Kim, Kacy K.

Celebrating America’s Pastimes: Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Marketing?

Kim, Kacy K. - Celebrating America’s Pastimes: Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Marketing?, ebook


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Table of contents

Session 1.1. Luxury and Social Comparisons

1. Is It Beneficial for Luxury Brands to Embrace CSR Practices?
Sihem Dekhili, Mohamed Akli Achabou

2. Need for Status as a Motive for the Conspicuous Consumption of Cause-Related Goods
Catherine M. Johnson, Ayesha Tariq

3. Purse Parties: The Social Implications of Fake Luxury Parties
Natalie A. Mitchell, Angeline Close, Dan Li

Session 1.3. Food/Health

4. Does a Spoonful of Sugar-Free Make Food Look Healthier? Healthy Implicit Associations for Sugar-Free and Alternative Products: A Structured Abstract
Patricia Rossi, Marianela Fornerino, Caroline Cuny

5. The Effects of Perceived Ambient Temperature on Food Choices and Consumption Behavior
Sarah Lefebvre, Dipayan Biswas

6. The Impact of Retrieval Difficulty on Satiation
Huaman-Ramirez Richard, Maaninou Nada

7. An Investigative Model to Explain Unhealthy Food and Beverage Purchase Intentions
Jeremy J. Sierra, Anna M. Turri, Harry A. Taute

Session 1.4. Website Design Strategies for the E-Servicescape

8. Web Atmospherics Effect on Intention to Purchase: A Case of Online Apparel Stores
Lineta Ramonienė, Eglė Petrulytė, Neringa Ivanauskienė

9. The Influence of Online Customers’ Regulatory Fit on Their Attitude and Purchase Intention
Abdul Ashraf, Narongsak Thongpapanl, Mohammed Razzaque

10. The Impact of Website Stimuli on Product Returns in Online Retailing: A Structured Abstract
Niklas J. Hellemann, Malte Brettel

11. Investigating E-Servicescape, Trust, E-WOM, and Customer Loyalty
Gina A. Tran, David Strutton

Session 1.5. Branding Strategy

12. A Capability-Based View of Brand Management
Pramod Iyer, Arezoo Davari, Abdullah Alhidari

Session 1.7. Innovation in Course Development and Delivery

13. Integrating ERP and CRM into the University Curriculum with Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM
Kenneth D. Hall, Hayden W. Wimmer

14. Collaborative Course Development: A New Model for Improved Student Outcomes
K. Damon Aiken, Timothy C. Heinze, Matthew L. Meuter, Kenneth J. Chapman

15. Effects of Instructor Background and Delivery Modality on Students’ Perceptions of a Social Media Lecture
Marilyn Eastman, William J. Jones

Session 2.1. International Marketing Part1: Tales from Latin America

16. The Role of Consumer Acculturation in the Hispanic/Latino Panethnicity
Luis E. Torres, Phillip Hartley

17. Personal Cultural Orientation, Destination Brand Equity and Revisit Intention: Implications for Destination Branding in Latin America
Adolfo Rudy Cardona, Qin Sun, Fuan Li, Darin White

18. Craving for Cosmopolitanism: The Necessity of Foreign Cuisine for Mexican Immigrants
Jakob Braun, Roberto “Bobby” Saldivar

Session 2.2. Financial Service Marketing and Consumption

19. Financial Services Marketing and Consumption
Tina Harrison, Neil Lilford

20. Sources of Consumer Distrust of Financial Services Marketing Practices
Hooman Estelami

21. A Study of Consumer Decision Delegation in Financial Services: Approaches and Implications
James Devlin

22. Beyond Feedback Orientation: Exploring the Quality of the Feedback Environment in Financial Services Sales
Neil Lilford, Tina Harrison, Pierre Berthon

23. The Interplay of Life Events, Religion, and Consumption in Islamic Banking
Julie Robson, Samreen Ashraf

24. The Role of Banking Governance in Consumer Trust and Confidence: A Shared Responsibility
Jake Ansell

Session 2.3. Advertising and Shopping Influences

25. Consumer Reactions to Comparative Advertising: The Role of Product Type and Sensation Seeking—A Structured Abstract
Silke Bambauer-Sachse, Priska Heinzle

26. World Cup Edition or Summer Special? Why Consumers Buy Limited Edition Products
Christine Arden

27. Consumer Knowledge, Attitudes, and Purchase Intentions of Counterfeit Fashion Goods: An Initiative to Curbing Consumer Demand in the Marketplace!?
Joy M. Kozar, Kelby Stehl

Session 2.4. Effective Messaging for Online Advertising

28. Are Sponsored Blog Posts a Good Thing? Exploring the Role of Authenticity in the Fashion Blogosphere
Miranda Williams, Nancy Hodges

