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Energy Solutions to Combat Global Warming

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Table of contents

Part I. Renewable Energy

1. Development of Supercritical CO2 Solar Rankine Cycle System
Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Xin-Rong Zhang

2. Study on the Solar Energy Heat Pump Space Heating System in the Agricultural and Pastoral Areas in Inner Mongolia
Xin-Rong Zhang

3. LNG Cold Energy Utilization Technology
Taehong Sung, Kyung Chun Kim

4. Cold Thermal Energy Storage Materials and Applications Toward Sustainability
Gang Li, Yunho Hwang, Reinhard Radermacher

5. Economic Analysis of LNG Cold Energy Utilization
Kezhong Jiang

6. Zeotropic Mixture and Organic Ranking Cycle
Li Zhao

7. Methane Production from Napier Grass by Co-digestion with Cow Dung
Suriya Sawanon, Piyanee Sangsri, Suchat Leungprasert, Nusara Sinbuathong

8. Possibilities for Biogas Production from Waste—Potential, Barriers, and Legal Notices
Viktor Kolchakov, Vera Petrova, Totka Mitova, Plamen Ivanov, Svetla Marinova

9. Research on Tidal Current Energy Converter Using Artificial Muscles and VIV Theory
Shuang Wu, Peng Yuan, Shujie Wang, Junzhe Tan, Dongwang Chen, Omer Rauf

10. The Energy Capture Efficiency Increased by Choosing the Optimal Layout of Turbines in Tidal Power Farm
Junzhe Tan, Shujie Wang, Peng Yuan, Dandan Wang, Hepan Ji

11. Modelling Analysis of the Influence of Wave Farm to Nearshore Hydrodynamics Forces
Bingchen Liang, Zhaoyan Xu, Hongda Shi, Fei Fan

Part II. Utilization of Waste

12. Energy Saving and Emission Reduction from the Steel Industry: Heat Recovery from High Temperature Slags
Yongqi Sun, Zuotai Zhang

13. The Feasibility Study on Blast Furnace Low Temperature Heat Source Refrigeration for Dehumidified Blast
Zongwei Han, Fengyuan Zhang, Jing Zhao, Weiliang Li

14. Sludge Treatment by Low-Temperature Heat
Qiu-Yun Zheng, Xin-Rong Zhang, Shuang Han

15. Resourceful Treatment of Seawater Desalination or High Concentrated Sewage by Renewable Energy
Xin-Rong Zhang, JiaTing Fu, Yong Liu

16. Microbiological Assessment of Sewage Sludge in Terms of Use as a Fertilizer
Teodora P. Popova, Botjo S. Zaharinov, Adelina Gentcheva, M. Pejtchinova, S. M. Marinova-Garvanska, Bayko D. Baykov

17. Establishment of Changes in the System “Soil-Fertilizer-Plant” as a Result of Fertilization with Sludge from Wastewater Treatment Plant
Elena Zlatareva, Svetla Marinova, Bayko Baykov, Totka Mitova, Vera Petrova, Viktor Kolchakov

18. Agrochemical and Chemical Assessment of Waste from Livestock Farms
Svetla Marinova, Dimitranka Sticheva, Elena Zlatareva, Vera Petrova, Viktor Kolchakov

Part III. Methods and Techniques

19. Super Clean Marine Diesel Engines with Nonthermal Plasma Aftertreatment Technology
Takuya Kuwahara, Masaaki Okubo

20. Natural Convection Supercritical Fluid Systems for Geothermal, Heat Transfer, and Energy Conversion
Lin Chen, Xin-Rong Zhang

21. Numerical Analysis of Air Flow Around a Hot Water Radiator for Its Structure Improvement
Juan Wang, Zhanyong Li, Ruifang Wang, Qing Xu, Wei Tian, Miaomiao Li

22. Sustainability Assessment of a Turboprop Engine: Exergy-Based Method
Yasin Şöhret, M. Ziya Sogut, Onder Turan, T. Hikmet Karakoc

23. Exergy Approach to Evaluate Performance of a Mini Class Turboprop Engine
Kahraman Coban, Yasin Şöhret, M. Ziya Sogut, Onder Turan, T. Hikmet Karakoc

24. The Efficient Use of the Water Resources and the Global Warming: The Case of North Cyprus “Water of Peace Project”
Munir Suner, Levent Kırval

25. Investigation and Analysis of New Energy Technology Application Status in Beijing—Water Source Heat Pump System
Li Zhou, Sun Juan

26. Analysis of the Thermal Effect About Groundwater Flowing to the Nest of Tubes Heat Transfer
Zongwei Han, Jun Yang, Min Lin, Yanhong Zhang

27. Hydraulic Characteristics of the Francis Turbine with Various Groove Shapes of Draft Tube
Hyeon-Seok Seo, Jae-Won Kim, Youn-Jea Kim

Part IV. Energy Storage

28. Progress in Sorption Thermal Energy Storage
N. Yu, R. Z. Wang, T. X. Li, L. W. Wang

29. Mitigating Global Warming by Thermal Energy Storage
Ruqiang Zou, Xinyu Huang

30. Enhance the Wind Power Utilization Rate with Thermal Energy Storage System
Yi Jin, Pengxiang Song, Bo Zhao, Yongliang Li, Yulong Ding

31. A Review of PCM Energy Storage Technology Used in Buildings for the Global Warming Solution
Shilei Lu, Yiran Li, Xiangfei Kong, Bo Pang, Yafei Chen, Shaoqun Zheng, Linwei Sun

Part V. Energy Integration and Management

32. Transition Engineering
Susan P. Krumdieck

33. Optimal Operation of a Self-regulating Smart Distribution System with Wind Energy Integration and Demand Response
Adel Younis, Trevor Williams, Dan Wang, Zuomin Dong, Curran Crawford, Ned Djilali

34. Greenization Factor as a Sustainability Measure for Energy Systems
Rami S. El-Emam, Ibrahim Dincer, Calin Zamfirescu

35. Home Energy Management Systems: A Review of Modelling and Complexity
Marc Beaudin, Hamidreza Zareipour

36. The Micro-cogeneration and Emission Control and Related Utilization Field
Antonio Rosato, Sergio Sibilio, Giovanni Angrisani, Michele Canelli, Carlo Roselli, Maurizio Sasso, Francesco Tariello

37. Coping with Global Warming: Compliance Issue Compliance Mechanisms Under MEAs
Zerrin Savaşan

Keywords: Energy, Energy Policy, Economics and Management, Renewable and Green Energy, Climate Change/Climate Change Impacts, Climate Change Management and Policy

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