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Nanostructured Photocatalysts

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Table of contents

Part I. TiO2 Photocatalysts with Unique Structures

1. Novel Titanium Oxide Materials Synthesized by Solvothermal and Supercritical Fluid Processes
Zhenfeng Bian, Yuning Huo, Hexing Li

2. TiO2/Graphene Composites with Excellent Performance in Photocatalysis
Mingyang Xing, Bocheng Qiu, Xiao Li, Jinlong Zhang

3. Controllable Synthesis and Photocatalytic Activities of TiO2 Nanocrystals
Shuai Yuan, Yin Zhao, Liyi Shi

4. Development of Visible Light Responsive Morphology Controlled TiO2 Photocatalyst
Teruhisa Ohno

5. Development of Advanced Nanoarchitectures for Photocatalytic Treatment of NO

Shuning Xiao, Dieqing Zhang, Guisheng Li, Hexing Li

6. Preparation of TiO2 Nanotubes-Based Electrophotocatalysts and Their Applications in Organic Pollutants Oxidation
Bo Tang, Meichuan Liu, Guohua Zhao

7. Hollow Core–Shell Titania Photocatalysts for Selective Organic Synthesis
Sheela Chandren, Bunsho Ohtani

8. Design of Thin Film Photocatalysts Deposited on Rotating Disks for Degradation of Organic Dyes in Wastewater
Kan Li, Jinping Jia

Part II. Doped and Surface Modified TiO2 Photocatalysts

9. Application of Metal Ion Implantation for the Design of Visible Light-Responsive Titanium Oxide Photocatalysts
Hiromi Yamashita, Yuichi Ichihashi

10. Effect of F-Doping on the Photocatalytic Activity and Microstructures of Nanocrystalline TiO2 Powders
Shengwei Liu, Jiaguo Yu

11. Photocatalytic Decomposition of NH3 Over Fe-Doped TiO2 Prepared by Solid-State Impregnation
Yuichi Ichihashi, Atsushi Okemoto, Kazutaka Obata, Keita Taniya, Satoru Nishiyama

12. Surface-Functionalized TiO2 Photocatalyst Modified by the Interfacial Surface Complex (ISC)
Shinya Higashimoto

Part III. Photocatalysts Supported on Unique Supports

13. Photocatalytic Properties of TiO2-Loaded Porous Silica with Hierarchical Macroporous and Mesoporous Architectures
Takashi Kamegawa, Hiromi Yamashita

14. TiO2 Photocatalyst Supported on Surface-Modified Silica Supports
Yasutaka Kuwahara, Xufan Qian, Hiromi Yamashita

15. Photodegradation of Pollutants in Water over TiO2 Supported on Molecular Sieves
Albert Wan, Soofin Cheng

16. Plasmonic Photocatalysts: Preparation and Evaluation
Atsuhiro Tanaka, Hiroshi Kominami

Part IV. Photocatalysts with Advanced Components

17. Nanostructured Elemental Photocatalysts: Development and Challenges
Zhurui Shen, Jimmy C. Yu

18. Application of Layered Double Hydroxides (LDHs) in Photocatalysis
Shoji Iguchi, Kentaro Teramura, Saburo Hosokawa, Tsunehiro Tanaka

19. Bismuth Oxyhalide Nano- and Microstructures: Morphology Modulation and Functionalization
Ling Zhang, Wenzhong Wang

20. Synthesis and Facet-Dependent Properties of Layered BiOCl Photocatalysts
Jie Li, Lizhi Zhang

21. Synthesis and Performance Enhancement for Bi2WO6 as High-Activity Visible-Light-Driven Photocatalysts
Zhen Wei, Yongfa Zhu

22. Preparation and Characterization of Bismuth Tungstate Polycrystalline Flake-Ball Particles for Photocatalytic Reactions
Fumiaki Amano

23. Formation of BiOCl/Bi2O3 and Related Materials for Efficient Visible-Light Photocatalysis
Sandipan Bera, Wan In Lee

24. Visible-Light-Responsive Photocatalysts and Photoelectrodes Using WO3 Semiconductors for Degradation of Organics and Water Splitting
Kazuhiro Sayama

25. Z-Scheme Water Splitting into H2 and O2 Under Visible Light
Ryu Abe

Part V. Metal Complex Photocatalysts

26. Silica-Supported Metal Complex Photocatalysts
Kohsuke Mori, Hiromi Yamashita

27. Metal–Organic Framework (MOF) and Porous Coordination Polymer (PCP)-Based Photocatalysts
Yu Horiuchi, Takashi Toyao, Masaya Matsuoka

28. Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction to CO by ZIF-9/TiO2

Sibo Wang, Xinchen Wang

29. Nanometal-Loaded Metal-Organic-Framework Photocatalysts
Meicheng Wen, Yasutaka Kuwahara, Kohsuke Mori, Hiromi Yamashita

30. Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) for Photocatalytic Organic Transformations
Dengrong Sun, Zhaohui Li

Keywords: Chemistry, Nanochemistry, Catalysis, Energy Harvesting, Environmental Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry/Chemical Engineering, Inorganic Chemistry

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Nanostructure Science and Technology
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17 pages
Natural Sciences
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