29. An Exploratory Analysis of Pronoun Usage by Brands and Consumers on Facebook
Ryan E. Cruz, James M. Leonhardt

30. Personalized Advertising, Invasiveness, and Consumers’ Attitudes: A Structured Abstract
John T. Gironda, Pradeep K. Korgaonkar

31. Understanding the “Spillover Effect” of Negative Economic News on Consumers’ Evaluations of Online Advertising
Cuauhtemoc Luna-Nevarez

Session 2.5. Branding and Firm Capabilities

32. Measuring Marketing Efficiency in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A): A Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) Approach
Mahabubur Rahman, Mary Lambkin

33. The Moderating Effect of the Market Orientation Components on the Brand Orientation–Brand Performance Relationship
Saku Hirvonen, Tommi Laukkanen

34. Market-Focused and Technology-Focused Strategic Flexibility: Construct, Research Propositions, and Implications
Yen-Chun Chen, Ya-Hui Lin

Session 2.6. Advertising Research Methods

35. Fear Versus Scare Appeals as Moderators in Effective Health Messaging
Christopher D. Hopkins, Kevin J. Shanahan, Karen Hood, Allyn White

Session 2.7. The Validity and Invalidity of Assessment Alternatives

36. Exploring Assessments of Active/Experiential Learning Contexts in Business Courses
Jason Flores, Carol Howard

37. The Invalidity (And Then Some) of Rank Correlation for Describing the Accuracy of Multiple-Choice Question Difficulty Taxonomies
John R. Dickinson

38. The Effect of the Real Number of Options on the Discrimination of Multiple-Choice Questions
John R. Dickinson

Session 3.1. Sensory Cues, Touching, Self-Tracking, and Scandals!

39. Download and Run: An Investigation of Consumer Empowerment Through the Effects of Digital Self-Tracking
Mujde Yuksel, George R. Milne

40. Shining Bright Like a Diamond? It Might Be Rich, But Only in Calories! A Structured Abstract
Felipe Pantoja, Adilson Borges, Amanda Pruski Yamim, Patricia Rossi

41. Can’t Touch This: Haptic Cues and Their Personality
Nina Krey, Joanne M. Tran, Julie Moulard

Session 3.3. Global CB

42. The Role of Country of Origin on Purchase Behavior of Luxury Brands: A Conceptual Framework from India
Varsha Jain, Don Schultz

43. Education Fever: Exploring Private Education Consumption Motivations Among Korean Parents of Preschool Children
Hongjoo Woo, Nancy N. Hodges

44. A Reexamination of Cultural-Based Effects on Judgment: The Impacts of Consumer Involvement and Product Involvement
Guohua Wu, Xin Liu, Jing Hu

45. The Effect of Acculturation on Consumer Disidentification and Consumption Behavior Among Cuban and Puerto Rican Immigrants in the US
Sigal Segev, Aviv Shoham, Yossi Gavish

Session 3.4. Promotion and Brand Management

46. Decoding the Effects of a Product’s Cast Shadow on Brand Evaluations in Promotional Contexts: A Structured Abstract
Nazuk Sharma

47. The Brand-As-Verb Phenomenon, Our Genericidal Pastime: Searching for the Truth Behind Googling, Xeroxing, Fedexing, and Much More
R. Wixel Barnwell, Kevin J. Shanahan

48. How Does Brand Age Influence Consumers’ Attitudes to Firm’s Unethical Behaviors?
Chi Zhang, Saim Kashmiri, Melissa Cinelli

49. The Third Time Is the Charm: Proposing and Validating an Abbreviated Brand Love Scale
Phillip Hartley, Luis Torres

Session 3.5. Channel Surfing and Disintermediation

50. A Historical Examination of the Introduction of the Web as a Direct Marketing Channel
Joyce A. Young, R. Keith Tudor, Ernest Capozzoli

51. Measuring B2B Relationship Quality in an Online Context: Exploring the Roles of Service Quality, Power, and Loyalty
Róisín Vize, Joseph Coughlan, Alieen Keneedy, Fiona Ellis-Chadwick

Session 3.6. Consumer Behavior I

52. Hedonic Versus Utilitarian Products: The Dawn of Intra-Product Category Research
Anh Dang

53. Effects of Price/Quantity Presentation Order and Timing on Consumer Value Judgements
Shuya Lu, Danny Weathers, Juliana White

54. Get Discount in Chocolate and Get More Toothpaste! The Effect of Product Preferences on Promotion About Price-Off and Value-Added According to Product Type: Focusing on Hedonic and Utilitarian Product
Seolwoo Park

55. Luxury? Necessity! How the Cell Phone Became Indispensible in Today’s Consumer Culture: A Structured Abstract
Jakob Braun

