsy L. Barry

Keywords: Business and Management, Entrepreneurship, Innovation/Technology Management, Organizational Studies, Economic Sociology

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
FGF Studies in Small Business and Entrepreneurship
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13 pages
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