Celebi, M. Emre

Advances in Face Detection and Facial Image Analysis

Celebi, M. Emre - Advances in Face Detection and Facial Image Analysis, ebook


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Table of contents

1. A Deep Learning Approach to Joint Face Detection and Segmentation
Khoa Luu, Chenchen Zhu, Chandrasekhar Bhagavatula, T. Hoang Ngan Le, Marios Savvides

2. Face Detection Coupling Texture, Color and Depth Data
Loris Nanni, Alessandra Lumini, Ludovico Minto, Pietro Zanuttigh

3. Lighting Estimation and Adjustment for Facial Images
Xiaoyue Jiang, Xiaoyi Feng, Jun Wu, Jinye Peng

4. Advances, Challenges, and Opportunities in Automatic Facial Expression Recognition
Brais Martinez, Michel F. Valstar

5. Exaggeration Quantified: An Intensity-Based Analysis of Posed Facial Expressions
Harish Bhaskar, Davide La Torre, Mohammed Al-Mualla

6. Method of Modelling Facial Action Units Using Partial Differential Equations
Hassan Ugail, Nur Baini Ismail

7. Trends in Machine and Human Face Recognition
Bappaditya Mandal, Rosary Yuting Lim, Peilun Dai, Mona Ragab Sayed, Liyuan Li, Joo Hwee Lim

8. Labeled Faces in the Wild: A Survey
Erik Learned-Miller, Gary B. Huang, Aruni RoyChowdhury, Haoxiang Li, Gang Hua

9. Reference-Based Pose-Robust Face Recognition
Mehran Kafai, Kave Eshghi, Le An, Bir Bhanu

10. On Frame Selection for Video Face Recognition
Tejas I. Dhamecha, Gaurav Goswami, Richa Singh, Mayank Vatsa

11. Modeling of Facial Wrinkles for Applications in Computer Vision
Nazre Batool, Rama Chellappa

12. Communication-Aid System Using Eye-Gaze and Blink Information
Kiyohiko Abe, Hironobu Sato, Shogo Matsuno, Shoichi Ohi, Minoru Ohyama

13. The Utility of Facial Analysis Algorithms in Detecting Melancholia
Matthew P. Hyett, Gordon B. Parker, Abhinav Dhall

14. Visual Speech Feature Representations: Recent Advances
Chao Sui, Mohammed Bennamoun, Roberto Togneri

15. Extended Eye Landmarks Detection for Emerging Applications
Laura Florea, Corneliu Florea, Constantin Vertan

Keywords: Engineering, Signal, Image and Speech Processing, Image Processing and Computer Vision

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Technology, Energy, Traffic
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