Session 3.7. Teaching Award Winners

56. Use of In-Class Experiential Learning to Promote Student Engagement
Jane Z. Sojka

57. Extending Experiential Learning: Blending Theory with Practical Applications
Dipayan Biswas

Session 4.1. International Marketing Part 2: Tales from Africa

58. How Retailers in Ghana Position Themselves
Michael Nkrumah, Gertrude Osae-Addo, Charles Blankson, Seth Ketron

59. Brand Africa: We and They
Penelope Muzanenhamo, David C. Arnott

60. The Informal Economy and Marketing: Reviewing Multidisciplinary Literature and Advancing Future Research
Syed Tariq Anwar

61. Service Firm Identification from an Outsider’s Or Better Yet an Immigrant’s Point of View
Emeka Anaza, Nwamaka A. Anaza

Session 4.2. Retail Influences Up the Chain, Across the World, and Over to Other Retailers

62. Protecting Retailers Against Contagion: Exploring the Shielding Role of Marketing in the Negative Spillover of the Target Customer Data Breach
Saim Kashmiri, Cameron Duncan Nicol, Liwu Hsu

63. Capable, Caring, Culpable? Retailer and Supplier Responsibilities for Promoting Healthier Eating
Marzena Nieroda, Peter McGoldrick, Debbie Keeling

64. Exploring Factors that Influence US Consumers’ International Online Outshopping (IOO) Intentions at E-Tailers in Developing Countries: Propositions
Bharath Ramkumar, Byoungho Jin

Session 4.3. Self, Identify

65. An Examination of the Role of Objective Self-Awareness on Cosmetic Surgery Motivations
Atefeh Yazdanparast

66. Activating Multiple Facets of the Self: Identity-Signaling and Brand Personality
Marilyn Giroux, Bianca Grohmann

67. Absinthe: an Exploration of the Role of Mythology and Ritual in Market Revival
Lauren I. Labrecque, Garret M. Warr, Joseph Labrecque

68. Revisiting the Self and Exploring Its Role in Identity Formation
Obinna Obilo, Bruce Alford, David Locander

Session 4.4. Marketing Communications: A Cultural Perspective

69. Will They Walk or Will They Talk? Comparing Chinese and American Consumers
Anjala S. Krishen, Han-fen Hu, Jordan Gunderson

70. Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC): Conceptual and Theoretical Lacunae, Foundational Premises, and Framework
Sreedhar Madhavaram, Vishag Badrinarayanan, Pelin Bicen

Session 4.5. Developing New Offering: The Big Picture

71. A Preliminary Examination into the Motivating Factors of Crowdfunding Backers
Mya Pronschinske Groza, Mark D. Groza, Luis Miguel Barral

72. The Influence of Producer–Supplier Exchanges and Environmental Dynamics on NPD
Ellen Thomas, Michael Obal

73. Service Innovation: Taking Stock of Existing Literature
Md Rokonuzzaman, Audhesh Paswan

Session 4.6. Consumer Behavior II

74. Consumer Social Responsibility: a New Barrier for International Marketers?
Jieqiong (Jeccy) Ma, Jie Yang

75. Review of the Incentive Literature
Yueming Zou

76. Grip Your Mobile Phone If You Want to Control Your Impulsive Purchase: the Relationship Between Strength of Grip and Control of Impulsive Purchase
Seolwoo Park

77. Online Advertising Using Facebook Photos: the Risk and Reward of Using Consumers’ Profile Pictures
McDowell Porter, Matthew Lastner

Session 4.7. Corporations and CSR

78. CSR as an Adaptive Selling Tool: a Novel Framework and a Robust Analysis Proposal
Jorge Fresneda, Daniel Korschun, Prabakar Kothandaraman

79. Performance Outcome of CSR Behavior: Moderating Role of Motivations to Engage
Chitra Srivastava Dabas, Brenda Sternquist

Session 5.1. International Marketing Part 3: A Global Perspective

80. Chief Marketing Officers and Firm Performance: A Multinational Perspective on the Value Relevance of the Chief Marketer
Atanas Nik Nikolov, Mihail Miletkov, Plamen Peev

81. Innovation as a Dynamic Capability and Its Link to Performance in the Multinational Corporation: An Integrative Framework and Propositions for Research
Nayyer Naseem, Swati Verma, Attila Yaprak

Session 5.2. Market (Re)creation Through Innovation and Entrepreneurship

82. Market (Re)creation Through Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Melissa Archpru Akaka, Sharon Alvarez, Hans Kjellberg, Suvi Nenonen, Kaj Storbacka, Stephen L. Vargo, Peter Whalen, Susan Young

Session 5.3. Services and CB

83. The Effects of Different Types of Control in Co-production Experiences
Jennifer L. Stevens, Carol L. Esmark, Stephanie M. Noble

