Hayflick, Leonard

Cellular Ageing and Replicative Senescence

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Table of contents

Part I. History and Origins

1. Origins of the Hayflick System, the Phenomenon and the Limit
Suresh I. S. Rattan

2. Experimental Foundations of the Hayflick System
Suresh I. S. Rattan

Part II. Serial Passaging and Progressive Changes

3. Slowing Down of the Cell Cycle During Fibroblast Proliferation
Alvaro Macieira-Coelho

4. Influence of Donor Age and Species Longevity on Replicative Cellular Senescence
Antonello Lorenzini, Andrea B. Maier

5. Ageing of the Stem Cells: The Conjoined Twosome Growing Old: Stem Cell and Its Niche
Günter Lepperdinger

6. Ageing and Senescence in Immune Cells In Vitro and In Vivo
Graham Pawelec, Yvonne Barnett

7. Telomeres Shortening: A Mere Replicometer?
Stella Victorelli, João F. Passos

8. Modeling Cellular Aging: An Introduction – Mathematical and Computational Approaches
Tarynn M. Witten

Part III. Ageing, Cancer and Senescence

9. Cell Cycle Checkpoints and Senescence
Renu Wadhwa, Zeenia Kaul, Sunil C. Kaul

10. Mitochondrial Reactive Oxygen Species in Cellular Senescence
Timothy Nacarelli, Claudio Torres, Christian Sell

11. Cellular Aging and Tumor Regulation
Andreas Simm, Barbara Seliger, Lars-Oliver Klotz

12. Biomarkers of Replicative Senescence Revisited
Jan O. Nehlin

Part IV. Ageing Modulators

13. Stress-Induced (Premature) Senescence
Florence Debacq-Chainiaux, Randa Ben Ameur, Emilie Bauwens, Elise Dumortier, Marie Toutfaire, Olivier Toussaint

14. Implications of Cellular Senescence on Aging and Disease in the Brain
Elizabeth P. Crowe, S. Ferit Tuzer, Justin Cohen, Emre C. Yetkin, Luca D’Agostino, Christian Sell, Claudio Torres

15. Small Noncoding RNAs in Senescence and Aging
Joseph M. Dhahbi

16. Targeting Senescent Cells to Improve Human Health
Tobias Wijshake, Jan M. A. Deursen

Part V. Recapitulation and Future Expectations

17. Unlike the Stochastic Events That Determine Ageing, Sex Determines Longevity
Leonard Hayflick

Keywords: Biomedicine, Cytogenetics, Cell Biology, Geriatrics/Gerontology

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