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Table of contents

1. History of Odor and Odorants
Wilhelm Pickenhagen

A. Molecular Aspects and Formation Pathways

2. Biosynthesis of Plant-Derived Odorants
Matthias Wüst

3. Natural Fragrant Raw Materials
Nicolas Baldovini, Jean-Jacques Filippi

4. Incense Materials
Johannes Niebler

5. Mechanistic Pathways of Non-Enzymatic Flavor Formation
Marcus A. Glomb

B. Food and Flavors

6. Coffee
Chahan Yeretzian

7. Beer
Michael Dresel

8. Wine
Philippe Darriet, Alexandre Pons

9. Fruits
Anne Plotto, Jinhe Bai, Elisabeth Baldwin

10. Meat
Jane K. Parker

11. Fats and Oils
Eric Frérot

12. Aroma Encapsulation and Controlled Delivery
Gary Reineccius

13. Physico-Chemical Interactions in the Flavor-Release Process
Anne-Marie Seuvre, Andrée Voilley

14. Models of the Oral Cavity for the Investigation of Olfaction
Christian Salles, Ofir Benjamin

15. Regulatory Oversight and Safety Assessment of Flavorings
Karl-Heinz Engel

16. Odors in Paper and Cardboard Packaging
Michael Czerny

C. Analytics, Sensor Technology and Human-Sensory Evaluation

17. Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry in Odorant Analysis
Sung-Tong Chin, Graham T. Eyres, Philip J. Marriott

18. Odorant Detection by On-line Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry
Jonathan Beauchamp, Erika Zardin

19. Enantioselective Gas Chromatography with Cyclodextrin in Odorant Analysis
Cecilia Cagliero, Barbara Sgorbini, Chiara Cordero, Erica Liberto, Patrizia Rubiolo, Carlo Bicchi

20. Stable Isotope Ratio Analysis for Authenticity Control
Norbert Christoph, Antje Schellenberg, Wiebke Zander, Gerhard Krammer

21. Machine Olfaction
Brian Guthrie

22. High Throughput Receptor Screening Assays
Alex Veithen, Magali Philippeau, Pierre Chatelain

23. Psychophysical Testing of Human Olfactory Function
Richard L. Doty

24. Olfactometers According to EN 13725
Dietmar Mannebeck

25. Assessment of Environmental Odor Impacts
Bettina Mannebeck, Heike Hauschildt

26. Material Odor Emissions and Indoor Air Quality
Andrea Burdack-Freitag, Anja Heinlein, Florian Mayer

D. Odorant Sensing and Physiological Effects

27. Odorant Sensing
Heinz Breer, Jörg Fleischer, Jörg Strotmann

28. Nasal Periceptor Processes
Boris Schilling

29. Metabolism of Odorants in Humans
Michael Rychlik

30. Olfactory Subsystems
Marc Spehr

31. Disrupted Odor Perception
Thomas Hummel, Basile N. Landis, Philippe Rombaux

32. Human and Animal Olfactory Capabilities Compared
Matthias Laska

33. Ectopic Expression of Mammalian Olfactory Receptors
Sophie Veitinger, Hanns Hatt

34. Spices and Odorants as TRP Channel Activators
Kristina Friedland, Christian Harteneck

35. Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Odor Compounds
Jessica Walker, Veronika Somoza

36. Skin Sensitization of Odorant Materials
Andreas Natsch, Graham Ellis

37. Aroma Therapy in Neonatology
Michael Thiel

E. Psycho-Physical and Cognitive Aspects of Odor Perception

38. Cortical Olfactory Processing
Jessica Freiherr

39. Behavioral and Neural Determinants of Odor Valence Perception
Janina Seubert, Christina Regenbogen, Ute Habel, Johan N. Lundström

40. Odor and Emotion
Sylvain Delplanque, Géraldine Coppin, David Sander

41. Aversive Olfactory Conditioning
Valentina Parma, Donald Wilson, Johan N. Lundström

42. Odor-Based Context Dependent Memory
Maria Larsson, Artin Arshamian, Cornell Kärnekull

43. Infants and Children Making Sense of Scents
Benoist Schaal

44. Olfaction and Eating Behavior
Sanne Boesveldt

45. Olfaction and Sleep
Ofer Perl, Anat Arzi, Ilana S. Hairston, Noam Sobel

46. The Intranasal Trigeminal System
Johannes Frasnelli, Simona Manescu

47. Cross-Modal Integration in Olfactory Perception
Han-Seok Seo, Thomas Hummel

F. Human Body Odor, Chemo-Communication and Behavioral Implications

48. Analysis and Chemistry of Human Odors
Christian Starkenmann

49. Biochemistry and Genetics of Human Axilla Odor
Andreas Natsch

50. Individual Variation in Body Odor
Jan Havlíček, Jitka Fialová, S. Craig Roberts

51. Processing of Human Body Odors
Valentina Parma, Amy R. Gordon, Cinzia Cecchetto, Annachiara Cavazzana, Johan N. Lundström, Mats J. Olsson

52. Human Chemosensory Communication
Bettina M. Pause

G. Odors in Language, Culture and Design

53. Odor Descriptions from a Language Perspective
Jeannette Nuessli Guth, Maren Runte

54. The Scent Creation Process
Elise Sarrazin

55. Odor in Immersive Environments
Manfred Dangelmaier, Roland Blach

56. Odor in Marketing
Nathalie Nibbe, Ulrich R. Orth

57. Sensual Perception in Architecture
Katinka Temme

58. Microdosing of Scents
Martin Richter

Keywords: Chemistry, Food Science, Analytical Chemistry, Human Physiology, Psychology Research, Materials Science, general

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