84. Front-Line Employee Deviance, Encounter Satisfaction, and Customer Citizenship Behavior: An Experimental Design
Achillleas Boukis, Nikoletta-Theofania Siamagka, Farhana Tabassum, Minas Kastanakis

85. Service Coopetition Under Alliance: A Competitive Dynamics Perspective
Wei-Lun Chang

86. The Role of Customer Readiness in Customer Participation in Non-technology-based Service Delivery and Its Outcomes
Atieh Poushneh, Arturo Z. Vasquez-Parraga

Session 5.4. Building Your Brand with Social Media

87. Characteristic of Social Media Marketing Strategy and Customer-Based Brand Equity Outcomes: A Conceptual Model
Phuoc H. Pham, Bashar S. Gammoh

88. The Effect of Social Media on Customer Satisfaction and Relationship Strength in a Service with High Perceived Risk in Japan
Kaede Sano, Hiroki Sano

89. The Dynamics of eWOM and Business Outcomes: An Empirical Investigation of the Impact of Social Media on Box Office Revenue
Kacy K. Kim, Sukki Yoon

Session 5.5. You did What with Whom?!: Innovation Through Cooperation

90. Choosing the Right Partners: The Impact of Internal and External Integration on Innovation Performance
Michael Obal, Rangapriya Kannan-Narasimhan, Guihan Ko

91. Technology Sourcing for Website Personalization: A Supply- and Demand-Side Perspective
Poonam Oberoi, Chirag Patel, Christophe Haon

92. Open-Source Strategy to Enhance Imaginative Intensity and Profits
Nobuyuki Fukawa, Yanzhi Zhang, Sunil Erevelles

93. Customer Participation in New Product Development and New Product Performance: The Moderating Role of Expertise
Todd Morgan, Michael Obal

Session 5.6. Analysis Methods in Marketing

94. A Rasch Perspective on Firm Financial Performance in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Thani Jambulingam, Carolin Schellhorn, Rajneesh Sharma

95. Deviant Sociospheres: When Early, Unusual Influence Patterns Proclaim the Coming of Unusual Choices
Jose-Domingo Mora

96. Logical Analysis of Formative Measurement
George R. Franke

97. May I Have Your Attention Please? The Effectiveness of Attention Checks in Validity Assessment
Stacie F. Waites, Nicole Ponder

Session 5.8. Online and Social Media Research Methods

98. Perceptual Depreciation and Product Rarity for Online Exchange Willingness of Second-Hand Goods
Kuei-Feng Chang, Hao-Wei Yang

99. This Is Sensitive, Let Me Talk to an Avatar: A Structured Abstract
Catherine A. Roster, Matthew D. Pickard, Yixing Chen

100. #IHATEYOURBRAND: Social Media Service Recovery Strategies via Twitter
Alexandra Krallman, Toni R. Ford, Mark J. Pelletier, Alisha Horky

Session 6.1. Food, Wine, and Coca-Cola!

101. The Effects of Objective and Subjective Knowledge on the Exploratory Acquisition of Wine
Leyland Pitt, Frauke Mattison Thompson, Anne Engstrom, Joe Velle, Adam Mills, Jan Kietzmann

102. Sponsoring FIFA World Cup vs. Olympic Games: Coca Cola, a Classic American Brand, and Its Explicit and Implicit Sponsoring Success at Worldwide Sports Events
Steffen Schmidt, Sascha Langner, Nadine Hennigs, Matthias Limbach, Matthias Rothensee, Klaus-Peter Wiedmann

103. Effects of Environmental Factors in Nudging School Children Towards More Healthful Food Choices in School Cafeterias
Courtney Szocs, Dipayan Biswas

Session 6.2. Retail Strategies Within and Across the Stores and Shopping Channels

104. Cost Efficiency of Multiple Store Retailers: A Comparison of Purchasing and Store Operation Costs
Takumi Tagashira, Chieko Minami

105. Moving Towards an Omni-Channel Strategy: Process and Challenges
Picot-Coupey Karine, Huré Elodie, Piveteau Lauren

106. Branded Store-Within-Stores: Differential Impact of “Star” vs. “Supporting Cast” Brands on Brand and Retailer Outcomes
Vishag Badrinarayanan, Enrique Becerra

Session 6.3. Consumption and Brands

107. Post-consumption Guilt and Rumination: How Positive Reinterpretation Can Help and Drive Satisfaction
Renaud Lunardo, Camille Saintives

108. Explaining Behavior in Brand Communities: A Sequential Model of Attachment, Tribalism, and Self-Esteem
Jeremy J. Sierra, Vishag A. Badrinarayanan, Harry A. Taute

