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Landscapes and Landforms of Italy

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Table of contents

1. Introduction to the Landscapes and Landforms of Italy
Mauro Soldati, Mauro Marchetti

Part I. Physical Environment

2. The Great Diversity of Italian Landscapes and Landforms: Their Origin and Human Imprint
Mauro Marchetti, Mauro Soldati, Vittoria Vandelli

3. Outline of the Geology of Italy
Alfonso Bosellini

4. The Climate of Italy
Simona Fratianni, Fiorella Acquaotta

5. Morphological Regions of Italy
Paola Fredi, Elvidio Lupia Palmieri

Part II. Landscapes and Landforms

6. The Glaciers of the Valle d’Aosta and Piemonte Regions: Records of Present and Past Environmental and Climate Changes
Marco Giardino, Giovanni Mortara, Marta Chiarle

7. Landscapes of Northern Lombardy: From the Glacial Scenery of Upper Valtellina to the Prealpine Lacustrine Environment of Lake Como
Irene Bollati, Manuela Pelfini, Claudio Smiraglia

8. The Adamello-Presanella and Brenta Massifs, Central Alps: Contrasting High-Mountain Landscapes and Landforms
Alberto Carton, Carlo Baroni

9. Large Ancient Landslides in Trentino, Northeastern Alps, as Evidence of Postglacial Dynamics
Alberto Carton

10. The Dolomite Landscape of the Alta Badia (Northeastern Alps): A Remarkable Record of Geological and Geomorphological History
Mauro Marchetti, Alessandro Ghinoi, Mauro Soldati

11. The Vajont Valley (Eastern Alps): A Complex Landscape Deeply Marked by Landsliding
Alessandro Pasuto

12. Karst Landforms in Friuli Venezia Giulia: From Alpine to Coastal Karst
Franco Cucchi, Furio Finocchiaro

13. The Tagliamento River: The Fluvial Landscape and Long-Term Evolution of a Large Alpine Braided River
Nicola Surian, Alessandro Fontana

14. Lake Garda: An Outstanding Archive of Quaternary Geomorphological Evolution
Carlo Baroni

15. Geomorphological Processes and Landscape Evolution of the Lagoon of Venice
Aldino Bondesan

16. The Po Delta Region: Depositional Evolution, Climate Change and Human Intervention Through the Last 5000Years
Marco Stefani

17. Landscapes and Landforms Driven by Geological Structures in the Northwestern Apennines
Luisa Pellegrini, Pier Luigi Vercesi

18. Fingerprints of Large-Scale Landslides in the Landscape of the Emilia Apennines
Giovanni Bertolini, Alessandro Corsini, Claudio Tellini

19. Mud Volcanoes in the Emilia-Romagna Apennines: Small Landforms of Outstanding Scenic and Scientific Value
Doriano Castaldini, Paola Coratza

20. The Outstanding Terraced Landscape of the Cinque Terre Coastal Slopes (Eastern Liguria)
Pierluigi Brandolini

21. Tuscany Hills and Valleys: Uplift, Exhumation, Valley Downcutting and Relict Landforms
Mauro Coltorti, Pier Lorenzo Fantozzi, Pierluigi Pieruccini

22. Landscapes and Landforms of the Duchy of Urbino in Italian Renaissance Paintings
Olivia Nesci, Rosetta Borchia

23. Rocky Cliffs Joining Velvet Beaches: The Northern Marche Coast
Daniele Savelli, Francesco Troiani, Paolo Cavitolo, Olivia Nesci

24. The Typical Badlands Landscapes Between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Tiber River
Maurizio Monte

25. The Tuff Cities: A ‘Living Landscape’ at the Border of Volcanoes in Central Italy
Claudio Margottini, Laura Melelli, Daniele Spizzichino

26. A Route of Fire in Central Italy: The Latium Ancient Volcanoes
Paola Fredi, Sirio Ciccacci

27. Relief, Intermontane Basins and Civilization in the Umbria-Marche Apennines: Origin and Life by Geological Consent
Marta Della Seta, Laura Melelli, Gilberto Pambianchi

28. The Terminillo, Gran Sasso and Majella Mountains: The ‘Old Guardians’ of the Tyrrhenian and Adriatic Seas
Tommaso Piacentini, Marcello Buccolini, Enrico Miccadei

Aeternae Urbis Geomorphologia—Geomorphology of Rome, Aeterna Urbs
Maurizio Monte

30. Granite Landscapes of Sardinia: Long-Term Evolution of Scenic Landforms
Rita T. Melis, Felice Gregorio, Valeria Panizza

31. The Coastal Dunes of Sardinia: Landscape Response to Climate and Sea Level Changes
Rita T. Melis, Felice Gregorio, Valeria Panizza

32. The Terrestrial and Submarine Landscape of the Tremiti Archipelago, Adriatic Sea
Enrico Miccadei, Tommaso Piacentini, Francesco Mascioli

33. Vesuvius and Campi Flegrei: Volcanic History, Landforms and Impact on Settlements
Pietro P. C. Aucelli, Ludovico Brancaccio, Aldo Cinque

34. Sorrento Peninsula and Amalfi Coast: The Long-Term History of an Enchanting Promontory
Aldo Cinque

35. The Coastal Landscape of Cilento (Southern Italy): A Challenge for Protection and Tourism Valorisation
Alessio Valente, Paolo Magliulo, Filippo Russo

36. The Salento Peninsula (Apulia, Southern Italy): A Water-Shaped Landscape Without Rivers
Giuseppe Mastronuzzi, Paolo Sansò

37. The Landscape of the Aspromonte Massif: A Geomorphological Open-Air Laboratory
Gaetano Robustelli, Marino Sorriso-Valvo

38. Volcanic Landforms and Landscapes of the Aeolian Islands (Southern Tyrrhenian Sea, Sicily): Implications for Hazard Evaluation
Federico Lucchi, Claudia Romagnoli, Claudio Antonio Tranne

39. Geomorphology of the Capo San Vito Peninsula (NW Sicily): An Example of Tectonically and Climatically Controlled Landscape
Valerio Agnesi, Christian Conoscenti, Cipriano Maggio, Edoardo Rotigliano

40. Landforms and Landscapes of Mount Etna (Sicily): Relationships Between a Volcano, Its Environment and Human Activity
Stefano Branca, David Chester, Emanuela Beni, Angus Duncan

41. Pantelleria Island (Strait of Sicily): Volcanic History and Geomorphological Landscape
Silvio G. Rotolo, Valerio Agnesi, Christian Conoscenti, Giovanni Lanzo

Part III. Geoheritage

42. Geoheritage in Italy
Maria Cristina Giovagnoli

43. Geomorphodiversity in Italy: Examples from the Dolomites, Northern Apennines and Vesuvius
Mario Panizza, Sandra Piacente

44. Goethe’s Italian Journey and the Geological Landscape
Paola Coratza, Mario Panizza

45. Wine Landscapes of Italy
Vincenzo Amato, Mario Valletta

Keywords: Geography, Geomorphology, Earth Sciences, general

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