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Biocultural Diversity in Europe

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Table of contents

1. Biocultural Diversity and Landscape in Europe: Framing the Issue
Mauro Agnoletti, Francesca Emanueli

Part I. Landscape Characters and Biocultural Diversity

2. The Traditional Mediterranean Polycultural Landscape as Cultural Heritage: Its Origin and Historical Importance, Its Agro-Silvo-Pastoral Complexity and the Necessity for Its Identification and Inventory
Giuseppe Barbera, Sebastiano Cullotta

3. Connections Between Natural and Cultural Diversities in the Landscape of the Małopolski Vistula Gorge and the Nałęczów Plateau (Eastern Poland)
Barbara Bożętka

4. Wooded Grasslands as Part of the European Agricultural Heritage
Csaba Centeri, Hans Renes, Michael Roth, Alexandra Kruse, Sebastian Eiter, Jutta Kapfer, Antonio Santoro, Mauro Agnoletti, Francesca Emanueli, Maurizia Sigura, Martina Slámová, Marta Dobrovodská, Dagmar Štefunková, Zdeněk Kučera, Dénes Saláta, Anna Varga, Salvador Villacreces, Johannes Dreer

5. A Comparative Study of Two Mediterranean Transhumant Systems and the Biocultural Diversity Associated with Them
Pablo Domínguez

6. Apicultural Spaces as Biocultural Places: A Comparative Temporal and Spatial Examination of Beekeeping Practices and Their Contextual Landscapes in the Northwest Apennines
Robert Hearn, Rebekka Dossche

7. History and Traditional Management of Italian Wood Pastures
Francesca Emanueli, Mauro Agnoletti

8. The Making of Olive Landscapes in the South of Spain. A History of Continuous Expansion and Intensification
Juan Infante-Amate, Inmaculada Villa, Eduardo Aguilera, Eva Torremocha, Gloria Guzmán, Antonio Cid, Manuel González de Molina

9. Historical Landscape of Lun Olive Trees at Pag Island, Croatia
Jadran Kale

10. Rewilding the French Pyrenean Landscape: Can Cultural and Biological Diversity Successfully Coexist?
Tony Knight

11. Traditional Agriculture as Cultural Heritage. Forgotten Agroforestry Practices Recorded in Textual Part of Nineteenth Century Tax Records
Jana Krčmářová, Martin Arnold

12. Plant Toponyms as a Tool in Investigating Possible Links Between Cultural and Biological Diversity. The Case of Tuscany
Maria Adele Signorini, Bruno Foggi, Laura Cassi, Luca Ongaro, Federica Frondizi

13. Traditional Agricultural Practices, Land Cover Diversity and Biodiversity in the Southern Podpolanie Region
Martina Slámová, Peter Jančura, Vladimíra Fabriciusová, Boris Beláček, Katarína Zrníková, Zlatica Prídavková

14. Ecological and Cultural Diversity of Traditional Mountain Agricultural Landscape: A Case Study from Slovakia
Jana Špulerová, Marta Dobrovodská, Stanislav Dávid, Ľuboš Halada, Peter Gajdoš

15. Religion and the Management of the Commons. The Sacred Forests of Epirus
Kalliopi Stara, Rigas Tsiakiris, Vasilis Nitsiakos, John M. Halley

16. Historical Development of Forest Patterns in Former Slash and Burn Sites in Southern Estonia
Pille Tomson, Robert Gerald Henry Bunce, Kalev Sepp

Part II. Management and Conservation Approaches

17. The Garfagnana Model for Exploiting Agrarian and Cultural Biodiversity: The White Garfagnina Sheep Breed, a Case Study of Sustainable Local Development
Francesca Camilli, Sandro Pieroni

18. Resilient Agrarian Landscapes in Face of Changes: The Coevolutive Approach to Understand the Links Between Communities and Environmental Characters
Catherine Dezio, Aurora Cavallo, Davide Marino

19. Chestnut Management Practice as Tool for Natural and Cultural Landscaping
Giacomo Tagliaferri, Sara Di Lonardo

20. Does the Conservation Status of a Caledonian Forest also Indicate Cultural Ecosystem Value?
David Edwards, Tim Collins, Reiko Goto

21. Linking Biocultural Diversity and Sacred Sites: Evidence and Recommendations in the European Framework
Fabrizio Frascaroli, Bas Verschuuren

22. Ingenious Agricultural Heritage in Cold Oases Connected to Collective Grazing Areas (Haut Atlas, Maroc)
Jean Gault, Seddik Saïdi

23. The Integration of Modern and Traditional Agriculture in the Cultural Landscapes of Poland
Józef Hernik, Robert Dixon-Gough, Barbara Czesak, Maria Pazdan

24. Preserving the Mediterranean Diet Through Holistic Strategies for the Conservation of Traditional Farming Systems
Luigi Ponti, Andrew Paul Gutierrez, Miguel A. Altieri

25. Conserving Biological and Cultural Diversity Along the Latin Arc: The Role of Protected Areas
Emma Salizzoni

26. Identification of Values of the Designed Landscapes: Two Case Studies from the Czech Republic
Markéta Šantrůčková, Martin Weber

27. Convention on Biological Diversity and European Landscape Convention: An Alliance for Biocultural Diversity?
Bianca Maria Seardo

28. The Nexus Between Landscape Elements and Traditional Practices for Cultural Landscape Management
Mateja Šmid Hribar, Mimi Urbanc

Keywords: Life Sciences, Landscape Ecology, Sustainable Development, Forestry Management

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Environmental History
Page amount
13 pages
Natural Sciences
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