109. The Interplay of Brand Attachment and Brand Extension Success
Daniel Heinrich, David E. Sprott, Carmen-Maria Albrecht

110. Towards an Understanding of the Role of Context on the Psychological Meaning of Products and Brands
Kristy McManus, William Magnus Northington

Session 6.4. Engaging and Influencing Your Audience Through Social Media

111. An Investigation into the Driving Mechanisms of Consumer Engagement
Nikoletta-Theofania Siamagka, Khanyapuss Punjaisri, Maria Vittoria Antonacci

112. @Size vs. #Impact: Social Media Engagement Differences Amongst Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
Alexandra Krallman, Mark J. Pelletier, Frank G. Adams

113. Managing Social Consumer Voice: A Structured Abstract
Joanna Phillips Melancon, Vassilis Dalakas

Session 6.5. Channel Integration and Business Networks

114. Market and Organizational Influences on Inter-Organizational Network Participation
Kimberly S. Davey, Thomas L. Powers

115. ICT’s Integration Effects on the Relationship Benefits and Business Process in Industrial Markets
Fumikazu Morimura, Chieko Minami, Kenichi Nishioka

116. Supplier–Customer Relationship in a Business Network Context
Susumu Ohira, Daisuke Ishida, Naoto Onzo

Session 6.6. Branding and Sales Management

117. An Empirical Examination of Firm-Initiated Service Termination: A Perceived Justice Perspective
Amin Nazifi, Dahlia El-Manstrly

118. Salespeople as Specific Human Assets: An Application of the Transaction Cost and Relational Approaches to Exchange Governance
Matthew M. Lastner, Rebecca L. Rast

119. Brand Valuation in the PRC Market: Toward Understanding the Nuances in Consumers’ States of Mind
Jiani Jiang

Session 7.1. Gambling, Drinking, Fantasies, and American Football!

120. Beautiful Brutality: Subjective Personal Introspection and One Consumer’s Struggle to Enjoy American Football
Jason Flores

121. Is Fantasy Becoming Reality and Leaving Reality Behind? Investigating the Impact of Fantasy Leagues on Professional Sports League Consumption
Arne Baruca, Roberto “Bobby” Saldivar, Jason Flores

122. Fantasy Sports and Gambling: A Comparison of Antecedent Traits and Motivations
David Houghton, Bryan McLeod, Edward Nowlin

Session 7.3. Social Perspectives

123. A New Insight into Customer Citizenship Behavior: Concept and Theoretical Framework
Arash Hosseinzadeh

124. Forgiven the Right Way: The Role of Regulatory Fit in Brand Apologies and Forgiveness
Young-A Song, So Young Lee, Tae Rang Choi, Marcos Duran

125. An Exploratory Investigation of the Impact of Consumer Emotions and Attitudes on Patronage Intention After Mall Shooting Episodes
Jennifer Yurchisin, Kittichai Watchravesringkan, Ruoh-Nan Yan

126. Need for Drama: Scale Development
Christy Ashley

Session 7.4. Effective Communications in B2B Marketing

127. Understanding the Strengths and Weaknesses of a Firm’s Overall Restaurant Brand Image: An Importance Performance Analysis
Jennifer A. Espinosa, Lisa Monahan, David J. Ortinau

128. Branding and Consumers’ Narratives of Banking in the Financial Crisis
David A. Gilliam, Teresa K. Preston

Session 7.5. People in Sales: Consultative Selling, Relationship Building, and Job Satisfaction of Salespeople

129. The In’s and Out’s of Incumbent Sales Rep Consultation in the Pre-decision Stage of Organizational Purchasing
Leff Bonney, Willy Bolander, Bryan W. Hochstein

130. Salesperson Market Orientation Behavior: Its Antecedents and the Mediating Role of Working Smart Behaviors in Sales Performance
Yen-Chun Chen, Adriana Amaya Rivas, Wann-Yih Wu

131. Relationship Marketing Through Personal Selling in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Nadine A. Yehya

132. The Impact of Salespeople’s Attribution Biases on Job Satisfaction: The Concept of Unwarranted Satisfaction
Christine Jaushyuam Lai, René Y. Darmon

Session 7.6. Services Marketing

133. The Effect of Information Organization and Decision Process on Decision Speed and Accuracy in a Purchase Task Context
Shih-Lun Tseng, Shuya Lu

134. Let Me Get My Manager: The Effects of Participation in Cocreated Service Recovery on Frontline Employees
Michael C. Peasley, Joshua T. Coleman

135. What Attracts You to Shopping Malls?: The Relationship Between Perceived Shopping Value and Shopping Orientation on Purchase Intention at Shopping Malls in Suburban Areas
Seolwoo Park

