Evers, Dirk

Issues in Science and Theology: Do Emotions Shape the World?

Evers, Dirk - Issues in Science and Theology: Do Emotions Shape the World?, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Michael Fuller

Part I. The Importance of Emotions, and of Emotional Well-Being

2. Attachment, Emotion, and Religion
Pehr Granqvist

3. Post Traumatic Stress, Moral Injury, and Soul Repair: Implications for Western Christian Theology
Rita Nakashima Brock

4. Shaping Emotions That Shape the World
Marjorie Hall Davis, Karl E. Peters

5. Smile and Lie? Why We Are Able to Distinguish False Smiles from Genuine Ones
Maria - Magdalena Weker

6. The Orientation of Longing
Christopher Southgate

7. Cognitive or Affective? A Philosophical Analysis of Modes of Understanding Compassion
Anne Runehov

Part II. Reflections on Emotions from the Sciences

8. From Vicarious Actions to Moral Behavior
Christian Keysers, Valeria Gazzola

9. The Trouble with Words: Concepts of Religion in the Cognitive Science of Religion and the Role of Emotions
Indrek Peedu

10. The Emotional Brain Hypothesis: Emotional, Social, and Religious Vetting in the Evolution of Rational Decision Making and Scientific Modeling
Margaret Boone Rappaport, Christopher Corbally

11. A World of Quality: Codes of Conduct, Phenomenology of Feeling and Morality in Scientific Research
Angela Roothaan

Part III. Reflections on Emotions from Theological Perspectives

12. Towards a Biblical Theology of Emotions
Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi

13. Is the Ear More Spiritual Than the Eye? Theological Reflection on the Human Senses
Ernst M. Conradie

14. A Look at Reason Through Love’s Eyes: The Sense of Meaningfulness Within a Bodily Context
Roland Karo

15. Self-Conscious Emotions, Religion and Theology
Fraser Watts

16. The Scientific Approach to Emotions: Its Relevance for the Cognitive Study of Religion and for Theology
Lluis Oviedo

17. Spiritual Knowledge as Embodied Appraisals: A Reading of Jonathan Edwards from an Emotion Theory Point of View
Mikael Sörhuus

18. Imaginative Expression of Faith and Science: The Poetry of R. S. Thomas
W. Richard Bowen

Part IV. Philosophical Reflections

19. Mr. Spock and the Gift of Prophecy: Emotion, Reason, and the Unity of the Human Person
Alfred Kracher

20. Can Reason Be Emotional?
Zbigniew Liana

21. Ethics, Emotions and Theology: A Humean Investigation
Hans D. Muller

Keywords: Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Sociology of Culture

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Issues in Science and Religion: Publications of the European Society for the Study of Science and Theology
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