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Behavioral Neuroscience of Motivation

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Table of contents

1. The Behavioral Neuroscience of Motivation: An Overview of Concepts, Measures, and Translational Applications
Eleanor H. Simpson, Peter D. Balsam

2. Regulation of the Motivation to Eat
Stephen C. Woods, Denovan P. Begg

3. Sexual Motivation in the Female and Its Opposition by Stress
Ana Maria Magariños, Donald Pfaff

4. Oxytocin, Vasopressin, and the Motivational Forces that Drive Social Behaviors
Heather K. Caldwell, H. Elliott Albers

5. Roles of “Wanting” and “Liking” in Motivating Behavior: Gambling, Food, and Drug Addictions
M. J. F. Robinson, A. M. Fischer, A. Ahuja, E. N. Lesser, H. Maniates

6. Circadian Insights into Motivated Behavior
Michael C. Antle, Rae Silver

7. The Neural Foundations of Reaction and Action in Aversive Motivation
Vincent D. Campese, Robert M. Sears, Justin M. Moscarello, Lorenzo Diaz-Mataix, Christopher K. Cain, Joseph E. LeDoux

8. Neurophysiology of Reward-Guided Behavior: Correlates Related to Predictions, Value, Motivation, Errors, Attention, and Action
Gregory B. Bissonette, Matthew R. Roesch

9. Mesolimbic Dopamine and the Regulation of Motivated Behavior
John D. Salamone, Marta Pardo, Samantha E. Yohn, Laura López-Cruz, Noemí SanMiguel, Mercè Correa

10. Learning and Motivational Processes Contributing to Pavlovian–Instrumental Transfer and Their Neural Bases: Dopamine and Beyond

Laura H. Corbit, Bernard W. Balleine

11. Multiple Systems for the Motivational Control of Behavior and Associated Neural Substrates in Humans
John P. O’Doherty

12. The Computational Complexity of Valuation and Motivational Forces in Decision-Making Processes
A. David Redish, Nathan W. Schultheiss, Evan C. Carter

13. The Neurobiology of Motivational Deficits in Depression—An Update on Candidate Pathomechanisms
Michael T. Treadway

14. Motivational Deficits and Negative Symptoms in Schizophrenia: Concepts and Assessments
L. Felice Reddy, William P. Horan, Michael F. Green

15. Motivational Deficits in Schizophrenia and the Representation of Expected Value
James A. Waltz, James M. Gold

16. Mechanisms Underlying Motivational Deficits in Psychopathology: Similarities and Differences in Depression and Schizophrenia
Deanna M. Barch, David Pagliaccio, Katherine Luking

17. Methods for Dissecting Motivation and Related Psychological Processes in Rodents
Ryan D. Ward

18. Motivational Processes Underlying Substance Abuse Disorder
Paul J. Meyer, Christopher P. King, Carrie R. Ferrario

19. Skewed by Cues? The Motivational Role of Audiovisual Stimuli in Modelling Substance Use and Gambling Disorders
Michael M. Barrus, Mariya Cherkasova, Catharine A. Winstanley

20. The Role of Motivation in Cognitive Remediation for People with Schizophrenia
Alice M. Saperstein, Alice Medalia

21. Distress from Motivational Dis-integration: When Fundamental Motives Are Too Weak or Too Strong
James F. M. Cornwell, Becca Franks, E. Tory Higgins

22. Motivation and Contingency Management Treatments for Substance Use Disorders
Kimberly N. Walter, Nancy M. Petry

Keywords: Biomedicine, Neurosciences, Psychopharmacology, Behavioral Therapy, Behavioral Sciences

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Current Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences
Page amount
14 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode
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