Session 7.7. Social Responsibility and Business

136. Developing a Business Sustainability Framework Based Upon the Triple Bottom Line Approach
Göran Svensson, Nils Høgevold, Daniel J Petzer, Carlos Ferro, Carmen Padin, Beverly Wagner, Juan Carlos Sosa Varela, HB Klopper

137. Corporate Social Responsibility and Nonfinancial Disclosure: The Need for Reporting Guidelines to Be Based on Simplicity, Comparability and Accessibility, A Structured Abstract
Heather F. Ross, Tina Harrison

138. Corporate Social Responsibility Scale Development Proposal
Jeremy Morgan

Session 8.1. Branding of Products and Services

139. Celebrity Endorsement in the Airline Sector
Stephen W. Wang, Angeline Close, Waros Ngamsiriudom

140. A Postmodern Perspective on Marketing Strategies in the Necessitation of Products: A Structured Abstract
Jakob Braun

Session 8.2. Advancing the Cause of Cause-Related Marketing

141. Special Sessions Description: Advancing the Cause of Cause-Related Marketing
Josh Coleman, Katharine Howie, Parker Woodroof, Rebecca VanMeter

Session 8.3. Decision Making

142. The Role of Distraction Effects on Weak-Tie Brand Extensions
Yuli Zhang, Hyokjin Kwak

143. Mental Accounting and Tuition Increases
John Godek, Kyle B. Murray, Gary Karns

144. How Service Recovery Saves the Buyers: The Role of Forgiveness
Weiling Zhuang, Maxwell K. Hsu

Session 8.4. Social Influence and Marketing Communications

145. Celebrity Endorsement and Market Valuation: Evidence from India
Arpita Agnihotri, Saurabh Bhattacharya

146. Testing the French Ad-Evoked Nostalgia Scale in a Nomological Network
Altaf Merchant, John B. Ford, Christian Dianoux, Jean-Luc Hermann

Session 8.5. Exchange Governance and Sustainability

147. Stakeholder Considerations in Business Sustainability Efforts
Nils Høgevold, Göran Svensson, Juan Carlos Sosa Varela, H. B. Klopper, Carmen Padin, Carlos Ferro, Daniel J Petzer, Beverly Wagner

148. Supply Chain Governance Tensions: A Qualitative Exploration of Business-to-Business Relationship Structures
Frank G. Adams, V. Myles Landers, Colin B. Gabler

149. The Impact of Product Disposal Strategies on Triple Bottom-Line Performance in Supply Chains: The Role of Relational Resources
Karthik N. S. Iyer, Gopal Dutt

Session 8.7. Can Marketing Enhance Consumer Empowerment?

150. Using Community-Based Social Marketing to Change Youth Littering Behavior
Mine Üçok Hughes, Will McConnell

151. Paving the Way to a Safety Culture: Introducing a Hierarchical Feedback-Based Framework
Anjala S. Krishen, Pushkin Kachroo, Shaurya Agarwal

152. Sustainability Marketing Strategies: How Self-Efficacy and Controllability Can Stimulate Pro-environmental Behaviors for Individuals
Marilyn Giroux, Frank Pons, Lionel Maltese

Session 9.1. International Marketing Part 4: Luxury, Retail, and Service Value

153. The Impact of National Culture on Retail Structure
Boryana V. Dimitrova, Bert Rosenbloom, Trina Larsen Andras

154. Antecedents and Outcomes of Country-of-Origin Effect: The Extended Self-Congruity Context (ESCT)
Dafnis N. Coudounaris

155. Evolutionary Origins of Female and Male Shopping Styles
Charles Dennis, J. Joško Brakus, Gemma Garcia, Charles McIntyre, Tamira King, Eleftherios Alamanos

156. The Impact of National Context on Consumer Evaluation of Service Value: A Qualitative Study of Developed and Emerging International Market Consumers
Ethelbert O. Chukwuagozie, Jikyeong Kang

Session 9.3. Consumer Behavior Mix I

157. The Effectiveness of Donation Advertising: An Experimental Study for Felt Ethnicity and Messages on In-Groups and Out-Groups
Christina Chung, Emi Moriuchi

158. Nostalgia’s Role in Retromarketing
Damien Hallegatte, François Marticotte

159. Consumer Behavior and Religion: An Investigation in Singapore
Lynn R. Kahle, Elizabeth A. Minton, Tan Soo Jiuan, Siok Kuan Tambyah

Session 9.4. Consumer Behavior Perspectives on Social Media

160. ‘Remember When?’: Analyzing Nostalgic and General Facebook Posts
Sergio Davalos, Altaf Merchant, Gregory Rose

161. Measuring Trust in Electronic Word of Mouth: A Rigid Research Framework
Wolfgang Weitzl, Robert Zniva

162. I Will Follow Him: The Value of Human Brands’ Social Media Power for New Product Success
Ann-Kristin Knapp, Nora Paehler Holte, Thorsten Hennig-Thurau

163. Digital Buddies: Parasocial Interactions and Relationships in Social Media Communities
Mujde Yuksel

Session 9.5. The Big Picture of Sales Management: Marketing Integration, Coaching, and Brands

164. An Initial Assessment of Measurement Invariance in Sales Force Coaching: Comparing the French and Spanish Versions of Ellinger’s Coaching Measure
Claudio Pousa

165. The Sales/Marketing Integration Gap: The Joint Impact of Environmental, Firm, and Functional Drivers on Realized Versus Desired Integration
Stefan Sleep, Son K. Lam, John Hulland

Session 9.6. Price, Promotions, and Fees

166. In Which Conditions Do Price Promotions Have the Most Negative Effects on Product Attitudes? A Structured Abstract
Silke Bambauer-Sachse, Laura Massera

167. Consumers’ Perceptions of Online and Bricks-and-Mortar Advertised Price Promotions
Monika Kukar-Kinney, Jeffrey R. Carlson

168. Price Discount and Gift Choice: The Interplay Between Economic and Social Value
Zhuofan Zhang, Fernando R. Jiménez

Session 9.7. The Use and Impact of Social Media in Marketing Education

169. The Use of Social Media in Higher Education
Tim Foster, Mana Farshid, Sadia Juena, Åsa Wallström

170. Toward a Better Understanding of Marketing Students’ Perceptions of Twitter as a Pedagogical Tool
Khaled Aboulnasr

171. Chevys, ADDYs, and Fink’s: Oh My! The Creation of Award Winning Advertising Within an Educational Context
Theresa Billiot, Kevin J. Shanahan, R. Wixel Barnwell

Session 9.8. Wearable Technology: Trends and Opportunities for Organizations

172. Wearable Technology: Trends and Opportunities for Organizations
Karen Robson, Leyland Pitt, Jan Kietzmann, Wade Halvorson, Asa Wallstrom

Session 10.1. International Marketing Part 5: Communication in Global Environment

173. Efficacy of Promotional Offers in Poor Households: Insights from the Bottom of the Pyramid
Shruti Gupta

174. The Analytical Model of Country Resources, Country Image, and Foreign Direct Investment: The Country Branding Implications
Qin Sun

175. You Look Marvelous: The World of Flattery in Marketing
Xin Wang, Namika Sagara, Lynn Kahle

Session 10.3. Consumer Behavior Mix II

176. The Influence of Perceived Justice on Service Satisfaction and Behavioral Intentions in Service Encounters at Retail Banks in a Post-complaint Setting
Daniel J. Petzer, Göran Svensson, Christine F. Meyer-Heydenrych

177. Half Empty Versus Half Full: Linguistic Effects on Numerical Perceptions
Christopher Lee

Session 10.4. Co-Creation of Value in the Digital World

178. Contemporary E-Commerce Sites: Perceived Value of Netflix Self-Service App
Adesegun Oyedele

179. The Impact of Webshop Familiarity and Online Customer Review Valence on Customer’s Trust and Purchase, Word-of-Mouth, and Information Seeking Intentions
Ardion Beldad, Joyce Karreman, Joske Behrens

180. Customer Value Co-creation in Social Media: Conceptualization and Antecedents
Arash Hosseinzadeh, Mohammadali Zolfagharian

181. The Effect of Product Reviews on the Purchase Intent of Bundled Products
Patrick Fennell, Chatt Pongpatipat

Session 10.5. Sports Marketing and Fan Reactions

182. Stochastic Nature of Attending Behavior at Sporting Events: A Structured Abstract
Giang Trinh

183. “I Can’t Stand My Team, but I Can’t Live Without It”: Ambivalence Among Highly Identified Sports Fans
Frank Pons, Marilyn Giroux, Lionel Maltese, Julie Guidry Moulard

184. Investigating the Impact of Technology Use on the Efficacy of Broadcast Brand Integration
Jonathan A. Jensen, Joe B. Cobbs, Patrick Walsh, Brian A. Turner

185. From TV Commercial to Online Search: Effectiveness of Super Bowl Advertising
Dan Li

Session 10.6. Consumer Motivations and Value in Retailing

186. Exploring Showrooming Experiences at Small Retailers
Alisha Horky, Joel Collier

187. How Vital Is Price to Compulsive Collectors?
Nancy Ridgway, Monika Kukar-Kinney, Amit Eynan

188. The Interpersonal Utility of Shopping: Confirmatory Study and Implications
Jose-Domingo Mora, Eva Maria Gonzalez Hernandez, Manouchehr Yousef Sibdari

Session 10.7. Marketing and the Socially-Conscious Consumer Interface

189. Pity in Charity Advertisements: The Effects of Sympathy, Control Attributions, and Identification with the Victim
Renaud Lunardo, Valery Bezençon

190. Perceived Marketplace Influence and Sustainable Consumption: Does What We Do Matter?
R. Bret Leary, Richard J. Vann

191. Are We All Equal in the Face of Social Comparison? The Moderating Role of Consumer Values: A Structured Abstract
Amanda Pruski Yamim, Walter Meucci Nique, Adilson Borges

192. Understanding and Defining the Socially Conscious Consumer
Alexis Croswell, Kevin Lehnert, Christian Hinsch

Session 11.1. Spectator Sports, Value Co-Creation, and Connectedness

193. Co-creation in the Sport Media Network: Attention Creating and Attention Destruction Interdependencies Between Live and Media Advertisements
Guido Ellert, Simon Dallwig

194. Co-creation of Value Through Virtual Sports Communities
Nick Hajli

195. Fan Experience in Spectator Sports and the Feeling of Social Connectedness
Maximilian Stieler, Claas Christian Germelmann

Session 11.4. Promotion and Social Marketing

196. Do Pro-social Ads Influence Social Attitudes and Consumer Response?
Kevin Lehnert, Christian Hinsch, Alexis Croswell

197. There’s a Silver Lining: Information Quality, Trust, and Positive Meaning After a Crisis
Maria Ek Styvén, Anne Engström, Esmail Salehi‐Sangari, Mana Farshid

198. The Mediating Role of Message Concreteness and Perceived Persuasiveness in Explaining the Match Effect Between Temporal Frame and Self-View
Seungae Lee, Kate Pounders

Session 11.5. Value Creation in Marketing Channels

199. Protecting Brand Value: Walking the Talk After the Sale
Joël Bon, Doug Hughes, Wyatt Schrock, Dwight Merunka

200. Can High-Status Local Partners Lead to Success in Developing Economies? Managing Quality, Order, and Opportunism in Emerging Markets
Annie H. Liu, A. Noel Gould, Yang Yu

201. The Effects of Customer Orientation and Relationship Marketing on the Performance of Logistics Firms in Taiwan
Stephen W. Wang

Session 11.6. Store Satisfaction, Patronage, and Customer Referrals

202. Price and Quality Value: Impacts on Store and Service Satisfaction
Thomas L. Powers, J’Aime C. Jennings, Eric Jack

203. The Effect of Consumer Local Engagement and Personal Values to Local Store Patronage
Mika Skippari, Jussi Nyrhinen, Heikki Karjaluoto

204. Friends and Family: To Refer or Not to Refer?
Stephanie M. Mangus, Patrick Fennell

Session 11.7. Levels of Knowing in Consumers, Ethics, and Policy Research

205. When Do Anticipated Guilt Ads Lead to Ethical Consumption? Identifying Moderating Variables from a Literature Review
Sabrina Spence, Kai-Yu Wang, Narongsak Thongpapanl, Todd Green

206. Consumer Perceptions of Green Marketing Claims: An Examination of the Relationships with Type of Claim and Credibility
Carolyn (Casey) Findley Musgrove, Pilsik Choi, K. Chris Cox

207. Knowledge Is Power: Why Public Knowledge Matters to Charities
Maureen Bourassa, Abbey Stang

208. Knowledge Utilization by Policy Makers: Is There a Role for Marketing?
Lauren Arnold, Maureen Bourassa, Loleen Berdahl, Jana Fried, Scott Bell

Session 12.5. Technology and Problem Solving in the Selling Environment

209. Antecedents and Consequences of Sales Force Technology Use
Rocío Rodríguez, Sergio Román

210. Sales Force Acceptance of Disruptive Technologies
Michael Obal, Nathan Fong

211. Business-to-Business Solution Provision: An Empirical Investigation of the Deliberate vs. Creative Problem-Solving Routines of Salespeople
Sreedhar Madhavaram, Vishag Badrinarayanan

Session 12.6. Reviews, Reviewing, and Comparative Methods in Marketing

212. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: A Comparative Evaluation of Six Structural Equation Modeling Methods
Kai O. Thiele, Marko Sarstedt, Christian M. Ringle

213. Living Dangerously: Generalizing in Case Study Research
Jillian Farquhar, Linda Deigh

Session 12.7. Decision Making

214. Jumped or Pushed? Understanding Customer Switching in the Banking Context
Hanim Misbah, Tina Harrison, Essam Ibrahim

215. Driving Employee-Based Brand Equity
Achillleas Boukis, George Christodoulides

Keywords: Business and Management, Marketing, Business Strategy/Leadership, Sales/Distribution

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Developments in Marketing Science: Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing Science
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